Dublin photowalk & workshop at Mojocon with access to workshop videos

GEERTJE- MOJOCON_2016_bright

Dutch journalist Geertje Algera exploring the Temple Bar area of Dublin.

“The gadgets at Mojocon are great fun and undoubtedly impressive tools for content creation but what is important about Mojocon is that it puts people and their stories at its centre.’’

I was thrilled to be invited back to Mojocon, this year to head up a photowalk and workshop with fellow iPhoneoographer Brendan Ó Sé. Brendan and I were both speakers at last year’s event and since then we have both been busy delivering talks and workshops on our home turfs and abroad. You can watch the videos from the workshop by clicking on the link further down the page.

It is no surprise that this year’s conference hosted at the impressive Aviva stadium was sold out! Mojocon (Mobile Journalism Conference) is the creation of RTE’s innovation lead Glen Mulcahy and is an incredibly stimulating and innovative conference aimed at content creators, photographers and journalists.


Everyone was so absorbed with content creation at Mojocon, we never noticed the Dalek invasion…until it was too late.

Last year was hugely exciting and this year the buzz returned with the same energy. Infact, this year was even better; not only was I able to do what I love doing; sharing the iPhone photography knowledge in a workshop and guided photowalk with fellow iPhoneographer Brendan Ó Sé but I was also much better prepared to take advantage of the huge amount of knowledge and networking opportunities on offer by preparing the sessions I wanted to visit well in advance and not staying up too late! – which is hard given the fantastic hospitality.


Dublin’s Temple Bar Area – photo courtesy Paul Moore


The Photowalk

03 Mojoers

Outside Trinity College, awaiting more Mojoers. Brendan (left with balloon) actually took this photo but I took a photo of him and pasted it in using the App Superimpose.

The days leading up to the photowalk, I’d tweeted a few invitations, a little bit concerned that we’d only have a few turn up. A lot of the sessions run alongside each other which can make it really hard to choose between them – however, we needen’t have worried. Spaces started to fill up a long time before the start of our session and the room was pretty much full by the time Brendan and I took to the stage to introduce our plans for the afternoon.


You never know who you might meet in a dark alley in Dublin. Lucky for me it was these two fellow photowalkers Emma Meese and Sue Llewellyn for a silhouette session using lock focus and exposure.

Because the group was so large, Brendan headed off toward Grafton Street and another group followed me into the Temple Bar area – well – I say followed “me”, – if it hadn’t been for the help of local Irish men and fellow photographers and filmakers Paul Moore (@Mooro1) and Richard Donelan (IrishStartupTV) who knows where we would have ended up. – Thanks guys!

IMG_8937 copy

(Above) Just married – a pensive moment caught. It could be that she’s worried about the swarm of photographers surrounding her getaway VW (see below).


04 Mojoers

As it happened, we needen’t have worried about where we ended up. Our 60-plus, strong group of global photographers from various professional backgrounds including journalism, leisure and tourism, the arts and social media marketing had keen eyes for a good image and undoubtedly would have created memorable images in any location. You can see some of the winning entries here.



(Above) third place winning entry by @raphael_raue


view the ipc videos banner

After the photowalk Brendan and I delivered a workshop covering shooting and editing skills. You can see the all of the workshop videos I created for the event by clicking here or on the image below. Click on the graphic below to take you to video 1 on YouTube. You should see the rest of the videos listed to the right. Alternatively, subscribe to the iPC YouTube channel to see all of the videos.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 14.00.05

We also had a competition for the best photos taken on the day with some great prizes from smartphone lens company Olloclip. You can see all the entries on Twitter tagged #mojocononthestreet. Our good friend Andy Butler, editor of Mobiography along with Steve Mutterin of Olloclip had the unenviable task of selecting the winning entries. See the winning entries on Mobiography here.

06 prize collection

Mojocon is a brilliant resource for not just mobile photographers, but anyone who is creating, publishing and broadcasting stories – which just about means all of us. At Mojocon you get the whole deal, storytelling, gadgets, techniques, inspiration, creativity and collaboration from the people who are pushing boundaries and doing this stuff everyday in their workplace. However what runs through the Mojocon story is the desire to keep it’s feet on the ground and not let the “shiny stuff” detract from our responsibility as image makers, storytellers and content creators. Unfortunately I missed Sue Llewlyn’s session on this hugely important subject; of responsibility and ethics particularly in relation to live streaming, but heard that it was excellent and will keep a look out for the video and post it here once it’s published.


Once again I returned from Mojocon tired and excited about the possibilities. Over the past year, I’ve begun making films on my iPhone and have learned so much from some of the speakers here especially RTE journalist Philip Bromwell. I had been studying Philips work online and reading his helpful articles before I had the pleasure of meeting him at Mojocon and then subsequently being interviewed with him. You can see the full video below. Our interview starts about 6 minutes in.

And these meetings are exactly the kind of wonderful experiences and conversations that take place at Mojocon which is a big part of what makes it so special. At Mojocon, there are a distinct lack of egos – everyone wants to know something and everyone has something to give. It was also interesting to catch up with Dan Rubin again and fellow photographers and storytellers on the photography panel. I particularly enjoyed meeting Phoebe (@Paloma Parrot) in the Riverboat restaurant whose work I hadn’t known before but she happens to be a serious instagrammer with a huge amount of follwers. Her work is gorgeous, bright and playful and definitely worth checking out. You can read more observations on the photography panel on Mobiography review here.


Quiet time at Mojocon

Finally, one has to marvel at Mojocon creator Glen Mulcahy – who I know will already be planning Mojocon3 – Glen, as always was this incredible streak of energy and passion running (literally) throughout the event – and at Mojocon2, he proved his legendary status by recovering beautifully from an energetic trip and dive behind the podium, rising swiftly with a wonderful anecdote about Meatloaf who had also fallen on stage and managed to carry on singing whilst on the floor. I’d like to say that my cunning photography skills had anticipated the moment but actually at the time of Glen’s dive, I was taking a snapshot of speakers on the backdrop – a lucky moment caught! (see below)

08.Glen trip copy

Mojo creator Glen Mulcahy takes a dive but recovers in great style

Glen also had the support of his amazing team and not forgetting all the technical staff. Did I read it right that there are only 4 other people that help Glen with the organisation? From the moment I was met at the airport from the moment I was dropped off, and all of the transport to and from various venues, everything was spot on; the food was delicious – the Irish stew being a particular favourite – and the hotel excellent! The hospitality was in true Irish spirit, extremely warm and generous and – of course I just love that Dublin accent.


Dining out on our first night on the restaurant boat on the River Liffey – the light was beautiful.

On our first night, we were warmly welcomed within the impressive Georgian walls of the University of Notre Dame. I met a wonderful local woman, who happened to be a classical singer and on telling her how much I loved the Dublin accent, she told me how the accent has been described as one that carries within it a warm hug – and that’s pretty much how I felt after leaving the global community for the second time in Mojocon, Dublin.


All mojoed-out (left to right) ;Brendan Ó Sé, Me, SirCam and Andy Butler.

There is no doubt that Mojocon is an incredible place to exchange knowledge and where innovative content creation collaboration projects are born – but, it’s the passion of the speakers and the hands-on approach of Glen Mulcahay and his team, delievered with a huge helping of Irish spirit and generosity that make this sell-out conference, content creation event of the year; an event that puts people and their stories at it’s centre! – If this is your bag – then book your tickets early for 2017!

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