Disappearing Duck: Use the clone tool to remove part of a photo

This tutorial will show you how to get rid of any unwanted areas in your photograph and how to use the cloning tool to paint back in the sky. In this case I’m going to erase the duck on the left and replace with the cloudy background as if the duck has just disappeared into thin air. This tutorial will cover both masking and cloning techniques using a single app Touch Retouch. (…oh and I change the colour in Camera+)



1) Here’s the original photograph taken with the native iphone camera


Quick colour change


2) Open the photo in Camera+ and apply the Clarity filter. This is a brilliant little filter which will enhance your photo significantly and bring out any textures, like the Portland stone we see here, for example. (below, left)


3) Next select FX Effects, select the Analog filter and choose the Contessa filter.


4) Press the Done button and then Save. 

5) Your picture should look something like the image below, right.


Erase the duck


6) Next open Touch Retouch. Select the brush icon and paint a mask over the duck we will be erasing. Don’t be afraid to over paint the duck in the sky area only. (This tool works very much like the spot healing brush in photoshop).


7) Click on the brush to bring up the size adjustment slider to change the brush to a smaller size.


8) Zoom in using the usual pinching method with 2 fingers on the screen. Use the small brush to get really close to the duck’s legs being careful not to go on to the stone.


9) If you paint too much, use the eraser or "go back" arrow (top of screen) to recover areas.



10) When you are happy with your masking. Click on the "film clapper" icon, third from the right.


11) Abracadabra! Your duck has disappeared – Well, nearly all of it. Next we’ll use the cloning tool to eliminate the last bit of duck and cover it up with a bit of sky. Next, select the Clone Stamp tool


12) Click on an area of sky you wish to replicate over the marks you want to get rid of and start to brush over the remaining duck marks.


13) Click on the brush mode to reveal a variety of brushes. 


14) Experiment with the brushes. Some are more transparent than others and will give a more subtle effect, particularly important when retouching sky.


15) The finished result.








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