Create this cool fire special effect

 You will also need the apps Photo Studio and iDirector for this tutorial

Title: The Heretic 

This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove unwanted objects and to transform an otherwise dull image into something artistic, eye catching and emotive.

Step 1 – Starting image

Step 2 – Into Camera+ and selected the ‘Night’ Scene




Step 3 – Within Touch Retouch to remove the ID badge (Tip: Keep your images decluttered. Taking the badge off before taking the photograph would have saved me a job here)


Step 4 and Step 5 – also removing the banister whilst I’m there.

Step 6 – within Pictureshow I chose ‘Calm’ to further lighten and desaturate the image. 


Step 7 – Into PhotoStudio to add ‘Fire 2’


Step 8 – and ‘Fire 1’


Step 9 – Now opened in Photo FX to run it through a ‘Bleach Bypass’ filter.


Step 10 – Still within Photo FX I’ve brought the input level down to darken the darker bits.

Step 11 – Back into Pictureshow this time only to add the ‘Vintage Dust’ frame.

Step 12 – imported into iDarkroom to add the ‘Movie’ frame.

Step 13 – Lastly I decided that the flames and red writing on  my t-shirt just needed a bit of the colour back in that the ‘Bleach Bypass’ took away so I took it back into Photo FX, masked out the hands and face and added a little ‘Enhancer’ to the rest.


Step 14 – Finished image.




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