Create a texture from shower drops

While taking a shower, I’ve noticed the drops of water on the wall and always wondered if there was a picture there. Using the olloclip, i took a close up picture of some water doplets on my bathroom wall, making sure that the light hit them to create a shadow.

Water Drops

I then, took the image into BlurFx to blur out the smallest drops around the edges of the picture. Leaving only the centre drops sharp.

Blurred drops

By doing this, I can see an image emerging… It was time to take it into FX Photo Studio to apply the Charcoal Sketch Effect…


A quick pass through Pic Grunger and everything is coming together (Streaked, Back Stage Style, Stregth around 40%, No Border and Metalic Texture).


Finally, we bring the image into Snapseed to improve contrast, ambiance, Details and Structure.

Blurred drops


I have always loved art. Creating it had eluded me until i found the heaven of iphoneography. Now a days, my mind is in constant battle with the infinite possibilities!! Hope you love the art.



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