Create a surreal collage triptych using Pudding Cam, 3DPhoto, Decim8, Juxtaposer, and others

Here are all the apps used in this tutorial:
Pudding Cam, Decim8, Juxtaposer, Iris, Native Cam, addLib, 3D Photo, Pixlr-o-matic and Blender

Today, I wanted to create a grand tutorial =) from one of my recent image series that I have titled "Eternal Mystery". These three final images are included in the final piece and, of course, each is complex and made up of several images. I have detailed the processes below to show how I created each of them.

Step 1 / Image 1
First things first, I’ll detail the creation of the first (base) image.
I shot the original image with Pudding Cam.
Next, I ran the image through the Decim8, using the FOLD4RAP5 effect.
Next, I ran it through the Juxtaposer. So, I got rid of “excess” elements of the image and I merged the resulting image with my "clean" paper texture
Then, I added a new top image, loading a previously saved stamp (Skull). You can meet "HIM" quite often in my works. 😉
Finally, I played with various filters in the Iris Photo Suite app.
And at this point, I think that I’m somewhat happy with what I’ve created 😉
Step 2 / Image 2
So, we go to the creation of the second image. Do you remember, that I always say – Shoot as many images as you can? Well, I turned to my camera roll archives – and found exactly what I needed!
Once again, I used the Decim8 FOLD4RAP5 effect.  Of course, I’m a big fan of repeating geometric shapes!
Once again I returned to Juxtaposer and added a new top image – a previously saved stamp (Skull2). By the way, this is another of my favorite main characters.
I am a mad scientist, so I cloned the central figure one by one and add them in sequence. Actually, I wanted to see an "otherworldly triumvirate".
Finally, I added some texture and reverted to gloomy colors, using Iris again.
That’s all for this second image!
Step 3 / Image 3 and Final
Just for fun, I decided to complicate the task by adding more geometry and a freakish mood 😉
My lovely "poster"-images… =)
With a clean (almost white) image, I created an initial graphic image, using the addLib app
Not bad, but I wanted to make it even more complex. So, I ran the resulting image through 3D Photo.
Well, this was better, but I really wanted to add some texture and make all the colors intense, so I bring the image into the Pixlr-o-matic.
Next, I return to Juxtaposer  and add our now familiar characters.
I think the image is too bright, so I made all colors more muted using Blender to merge it with a colored texture image.
Then, I added some graphic arrows, using Blender once again.

That’s all!  As always, "Let your imagination work on you!" 😉



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