Create a snowy illustrative effect with filters and blending

How to create this wonderful snowy scene illustration on your iphone using a handful of app filters and blending techniques.



You will also need the following apps: FilterMania and Blender





Getting started

In this tutorial I will take the original fairly static image of a heavy snowfall scene and enhance the mood giving it a more illustrative feel with more atmosphere. 

1) The original image shows a well of water in the open countryside in the hills near my hometown. 




Apply the Filters

2) Open Filtermania and import the original picture. Apply the filter Nebula. (Remember that when we use multiple filters over one another, we must first press + filter everytime).



3) Next, apply the black and white filter to restore natural color throughout.




Then apply the Frost filter and save the image.






Blend the images 

5) Now let’s open our images edited and saved separately with Blender and fuse the images together using Lighten to form a single image.






Now import the blended image into Iris Photo Suite and apply the two filters a little: Space and Wrinkled Canvas.




We are nearly finished. All that remains is to give the finishing touches to our image; I used Camera + which I find an invaluable app. With this excellent app, I can tweak the light, add a frame and add a short text on the frame…and here is the final result:




This is the final image, with this I hope this tutorial has inspired the imagination and curiosity that is within each of us, thank you all for your patience.












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