Create a poster in minutes using an iPhone, Diptic & Phoster

Need a poster and need it now? Armed with an iPhone and a couple of apps, Unruly_e shows us how to create a poster in minutes using some simple techniques.

Nicki – iPC


The final result:




Create the main illustration in Diptic

This particular poster was created for a two-person show.  I chose two images from each artist to create the
basic illustration for the show in Diptic:



Use Phoster to add text and paper fold texture

2.I then put that image into one of the Phoster algorithms to create an intermediate image with a black background and the fold seam. 
You can see the subtle fold cutting across the centre of the image and through the middle of the yellow/gold in the top left image.




Add text to the bottom. Voila!

3. I then took that image and used it as the base image for yet another Phoster algorithm to create the more complex, less standard look you see below.  



Note how the orange background we just created lays on top of the black background to create two differently coloured areas for the type.


unruly-e and _herro show base image