Create a graphic comic style in this quick and easy tutorial

Here’s my friend from work, posing for another photograph (Thanks Amy). The thing with Amy is she has a very individual dress style which often boasts striking bold, highly contrasting shapes, patterns and colour tones, perfect for making striking images and particularly suitable for turning into a comic style as shown below.

… here’s the Tutorial. You will need the apps Toon Paint and ScratchCam.


The Tutorial

1) Import original photo (shown bottom left, below) Photo into ToonPaint. Start to paint around the figure in bright red. (This is where a stylus like the Kuel 10 can be really useful).





2) Your image should look something like this. Now Save it into your photo album.



3) Open your image in ScratchCam, find a nice grungey overlay like the one below, apply it and save it. Voila! That’s it!

Portrait with Lipstick by Nicki Fitz-Gerald




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