Create a cool grunge image by blending 3 photos with ScratchCam

You will also need these apps: Filterstorm & ScratchCam

A step-by-step tutorial on how to transform an otherwise dull image into something artistic and eye-catching.

Step 1: Original images (images Step 1A, Step 1B and Step 1C)


Step 2: I converted and cropped image ‘Step 1A’ (above) to B&W using Camera+.
(see result: image below, left)


Step 3: Using Filterstorm’s curves, I over-highlighted the whites (right-hand side of the subject) and under-highlighted the blacks (left-hand side of the of subject). (image Step 3A)


Step 4: Using BlurFX (blur type Median), I blurred even further the whites and blacks to give it a creamy outline look for the subject and also to remove any leftover shadows in the black and white areas. (image Step 3B)


Step 5: Using Juxtaposer, I blended image ‘Step 3B’ with image ‘Step 1C’. (image Step 4)


Step 6: Using DXP (‘screen’ mode), I blended image ‘Step 3B’ with image ‘Step 4’. (image Step 5)


Step 7: Using Juxtaposer, I blended image ‘Step 5’ with image ‘Step 1B’. (image Step 6)

Step 8: Using ScratchCam, I added a random grungy backdrop. (image Step 7)


Step 9: Using Filterstorm, I sharpened image ‘Step 7’ to have the final result.



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