Creative Cracks – finding inspiration in ordinary places.

Creative inspiration is everywhere! Sometimes you just have to look down to see it.

I’m at it again, trudging the pavement, finding inspiration in the most unlikely places, this time under my feet in the sand filled cracks on Weymouth’s esplanade during my daily walk this week.

The damp weather had pressed the sand blown from the beach into the cracks on the ground creating these wonderful expressive lines suggestive of primitive art…

I captured all kinds of creatures and characters with my iPhone from opera singers to judo players. I gave them titles so you can enjoy them too…. The photos have not been edited (except two, one where I removed a distracting corner of a bin and a second where I removed my feet).

Can you give me a title for the very last image in this gallery?

I’ve left the last one blank and I’d love to hear your ideas for titles.

I have some plans to take these even further artistically…I will keep you posted.

Next time you’re out for a walk, pay attention to the ground…you might find yourself on an unexpected journey and new inspiration for your art!

Looking forward to hearing your ideas for a title for the last image below!

Tree struck by lightning.
Judo match.
The woman who ran through the night.
Young dinosaur.
She was magnificent!
Baby bird / Hedgehog on it’s back.
Hand glider or Dragonfly
Sheep by a hedge.
Strong Man.
Bill Duck.

It’s your turn. Can you think of a title for this photo? Please let me know in the comments below.



    • Nicki Fitz-GeraldNicki Fitz-Gerald said:

      Ha! Ha! These are all great suggestions Oliver…I see you have an open and creative mind. My favourite is “So that’s it then?” Thank you.

  1. Pennie said:

    I see a dog standing on his hind legs catching a ball. So I’d call it “Dog catches ball”

      • Pennie said:

        Too funny. To me it just jumps off the page. First thing you notice is his tail, everyone has such a good imagination!

  2. Martha said:

    ‘He has the whole world in his hand – or at least North America!’

  3. Anne Gaal said:

    Or … Releasing 2020 and Letting Go …
    (I see someone with a lantern with a candle inside about to set it free)

    • Nicki Fitz-GeraldNicki Fitz-Gerald said:

      Now. I like that idea Anne…and yes, I see your lantern person….thanks so much for your interpretations Anne….so much fun to see how our minds try to make sense of scant, suggestive lines. All different, all valid.

  4. Sharon said:

    Santa holds his broken heart…
    or…. a crack opens up in the clouds and there is a downpour…. Difficult for me to un-see Santa, though….



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