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Apps Uncovered 11 December 2016

Apps Uncovered 11 December 2016

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered; the longest running showcase of iPhone photography and art in the world. This week Angie Lambert’s beautifully alluring image Bedtime Stories steals the top spot. Angie stills dreamy and playful moments to a single frame; moments that arrived in a flicker and a flutter, caught for ever with

LAST CHANCE: To enter the Mobile Photography Awards 2016

DEADLINE: SUNDAY DEC 4th If it’s true what Henri Cartier-Bresson says, that our first 10,000 photos will be our worst, then it’s safe to say that mobile photography has given people an historic opportunity to get past 10,001. The MPA is a showcase for photographers and artists who have embraced this decisive moment.This is your last

New Book: Art with an iPhone!

Brief overview by Bob Weil I just worked through Kat Sloma’s book Art with an iPhone – A Photographer’s Guide to Creating Altered Realities. It’s a fantastic book that you should seriously consider picking up, especially for those of you who like to produce landscapes and nature studies. Across 60 short and pithy chapters, Kat

Great New Course: Mobile Art Mastery! (LAST DAY: MAY 2)

Check out my friend Susan Tuttle’s new course: Mobile Art Mastery – Developing the Visual Poet Within I loved it! Here’s what’s included for a promotional, half-off price of $84 (with a money-back guarantee), which ends this coming Tuesday, May 2. Don’t miss it. — Instant Lifetime Access to Mobile Art Mastery with Susan Tuttle

No one like Bowie

Excuse me for my indulgence. This post has nothing to do with iPhoneoography. This morning I was woken around 7am by a Guardian news text alert that my musical and creative hero, David Bowie, died today at the age of 69 and it’s difficult to put into words what this guy and his music meant to me. We creatives

Procamera Gray card winners announced!

In early December we held an easy competition for a chance to win one of Procamera’s super gray cards; great for controlling white balance and colour. Here are the lucky winners: Kim Lawrence from Canada Jon Russek from New Jersey, U.S. and David (location unknown).   Thank you to all of you who entered. More iPhoneography prizes to be won