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New Creative Mobile Photography Course

New Creative Mobile Photography Course

Hello fellow creatives! Eureka!! – It’s finally here…..my chance to share with you the most incredibly exciting and creative way to shoot images with an iPhone. Thank you for your patience!  As many of you who know me and follow my work will know that I absolutely love to shoot Long Exposure (also known as

Apps Uncovered – 5 July 2020

A selection of thoughtfully composed and edited images grace the gallery page of this week’s Apps Uncovered.  Thanks to J Bro for our feature image this and creating art from the ordinary with his clever crop of the exterior of a local community centre. Green / Grey / Blue was shot straight out of the

Apps Uncovered May – A whiter shade of pale; pastels and the lure of the understatement.

I love all kinds of colour palettes but I’m especially drawn to muted tones…maybe it suits my Englishness; restrained, controlled reserved, maybe it’s simply because I live in a cold damp seaside town most of the year and the weather paints the local scenery in pale greys and pea greens….but whatever the reason, I like

New book – Photographic lighting for everybody

Anyone who starts their photographic career with legendary photographers Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Mark has to be off to a good start – right?  Photographer and photo educator Steve Begleiter did just that and he’s just written his sixth book Photographic Lighting for Everybody: Techniques for Mastering Light With Any Camera-Including iPhone (Pro Photo)

Figures – Apps Uncovered, 15 March 2020

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald Some strong work emerged from the gallery this week which made choosing this week’s theme easy; that of figures; mostly solo. We want and need to be together but sometimes for our health’s sake, we also need to be apart. This is a anxious time for us all but also a

Precious Moments – (A.K.A The Mark Walton & David DeNagel Showcase)- Apps Uncovered 27 October 2019

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald  Precious moments (aka the Mark Walton and David DeNagel showcase) are what most of the photographers and artists have in common in this week’s Apps Uncovered and Mark Walton’s photos dominate the group. This London based UK street photographer has an incredible eye for framing exquisitely beautiful,