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Apps Uncovered needs your help!

Apps Uncovered needs your help!

Temporary Curator/s needed for the world’s longest running iPhone art & photography gallery. iPC need a volunteer or a few volunteers to become gallery selectors for the next six months otherwise, unfortunately I will have to temporarily suspend it due to working on a brand-new iPC website to provide a better learning hub and knowledge

Apps Uncovered 30 Aug 2020

Welcome to another edition of Apps Uncovered, the world’s longest running weekly showcase of iPhone photography and art. Thanks to Francoise Horle for her wonderful abstract image Diver Trio this week. She includes an interesting brief backstory about the ideas behind this image. Thank you Francoise. I love your diving trio! You’ve created a wonderful

Apps Uncovered – Upright (Everything’s Alright)

Upright lines or more properly put in photography terms, verticals feature strongly in this week’s Apps Uncovered photographs. The presence of vertical lines can really strengthen a composition especially if they’re repeated like the lines of the lamp posts and tree trunks seen below in our featured photograph from Mark Walton this week.  Vertical lines

Apps Uncovered – 9 Aug 2020

Wow! It’s hot in the iPC studio office today and when it’s hot I work sloooow so my apologies for the late delivery of Apps Uncovered this week, however, I hope you find the wait worthwhile; we have a really nice mix of artistic photographs and art this week… Thanks to Kristie Michele Art for

Apps Uncovered – 2 August 2020

iPhoneography Central picks around 12 iPhone images every week to showcase the latest talent experimentation, shooting and editing with the iPhone and iPad.   If you’d like a chance to be featured, please join our iPhoneographyCentral Flickr group and submit your images.  Thanks to Jan Uiterwijk for this week’s illustration style, featured image “Polder in Summer”.

Art on an iPhone – Apps Uncovered

Grab your shades for the our wonderfully colourful Apps Uncovered this week. Thanks to Michael Hamments for our fabulous rainbow-coloured abstract feature image this week Alien Sunset. Scroll down the page to see how he created the photo from rather humble beginnings. Also rounding out the Apps Uncovered group this week are images from the

All about the Face – Apps Uncovered

This week’s photo selections are dedicated to faces (mostly), both the human and animal kind and in some cases a combination of the two….take a closer look at this week’s feature image by aka Tman, a photo artist who regularly delights the iPC team here with his playful and creative images! Thank you AKA Tman!