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The Woman and the Weird Fish: Making the Best of a Challenging Image

The Woman and the Weird Fish: Making the Best of a Challenging Image

by Marie Matthews Apps used: Facetune Leonardo Procreate Snapseed Photocopier The Backstory I started out with this picture from Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Sadly, the light was not exactly what I wanted. Rain had been threatening all weekend, and the weather was dark, cloudy, and generally pretty miserable. But, I am passionate about images

Creating a Conceptual Image Mixing Digital Collage Techniques, Textures and Filters

  by Pu the Owl   What you’ll learn I will show you how I assemble and process photos creatively to create conceptually captivating imagery that goes beyond the individual “matter-of-fact” shot. Back Story Euterpe (from Ancient Greek Eὐτέρπη), also referred to as “The Delighter”, is one of the nine Muses and the protectress of

Blend images together to create this surreal image using Filterstorm & Snapseed

How to create this surreal image using Snapseed and FilterStorm. Nico Brons takes us, step-by-step of how he created this arresting image \”The Big Mouth\”. The images are all shot with his iPhone 3Gs and edited on the iPad.

Layering, Masking & Blending; The Conspicuous Strawberry

Layering, Blending, Masking and using the stamp tool are just some of the techniques you will learn in this really fantastic iPhoneography tutorial by amazing New York iPhone artist, Markus Rivera.

How to create a ready to hang abstract work of art

How to create an abstract piece of art, ready to hang, using iphone apps including Hipstamatic, BlurFX, Iris Photo Suite, Shock My Pic and ScratchCam.