Basic Editing articles

Use Camera+ & Touch Retouch to create this surreal image

Use Camera+, Touch Retouch and ScratchCam in this step-by-step tutorial which will show you how to improve lighting on an image, add a dynamic colour tone, remove unwanted elements from the background and finally add some texture in ScratchCam.

Use Camera+ to change a light photo to a dark, dramatic scene

Sometimes all it takes a couple of steps to dramatically change the look of a photograph. In this 3-step tutorial we\’ll change a daylight photo into a dramatic image using Camera+ and add a bit of grunge using one of my favourite apps PicGrunger.

Use Photoforge2 to create a rainy day

Follow this step by step Photoforge2 tutorial to create a moody, rainy day. We\’ll create this rainy day effect and add mood to the photograph by adding some of Photoforge2\’s well kept secrets: using wonderful textures and filters such as Pop! Cam.