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Creating Great Mother, Queen of the Faeries

Creating Great Mother, Queen of the Faeries

by Catherine Restivo Backstory: I’ve loved to read fantasy since I was a young girl. Anything to do with magic or magical worlds fascinated me. Ray Bradbury was one of my absolute faves and I still re-read his books (The Illustrated Man & The Martian Chronicles – love!) As an adult my favorite books are

Creating a Conceptual Image Mixing Digital Collage Techniques, Textures and Filters

  by Pu the Owl   What you’ll learn I will show you how I assemble and process photos creatively to create conceptually captivating imagery that goes beyond the individual “matter-of-fact” shot. Back Story Euterpe (from Ancient Greek Eὐτέρπη), also referred to as “The Delighter”, is one of the nine Muses and the protectress of

Perspective Correct: How to correct distortion on a photo by Misho Baranovic

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use the new Perspective Correct app for iPhone. Perspective Correct has been developed to fix horizontal and vertical perspective distortion in your photos.

Photoshop Touch vs. Laminar – which is better?

Photoshop Touch vs. Laminar–which is better? Bob Weil gives these high-powered layering apps, (great for texturing and layering) a thorough investigation concluding with an easy reference comparison chart revealing some of these apps best features.