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How to easily create Christmas Bokéh on your iPhone

How to easily create Christmas Bokéh on your iPhone

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from If you’re just getting started in using apps to create interesting effects on your iPhone, here’s a nice easy way to start. I have been having great fun experimenting with creating with fun ways to create these lovely background blur shapes (Bokéh) and there really are lots

Sign of the Times

  Sign of the Times by Rad A. Drew Backstory: For the past few years I’ve watched this computer business disintegrate before my eyes until one day shortly after I began working with the iPhone, the place was completely abandoned. I think it gives some insight into the recession and is appropriately ironic. Apps used: ClearCam

Creating a Conceptual Image Mixing Digital Collage Techniques, Textures and Filters

  by Pu the Owl   What you’ll learn I will show you how I assemble and process photos creatively to create conceptually captivating imagery that goes beyond the individual “matter-of-fact” shot. Back Story Euterpe (from Ancient Greek Eὐτέρπη), also referred to as “The Delighter”, is one of the nine Muses and the protectress of