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Apps Uncovered 13 January 2019

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald Double trouble were the two words that sprung to mind when I saw this week’s lead image, “Nothing to see here” featuring a pair of “likely lads” shot by super talented street photographer Rob Pearson-Wright. And so continues this week’s “double” theme, manifesting itself in repeated patterns and sets of two

Apps Uncovered 6 January 2019 – Feeling Hueless

Selected by Bob Weil This week’s Apps Uncovered represents the first set of the new year, and includes my selection of images from our Flickr group this week that return to a theme I have been drawn to recently – black and white imagery that seems in keeping with the time of year. This week’s

Apps Uncovered 30 December 2018 Leaning towards Tomorrow…

Selection by Stef LePape Recently a strange blue hue illuminated the NYC skyline. A friend of mine said her immediate thoughts found her back in class during the events of 9/11. A sudden, unexpected event that jarred her and her classmate through a days travel …hoping for a safe journey home. Thankfully , on Thursday

Apps Uncovered 23 December 2018

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald Red, Gold and Green are colours that feature heavily during this festive period and when I spotted Francoise Teissier’s image: Sous la pluie; a gorgeous shimmer of cycle rider dashing through the city lights, with beautiful watery sliding tones of these particular hues, I knew it would be the lead image

Apps Uncovered 16 December 2018 – Winter Potpourri

Selected by Bob Weil This week’s Apps Uncovered presents a selection of images posted in our Flickr group over thelast week, reflecting a wide range of styles and subjects. It’s always a pleasure to see new interpretations of old themes, and entirely new artists surfacing in the group. I hope this week’s selection finds everyone

Apps Uncovered 9th December 2018 : Cellular Interventions

Selection by iPhoneographyCentral In 2007 I started using my dumb phone to take photos. They were reference photos for paintings or reminders of a location to once again return so as to take a proper photograph. Never would I have imagined I would utilize my phone as my main camera, paint , build collages, as

Apps Uncovered 2 Dec 2018

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald It’s so great to be back here choosing selections here for Apps Uncovered every week; to surround myself with your wonderful images, put on some music, pour a cup of tea (or a glass of red depending on the time of day) and look through all of your wonderful work. Thank