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Apps Uncovered – It’s oh, so quiet…

Apps Uncovered – It’s oh, so quiet…

It’s, Oh, So Quiet…. Is it possible for images to possess sound….or the opposite… to have little or no sound? Of course it is; take a look at this week’s gallery for evidence of images that possess little or no sound  and just to mix things up a bit, I’ve included a couple more audible

Apps Uncovered 14 June 2020

iPhone and iPad artists, you are unstoppable! Just look at the glorious expressions of colour and life pouring from the digital screens of these artists like Rita Colantonio’s gorgeous, expressive Garden collage. Rita says she was inspired by my brand new iPhone & iPad art course Armchair Art Adventures (Thank you Rita). I urge you

Apps Uncovered – Sky’s the limit

The sky’s the limit in this week’s Apps Uncovered where you’ll notice in most of the images how a large part of seemingly empty space adds to the drama and feel of each photo or artwork. Thank you to Michael Beresin for our feature image this week “biking” where the shape of the clouds sandwich the

Apps Uncovered 31 May 2020

No theme this week just a fine selection of iPhone art and photography images chosen from our iPC Flickr group with Miguel de Ozarko’s wonderful painterly image “a lifetime of social distancing” stealing the lead spot this week. Miguel is also a very talented poet….make sure you read his wonderful words that accompany most of

Apps Uncovered 3 May 2020

No theme this week, just a big thank you to all of you who submit your wonderful images every week to be featured in our Apps Uncovered gallery. Long time veteran iPhoneographer Meri Walker’s image this week is our featured photo, irresistible for it’s glorious celebration of colour and life. I’ve never met Meri in