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VIDEO – 2 Blur App favourites

VIDEO – 2 Blur App favourites

2 Blur App favourites. Some of you who’ve been making images with your iPhones for the last decade will remember tho queen of blur apps, BlurFX. BlurFX was absolutely one of my favourite apps; a dedicated blur app for adding a really special quality, median blur effect like the ones below. There was simply  nothing

To boldly and beautifully go – iPhone to print workflow with Barbara Braman

To boldly and beautifully go… From iPhone photo to huge colour paper prints, iPhone artist Barbara Braman shares her workflow in this fascinating process of how she translates her digital images into luscious, colourful bold images on paper. While browsing the iPhoneographyCentral Flickr group a few weeks ago, one woman’s work really stood out in

Patricia Geyer We don’t always have wings…

Many are probably familiar with @trishg61 on Instagram for her Frida profiles. She evokes a deeper look see into the many characters of her collages. I wanted to feature a different aspect of Patricia Geyer’s art. The following series of profiles on the beach, some with wings, some without, found me curious and curiouser. Patricia

Spotlight on Tuba Korhan. The story of her hands

A spotlight feature on Tuba Korhan.   We are delighted that Tuba agreed to invite us into her creative process. Lets give a hand now to Tuba…. 😉 Tints of Autumn Series / Migratory Birds by Tuba Korhan This series was captured with the Hipstamatic camera app. Step 1  I captured and printed a series

A visit into the wonderland of Oola Cristina

I was looking forward to featuring the art of Oola Cristina. (Her floral macros dance me fascinated with light movement and color.) SLP * Thank you so very much, Stef and iPhonography Central, for this opportunity to share some of what I’ve been up to over the last few years, a bit about my process

David Hayes… Still Life. Stories.

There are two phrases often associated with the art of still life. Nature Morte: Translated means dead Nature. and Memento Mori: “remember that you have to die.” Still life to me is the epitome of an oxymoron. As long as blood flows through these veins…give me an ever active life…Please. Living in South Florida, a

Stories along the oceans edge as seen by Francoise Teissier

If you consider the etymology of photography, it would read; drawing with light. I’d say its more like painting with light. Viewing the work of Francoise Teissier, I think you will too. Slow shutter cam imagery within the mobile universe seems to be in no short supply these days. Just recently we highlighted two who

Spotlight on Mark Walton: Not so Accidental Art.

Mark Walton is not a name circulated within the mobile art community. I would say its because his focus is on much more then the tool he is using. Browsing through his work it proved quite challenging to present a limited selection of his photography. I found myself taking in by his prolific attention to