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Online Courses – Creative iPhone & iPad Photo Artistry

Online Courses – Creative iPhone & iPad Photo Artistry

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“Photography -The Language of our Generation” by Nicki FitzGerald

“Photography – The Language of our Generation” Below is the unedited presentation (including text & slide images) that I gave at the Mojo conference in Dublin, Ireland entitled “Photography –The Language of our Generation.”   (Above) First iPhone photo I was really pleased with. …and after that nothing was safe from my camera lens. I took photos

Cape Cod iPhone Photography workshop 2

If you missed the first iPhone Photography Workshop with Jack Hollingsworth on Cape Cod, here’s an opportunity for another one, with an optional extension to the picturesque island of Martha’s Vineyard. The first workshop with Jack was a sell out.  You can see here on the facebook page, firsthand, what the students shot during their time

Welcome to iPhoneographyCentral

Welcome to the brand new iPhoneographyCentral website! To celebrate over two years of sharing iPhone art and photography on iPhoneographyCentral (and our associated Flickr group), Bob Weil and I have been working hard to deliver a much better site with easier access to the articles and tutorials – whether you visit us on your computer,