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Apps Uncovered 2 Dec 2018

Apps Uncovered 2 Dec 2018

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald It’s so great to be back here choosing selections here for Apps Uncovered every week; to surround myself with your wonderful images, put on some music, pour a cup of tea (or a glass of red depending on the time of day) and look through all of your wonderful work. Thank

Slow Shutter Cam editing workflow video tutorial

This week I was invited back to Ireland for the fourth year running to do a workshop for the incredible Mobile content creation festival at Mojofest in Galway, Ireland. I’ll be doing a full post of this incredible event soon but in the meantime, lots of folks asked to see the editing *video at the end of workshop so here it is

How to easily create Christmas Bokéh on your iPhone

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from If you’re just getting started in using apps to create interesting effects on your iPhone, here’s a nice easy way to start. I have been having great fun experimenting with creating with fun ways to create these lovely background blur shapes (Bokéh) and there really are lots

Street photography video: Hunting out the light and how to isolate colour in an image

Here’s another video I made with with the crew from London for Adorama TV. It was so inspiring to be back in London. So many wonderful textures and photo opportunities. In this video I talk about how hunting out the light and looking for shapes in the shadows can be used creatively in street photography. Of course,

The Woman and the Weird Fish: Making the Best of a Challenging Image

by Marie Matthews Apps used: Facetune Leonardo Procreate Snapseed Photocopier The Backstory I started out with this picture from Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Sadly, the light was not exactly what I wanted. Rain had been threatening all weekend, and the weather was dark, cloudy, and generally pretty miserable. But, I am passionate about images

Sarah Jarrett rocks! – Sarah discusses the techniques behind 32 of her images

Sarah Jarrett shares her techniques and apps used in 32 artworks for this Apps Uncovered special on this extraordinarily talented mobile artist.