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New Video Tutorials – HALF-PRICE LAUNCH OFFER starts TODAY!

New Video Tutorials – HALF-PRICE LAUNCH OFFER starts TODAY!

by Nicki FitzGerald     Throughout 2018, Susan Tuttle and I have been excitedly working away on our ALL NEW collobaration video tutorial series which launches TODAY with a HALF PRICE introductory offer. iColorama Creative PLUS is a brand new course with a fresh set of tutorials to inspire you with all new original material

Slow Shutter Cam editing workflow video tutorial

This week I was invited back to Ireland for the fourth year running to do a workshop for the incredible Mobile content creation festival at Mojofest in Galway, Ireland. I’ll be doing a full post of this incredible event soon but in the meantime, lots of folks asked to see the editing *video at the end of workshop so here it is

NEW: Mobile artistry course – OFFER ENDS SOON!

The HALF PRICE offer is back for one day only – CYBER MONDAY. You can go straight to the course by clicking here. “Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry is a series of online step-by-step mobile artistry tutorial course carefully crafted for those of us who love to create artistic images on our mobile phones. If you can’t wait

For Adventurous iPhoneographers – New creative online tutorial course

Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry – new online course Nov 15 2016 If you love to create art from your photography on an iPhone, you maybe interested in my new mobile artistry course. Creative Adventures from iPhoneographyCentral on Vimeo. Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry with Nicki FitzGerald is an online step-by-step tutorial mobile artistry course which

Robin Sweet Emmy award nomination

Emmy Award nomination for iPhoneographer Robin Sweet

The iPhone photography work of Robin Sweet regularly featured in our ‘Apps Uncovered’ weekly showcase but quickly disappeared in 2013 – and I think we may now know why! You see, Robin Sweet has been a little busy producing a rather hugely successful series, (we saw it on Netflix) called ‘Better call Saul’ and now this

OVER 50% OFF our book – USE CODE: PHONE15

FANTASTIC OFFER OF OUR IPHONEOGRAPHY BOOK FOR JUST $15 OFFER ENDS SUNDAY 7 AUGUST USE CODE: PHONE15 We hope you’re doing well this summer and busy capturing photos and creating wonderful art! The publisher of our book (The Art of iPhone Photography by Nicki Fitz-Gerald and Bob Weil, 350 color pages) is offering the book at LESS