Care about colour? – You’ll love ProCamera’s Gray Card Giveaway

ProCamera Card


Using ProCamera’s credit card sized Gray Card to set the White Balance will give you consistent colours. Especially useful if you need to get colour uniformity in your photos. Great for product shots.

ProCamera has been my camera replacement app for years. I’ve tried other camera apps over the last few years but always return to ProCamera for it’s brilliant advanced features, ease of use and superb quality & stability.

It’s been a long time since iPC has done a giveaway – yes, a long time – but Christmas is around the corner, so the time is perfect! The cool guys who created ProCamera at Cocologics have sent me these 3 brilliant little wallet sized gray cards – totally brilliant for easily getting consistent colours in your photos every time.


Here’s how it’s done:

Simply open ProCamera app, hold your gray card in the same spot as your subject. Long tap on the AWB (AutoWhiteBalance) icon on your phone screen and as long as your source of light is consistent, you will get consistent and true colours in every photo. It’s particularly useful if you need to show a true representation of a colour, such as product shots or skin tones. It’s also great for getting true whites in your photos.

For a step-by-step guide on gray card calibration visit ProCamera’s illustrated article here.

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