Breaking the 4th wall

The original images, which came from CurlyPhil:


1. The third image was autostitched with a larger, frameless version of the same image to create a keystone frame (for eventually popping some of the elements out toward the viewer):


2. Which was then put into juxtaposer with the right-most image in the dip above (with some erasing) to create the surfers hanging off the right edge:


 3. I needed some serious foreground space for the beach-bound surfers (in the left-most image in the dip above) so I added a thick border in camera+ (which puts areal border on the outside of the image, as opposed to some apps which just superimpose the border over the image – a big diff for this project):


4. Which didn’t look like it would be large enough for my needs so I added a second border:


5. That gave me enough room to place the beach-bound surfers in the foreground with jux:




6. This left me with much too much border around the top and sides so a crop-to-square was in order:


7. While the surfers were grand, following them left my eye hanging on the horizon waiting for something more so I gave the slightly gloomy day a bit of sun with lensflare:

8. Which left me with too much anti-freeze yellow and too much afterburn.  I elected to add a texture from iris and mask around the surfers to make the yellow exclusive to them for the finished look: