Blending images with DXP – Serpent Dreaming


You will also need the apps Scratch Cam & Impression, but they are not essential apps for the main blending process.


Sharing the process: “SERPENT DREAMING”

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The original image was an Aboriginal mural seen in Fremantle, WA. It charts the history of the Aboriginals from the dim past up to today.  I believe the title of the mural is “Reconciliation”. I managed to get 15 snapshots of the mural, showing different aspects of the artwork.   


I put Image 1 through the App: ScratchCam. Separately, I also put Image 2 through the App: ScratchCam. I was not aiming for any effect in particular, just anything that looked interesting, that “popped” in my mind’s eye. 


Through the App: Iris Photo Suite, I rotated Image 1 90 degrees anti-clockwise, so the curve went upwards and towards the right. This meant the image had to be resized as well. I also used Iris to crop Image 2 at the bottom so the serpent would fit better in the blend I intended to do.


image 1 & 2


In Image 3, I blended Images 1 and 2 using the App: DXP, adjusting the slider and parameters until I was satisfied how the result looked. The final step was to include my watermark copyright signature at the bottom of the image using the App: Impression, see Image 4.


 image 3 & 4

I like the colours of this image, and how the serpent appears to be rising out of the river waters towards the human figures at the top of the image. I like how the vibrant colours appear almost translucent through the layers of blending. 


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