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Apps Uncovered 30 December 2018 Leaning towards Tomorrow…

Apps Uncovered 30 December 2018 Leaning towards Tomorrow…

Selection by Stef LePape Recently a strange blue hue illuminated the NYC skyline. A friend of mine said her immediate thoughts found her back in class during the events of 9/11. A sudden, unexpected event that jarred her and her classmate through a days travel …hoping for a safe journey home. Thankfully , on Thursday

Apps Uncovered 9th December 2018 : Cellular Interventions

Selection by iPhoneographyCentral In 2007 I started using my dumb phone to take photos. They were reference photos for paintings or reminders of a location to once again return so as to take a proper photograph. Never would I have imagined I would utilize my phone as my main camera, paint , build collages, as

Patricia Geyer We don’t always have wings…

Many are probably familiar with @trishg61 on Instagram for her Frida profiles. She evokes a deeper look see into the many characters of her collages. I wanted to feature a different aspect of Patricia Geyer’s art. The following series of profiles on the beach, some with wings, some without, found me curious and curiouser. Patricia

Apps Uncovered 11 November 2018- I heart Mobile Art and Photography

Selection Stef Le Pape It was very difficult to choose one feature photo for this weeks IPC Apps Uncovered. Such a wide range of styles that caught my attention. It was such a pleasure to consider all the contributions. The lead image comes from Kate Zari Roberts, I must confess I am bias towards her

Spotlight on Tuba Korhan. The story of her hands

A spotlight feature on Tuba Korhan.   We are delighted that Tuba agreed to invite us into her creative process. Lets give a hand now to Tuba…. 😉 Tints of Autumn Series / Migratory Birds by Tuba Korhan This series was captured with the Hipstamatic camera app. Step 1  I captured and printed a series

Apps Uncovered 28th October 2018 Autumn

Selection by Stef LePape One of my favorite seasons is Autumn. There’s a certain allowance for melancholy. With each leaf that descends it echoes awareness of our own passage in time. Its the season most likely to wax poetic thought. Summertime finds us exposed. Autumn… we wrap on, off, shelter from elements as fickle as a

Apps Uncovered 7 October 2018 Selective id

Selection by Stef LePape Some of this weeks featured pieces spoke to me as subconscious expressions of ones id. Some, not so obvious, hint at it. Our lead image comes from IPC creator, Nicki Fitz-Gerald. I couldn’t resist highlighting the whimsical and delightful color composition. Her recent series on portraits is a continual demonstration of