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Grab your shades for the our wonderfully colourful Apps Uncovered this week.

Thanks to Michael Hamments for our fabulous rainbow-coloured abstract feature image this week Alien Sunset.
Scroll down the page to see how he created the photo from rather humble beginnings.

Also rounding out the Apps Uncovered group this week are images from the following top iPhoneography talent:

Clix2020, Barbara Braman, pahamel, Dragan Fly, decafinata, Paul Toussaint and Rob Faber.

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Alien Sunset
Alien Sunset by dmhimages (Michael Hamments)

Apps used: The photograph is a macro taken on an iPhone XS with a Sandmarc macro lens. Edited with Affinity Photo.
Backstory: The photograph is a macro taken on an iPhone XS with a Sandmarc macro lens. It is a close-up of a CD label, turned on an angle to a light source.
This produced an interesting rainbow effect.
Further editing was done in “Affinity Photo”. A Polar to Rectangular filter was used to create an out of this world landscape.


by clix2020 (Clint Cline)
Apps used: Defqt, Distressed FX, RollWorld, SuperimposeX, Formula
Backstory: In this first of a new series of geometric abstracts I am revisiting my minimalist roots using a bold and bright jewel-like color palette. I have been inspired of late by several mixed media artists whose work I follow, one of whom uses strong color. I decided to challenge myself to explore with colors I’m unaccustomed to using.

Pandemic Tip: Wearing Bright Colors Might Cheer You Up

Pandemic Tip: Wearing Bright Colors Might Cheer You Up by Barbara Braman

Apps used & Backstory: I was reading and article in the magazine “Stylist” and they had solicited tips for the cheering yourself up during the pandemic. One really caught my attention, and it was a woman wearing a bright yellow holiday dress in London to remind her of holidays of the past. I loved the idea, as I believe that it is true and I loved her bold choice of the color yellow. I decided to bring that idea inside with the woman and dog feeling a little closed in by staying home.

This image is a collage made in Procreate, some of it drawn new and some of it taken from my previous drawings. The view through the window is the view through my studio window. The dog I saw at the park and loved his spotted legs, so I added him too.

Avant de partir.

Avant de partir by pahamel-mtl (p.a. hamel)
Apps used: iPhone, iColorama, SuperimposeX, TouchRetouch.
Backstory: I composed this work in the spirit of one creating a piece of music in three movements. The first one features a farm building by the sea, from a photo taken at a rest area somewhere in New Brunswick in 2016. The second one integrates into this seaside landscape the silhouette of an elderly man, from a photo taken last February at an art exhibition; the figure seems to be lost in contemplation. Finally, the last movement arises from the ambiguity of the composition: is it depicting a simple glance at a bay or rather a sad farewell to a home? Hence the title “Before leaving”. The pictorial rendering of the landscape was done using IColorama and the silhouette was integrated using Superimpose X. I also reworked some details using TouchRetouch..


Untitled by Dragan Fly
Apps used: iP6s with Camera +2 set to macro. Touched with Snapseed, Aerograph and Blender.
Backstory: I have these Gerbera Daisy’s on my patio table. I took a few macros and started playing with various apps to add some “spark” to the image. I settled on Aerograph and blended it with the original.

4am exhale

4am exhale by decafinata (Thomas Berg)
Apps used: The picture was taken with the Hipstamatic app.
Backstory: The motive is a rusty part of a boardwalk close to our summer house.

Male backside nude

Male nude by Paul Toussaint
Apps used: Shot with iPhone and edited with Photoshop
Backstory: I snapped the image with the native iPhone camera, then ran a grunge filter over the image with Vintage scene app. I then wanted to add the torn effect, so I put it into the app called “RipPix”, .. So from there I took the original image, and the edited image and brought them into “Filterstorm Neue”. I lasted [layered?] the two images and then masked out just in between the “ripped” section…This left me with the one final image of a torn effect across the whole image.

do your thing

do your thing by robfaberstills (Rob Faber)
Apps used & Backstory: At a friends house I saw this wonderful painting on their wall.
I really wanted it to take it with me, so I did the next best thing and took a picture. Obviously I wanted the entire image, but adjusting I thought this detail looked really cool in itself. At home I took it into Fotor, cause it was a tad too dull to my liking. And I felt it had to be framed. ( iPhone6, Camera+, Fotor free and Polar )