Architectural Pencil Drawing in 2 easy steps

You will need the apps: Camera360 and ScratchCam.


I have always been a great admirer of Ralph McQuarrie, the artist who created many of the visual concepts for the original Star Wars trilogy. He had been a technical illustrator at Boeing, and his artwork reflects this kind of precision.

I especially like the look of an early concept or architectural drawing, before all the color and flash have been added. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no talent for drawing, but thanks to various iPhone applications I can re-create the look of these drawings.

First, you need an image. I took this picture in Vancouver, BC. I liked the lines, and the way they contrasted with the hills and clouds in the background.

You will turn this into a drawing using Camera360. Its latest update added the ability to import pictures, and that is precisely what you want to do. Hit the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen to edit. Press it again, and select "Effects". Select the "Sketch" option, and choose the leftmost option, "Sketch – Black and White Line". Click the disk button to save your work, then press it again to save the result to your camera roll. It will look like this:

This looks good, but I wanted to give the picture an aged look. Not too aged, mind you, but a kind of "oh guess what we found relatively well-preserved 20 years later" look.

To accomplish this next task you will import this picture into ScratchCam. This app applies random effects to your image, but if you hit "refresh" a few times you will find an effect that will give your image a nice, mellow aged look without going over the top. Once I found that look I saved it as a favorite so I could re-create the effect whenever I wanted. The result looked like this:



So there you have it – from iPhone picture to concept / architectural drawing in two easy moves.



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