Apps Uncovered: Various Positions – 9 October 2016

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Welcome to the this week’s Apps Uncovered – Various positions.

Changing your position; your camera angle on a subject rather than shooting from the hip or eye level is going to help you explore your subject and see it from a different view point generally leading to a much more interesting photo. Consider the following great iPhone photos and think about why these images, shot from interesting angles, including some close-ups, make them compelling photos. When shooting, take a few seconds or minutes to look at the scene that interests you, as perhaps Pier Luigi Dodi did with his lead image shot of  the “Long Cow!” The temptation, perhaps, was to focus on the cow on the right with it’s head gazing out of the shed door, but a few moments more gave Pier the opportunity to see the humour in the wider shot.

Thank you to everyone who contributed your images to the iPhoneography Central Flickr group this week including Sheldon Serkin, Scott Simpson, Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Julia Nathanson, Karen Axelrad, Nicolas DECOOPMAN, jun yamaguchi, Eliza Badoiu, vondav and _anki.

Have a great week shooting and editing and look forward to seeing next week’s gallery.


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Long Cow!Apps used: I shot it with my iPhone 6 Plus and processed in Snapseed and Black App.
Backstory: When I saw the cow I asked myself: Optical illusion or gene mutation?! FridayApps used: Shot with iPhone using Hipstamatic app

275/366 Tate Modern Switch House, LOndon.Apps used: I used the standard iPhone6 camera and then did some post processing in Snapseed. Backstory: This image is of the new extension at Tate Modern in London and makes up part of my current 366 project. The building it’s self is fairly abstract so I was trying to show that in my photo…this was tricky as it was raining heavily and I was rushing trying not to get wet. "kiss me ... your tongue is like poison"

Apps used: Hypocam and FilterstormPro
For the photo I took the shot of a friend that she used a mirror for her lips with my iphone 5s … using the wonderful app Hypocam to take the shot and the filter TS/02 of the same app to give this lovely grey tone to my photo . Then I used the app Filterstorm PRO which is my favorite for blending images and the variety of lighting adjustements to adjust the curves.  I used the clone tool in the same App and then I cropped the image in the app Snapseed to leave only the lips and make that kiss look more sensual and passionate.

Backstory: There’s no background story to this photo other than the one that is always… I’m just giving a boost to the beauty of women processing every photo very carefully in the editing stage being mindful not to lose the original taste from the already beautiful raw photo.

•young mom•Apps used: Shot and edited with Hipstamatic. Backstory: A young woman pushes her baby through my neighbourhood in Toronto, reminding me that I’m not so young anymore! Cloudy Sunshine

Apps used: iColorama.

Backstory: This was a lazy sitting-in-bed photo, but I liked the reflection of the clouds on the window and the bright streak of sunlight. I processed the photo in iColorama using slight amounts of various settings In Style: Coherence, Lighten#3, and Water, but the setting that gave this photo its unique look was in Style: Flat 2. I played around with various color combinations but kept coming back to the first one (in Swatch the 1st on the left). It transformed a very ordinary photo into a graphically interesting work.

DunkerqueApps used: Jag.gr 645 PRO Mk III for Apple iPhone 6 iPhone 6 back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 S

Apps used: This street photo was taken at Seattle’s Pike Street market using an iPhone 5s and the Hipstamatic App. I used the ‘John S Lens’ and ‘AO BW Film.’ The light was slightly adjusted with Snapseed.

NaomiApps used: Shot with iPhone using Hipstamatic app cityscapeApps used: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+decim8+deco sketch+filterstorm+dxp this is where I'm standingApps used: The self portrait was shot with an iPhone 6S and edited with basic adjustments in Snapseed and Mextures,mainly. Backstory: This image is part of a project I am undertaking at this point in my life,named “Healing”. The title is suggestive as it has to deal with overpassing inner sorrow, by trying to rediscover and bring to life again parts of me that I had previously forgotten about. I loved the contrast created by the usage of monochrmatic stressed inside the image and the emphasis immeadiately leads to the poetics that the hand may reveal in an attempt of gesturing, that simply fades away. Freedom.Apps used: Shot on iPhone 6 and processed with Snapseed. Light, darkness and shadowsApps used: Shot on iPhone 6 and processed with Blackie and Snapseed. LilleApps used: iPhone6 back camera Urban Oslo

Apps used: iPhone6 back camera and VSCO

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com

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