Apps Uncovered – Upright (Everything’s Alright)

Upright lines or more properly put in photography terms, verticals feature strongly in this week’s Apps Uncovered photographs.

The presence of vertical lines can really strengthen a composition especially if they’re repeated like the lines of the lamp posts and tree trunks seen below in our featured photograph from Mark Walton this week. 

Vertical lines can also represent dignity for example when we think of people standing proud and tall, thin vertical lines could be seen as an abstraction of this posture. 

Thanks to Mark Walton for our feature image. His poetical works, often leaning toward the melancholy feature regularly in Apps Uncovered. His photos are often shot straight out of the Apple Camera without editing. Mark has a keen eye for beauty in the ordinary moment and his photo this week is no exception. 

Enjoy this week’s Apps Uncovered!

From my window
From my window by Mark Walton1 (Mark Walton)
Apps used: Shot on iPhone.

Also rounding out the talent this week are the following creative iPhone image makers:

Lash LaRue, plattlandtmann, joannemariol, monowave (jun yamaguchi), columnsovsleep, David Mckelvey, mswan777 (Mark Swanson), Keith Midson, pahamel-mtl, Sherrianne100, rita colantonio, Fleur Schim and Catherine Caddigan.

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Bathroom Fixtures
Bathroom Fixtures by Lash LaRue

Apps used: I shot this using the Hipstamatic App, with the Lowy “lens” and the “DC” film, aspect ratio of 1:1. and edited in Snapseed.
Backstory: The lights in the bathroom were out, and only the lights from our bedroom were illuminating the shower fixtures. Given the spare light, the contrast was magical, so I used my iPhone 11 Pro to capture this image.

The Art in Architecture: Union Depot
The Art in Architecture: Union Depot by joannemariol

Apps used: Snapseed and Phonto.
Backstory: My best friend and I love to randomly pick small towns in Ohio and explore their downtown areas and vintage shops. We spotted this old railway depot while driving through Orville, Ohio and stopped to photograph its exterior. I gave it a sepia toned treatment in Snapseed to enhance the historical feel of the scene.

She never spent time worrying
She never spent time worrying by Catherine Caddigan

Apps used and backstory: Native Camera iPhone 8Plus, ArtStudio Pro, Graphic, and Procreate.Backstory: This piece started out in a larger collage in ArtStudio Pro, which I cropped down to two finished pieces. It is layered with elements mostly of my own creation, photographed textures, vintage photos etc. Almost all of the work was done in ArtStudio Pro, but I added some graphic elements in Graphic and Procreate.The story developed as I worked on the image, using mid-20th images. This era was that of my childhood, and it feels very nostalgic for me. The figure of the man came last, from my camera roll but I distorted him making secondary. I suppose this could represent my mother who raised 8 children including me.

Glow by Sherrianne100

Apps used: Snapseed. I almost always start my editing with Snapseed, and see what comes next. In this case, I used icolorama to add the border, and the new Distressed Fx and Mextures to bring out some color. Finally, a few sparkles of color from Repix.
Backstory: I like to come to this particular spot on the outskirts of town to catch a sunset with wildflowers in the foreground. It never disappoints! If I crouch down, I can get a shot that is almost right into the setting sun…it doesn’t work for every image, but when it does, I’m pleased!

Temporarily closed.
Temporarily closed by rita colantonio

Apps used: Procreate and iColorama
Backstory: I shot the background street photo with my iphone6s+ as I was walking on some deserted side streets in Kotor, Montenegro. Many things attracted me to this shot. For one thing it was like a blank canvas with repeating rectangular shapes and that red door, my focal point. I like the meandering feel as the street bent to the right, taking the viewer with it. This was not high texture so I could paint flat color areas for a more graphic feel. I liked the shapes. But it also had a story. The worn cafe sign and the locked doorway told me what to do. I found a CLOSED Due to Covid sign on line, perfect! The masculine figure is an IColorama brush which I imported into procreate and painted. Now I had my lone person walking the streets looking for an open friendly bar…but none to be seen. Paint and brushes in procreate give this image an edgy city feel. The subdued color palette works well with the red door as focal point.

When it's time
When it’s time by plattlandtmann

Apps used: iPhone11 – IpadPro – ProCamera app – Snapseed app – Fragment app – Pixomatic app
Backstory: When it’s time why and how?

As a bonus on an online purchase, I received a watch where the dial was not too obvious but cool. So I thought I should do something with it.
I wanted to express that time doesn’t matter if things obviously have to happen.

I took two photos with my Iphone (ProCamera app).
One overview photo and a detail photo.
Everything was finetoned at the IpadPro with the Snapseed app.
I like working with a photographically correct basis.
The overview photo was worked with the Fragment app.

A digital assembly of 2 overview photos and the detail photo was made in the Pixomatic app.
Finally, the final assembly in the Pixomatic app with filters was processed from the app to what you can see here.

Christopher Center Library, Valparaiso University
Vote by mswan777 (Mark Swanson)

Apps used:I shot this using my iPhone XR and the ProCamera App. The image was then edited on my iPad using Snapseed to correct the perspective and reduce the angle. I then converted the image into black and white using Lightroom, with some adjustments to the blacks and whites to try to bring out the metal structure against the glass.

Backstory: This was a big day for our family as we were dropping our son off to start his college career. He is our youngest, so we felt the emotions of him no longer being at home. As we were walking around the campus, I was admiring the different buildings and this library really caught my eye. I love the architecture of the glass and steel structure, so I walked around to find a view that brought out the details and contrasts between the two. I intended to use monochrome as I like it for architecture shots.

Morning walk
Morning Walk by fleurschim (Fleur Schim)

Apps used & Backstory: I captured this image on my trail walk the other day. It was early in the morning, and the lighting was very soft. Later, on my iPad Pro, i began creating many layers of color and texture using a variety of apps.
First, I tuned the image in SNAPSEED, increasing structure and details with ambiance. Not satisfied, I played with DISTRESSEDFX, and added both color and more texture. I went back to SNAPSEED, and moderated some of the details using anti-ambiance. ICOLORAMA presented me with the opportunity to turn this into a painting, so I used STYLE with both painting and watercolor, to create a painterly effect. I bounced back to DISTRESSEDFX, and added a small bird, and, once again, added more color. I blended the various results with IMAGEBLENDER, until I was satisfied with the result.
There were a lot of subtle color and texture changes during this process. Finally, I was satisfied with a rainbow of hues that captured this moment in time.

A beautiful day
A beautiful day by fleurschim (Fleur Schim)

Apps: I edited on my iPad Pro with SNAPSEED, highlighting every detail in both TUNE and DETAILS. I also edited with GLAMOUR GLOW and DRAMA. I wanted to shift the color scheme, so I edited with ICOLORAMA in TONE. Then, continued editing with STYLE, using SKETCH. I took this next to DISTRESSEDFX for its marvelous color and texture choices. I was able to create a moody scene with very interesting stage lighting with a combination of filters and layers.Backstory: This image was captured during an early walk on the promenade in Tel Aviv, a couple years ago. There is a very wide and scenic sandy beach with very interesting structures and palm groves. This is a popular space for walkers, runners and dogs. This was originally a very vibrant color image, but, I wanted to create a more atmospheric scene. Initially, I thought black and white, but after playing with the various apps, I settled on a sepia variation.

dark and frozen days
dark and frozen days by mono wave

Apps Used: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+decim8+vsco+scrtachcam fx+phototoaster

Erfurt Hauptbahnhof, Thuringia
Erfurt Hauptbahnhof by David Mckelvey

Apps used: Apple iPhone 7
Backstory: Erfurt Hauptbahnhof (Erfurt Hbf) or Erfurt Central Station is the central railway station at Erfurt in Germany. It is an important junction on the German rail network, served by numerous local and long-distance rail services. Immediately north of the station is Erfurt’s city centre. The station was used by approximately 12.5 million passengers in 2006, an average of about 34,000 per day. The station lies on the Thüringer Bahn, which connects Halle to Bebra. It is served also by the Erfurter Bahn.

It was rebuilt from 2002 to 2008 for the completion of the Nuremberg–Erfurt high-speed railway and the Erfurt–Leipzig/Halle high-speed railway and connects the Berlin–Munich and Frankfurt–Dresden long-distance routes. Source: en.wikipedia.org

shūi no yūrei
shūi no yūrei by columnsovsleep

Apps & Backstory: This double/quadruple collage piece was blended with Union. The grit and grain effect are from Mextures code LPIEWQL.

This piece represents the soul, religion, and technology.




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