Apps Uncovered Sep 7 2012


Apps Uncovered Fri 7 Sep 2012
This week’s outstanding iPhoneography has been selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald. If you would like the chance to feature in this weekly gallery and are willing to share your apps used and any story behind your image please submit your work to the iPC Flickr group.
Title: dream
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: native cam iphone 3gs, super impose, photo power, vscocam, snapseed, lenslight
The Eye
Title: The Eye
Artist: Nico Brons
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone 3Gs + Dynamic Light + Filterstorm + Halftone + MokuHD + PhotoCopier + BlurFX
All the images I make are made by iPhone 3Gs and all the editing is done by iPhone and iPad.

The basic image is a picture of a manneguin without a face and one with a nice face with eyes, nose and mouth. This mannequins are used in the clothing shops. First off all I use DynamicLight to enhance the pictures.

Then comes a lot of Filterstorm in. Step by step I put in one eye, then the nose and final the mouth. I used masks and a lot of cloning on this. After that I used MokuHD, stored the picture and mixed this with DXP to get a slighty different look, then I used Halftone fore a little overal texture pattern. And as last step I used Photocopier and mixed this again with Filterstorm. It was a lot of work, I spend several hours on this one.

The Jealousy of toys #iph100 #mobilephotography #iphoneography
Title: The Jealousy of toys
Syster – a jealous toy who likes to hoard and can be spiteful when she doesn’t get what she wants. She likes to eat bitter things. Another voice comes from the box
Artist: Benamon Tame
Apps Used/Backstory: Juxtaposer, Iris Photo Suite, Pictureshow and Snapseed
Shadow Play
Title: Shadow Play
Artist: Allison Pistohl
Apps Used/Backstory: Taken and edited on iPhone 4 
Apps Used: SlowShutter, Camera+, PS Express, Decim8, ReTouch, Pixlromatic, Blender, Superimpose
Time & Again
Title: Time Again
Artist: Jaime Ferreyros
Apps Used/Backstory: Processed with Cameramatic app.
Camera Roll-1126
Title: Camera Roll-1126
Artist: Shea McJagger
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Snapseed
Wonder about the little things
Title: Wonder about the little things
Artist: Lamar Smith
Apps Used/Backstory: To be confirmed
Rullino foto-109
Title: Rullino foto-109
Artist: Frelu
Apps Used/Backstory: to be confirmed
Darkness, part one.
Title: Darkness, part one.
Artist: Urban Muser
Apps Used/Backstory:to be confirmed
Ghost Girl
Title: Ghost Girl
Artist: Sarah Jarrett
Apps Used/Backstory:slowshuttercam, snapseed, laminar, monovu
This is part of a series of self portraits I’ve been working on using slowshuttercam. I love the unpredictable, atmospheric outcomes this app generates, I find I have to persevere through many ‘takes’ before it delivers the odd absolute beauty so you have to be patient. I shot this outside on a sunny day to try and get more details in the hair and clothing. I edited with Snapseed and then used Laminar and MonoVu until I got the subdued colour look I was seeking. MonoVu is one of my favourite apps and very under rated. Some of the textures are beautiful and not all monochrome.
Shorline #2
Title: Shorline #2
Artist: Fixit inPost
Apps Used/Backstory: 645Pro, Snapseed, ImageBlender, iColorama, XnView FX
No._2027  iPhone4s+ SnapSeed+ iDesign+ ImageBlender+VSCOcam
Title: No._2027
Artist: Lynette Jackson
Apps Used/Backstory:iPhone4s+ SnapSeed+ iDesign+ ImageBlender+VSCOcam
My friend.
Title: My friend
Artist: 10_ya
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S native cam + Snapseed + Noir
Title: 見返り美人。
Artist: 10_ya
Apps Used/Backstory: App used iPhone4S native cam + Snapseed + Picfx + Noir + Photo fx
Title: Blinded
Artist: Ginger Lucero
Apps Used/Backstory:apps: native cam iphone 3gs, super impose, photo power, vscocam, snapseed, lenslight
Title: Okra
Artist: Gary Gardiner
Apps Used/Backstory: Okra was first processed with PhotoForge2 to sharpen the hairs then processed with Dynamic BW with a saved setting that is also sharpened.
Working on labor day
Title: Okra
Artist: Gary Gardiner
Apps Used/Backstory: Labor Day was also processed with Dramatic BW using a saved setting that is contrast, highly sharpened and with a very slight vignette.
Title: Untitled
Artist: Brandon Smith
Apps Used/Backstory: I used Cameramatic (Black & White Filter, Hassy 01 Frame)
Image pic #67
Title: Image pic #67
Artist: Souichi Furusho
Apps Used/Backstory: To be confirmed
Train and poles
Title: Train and poles
Artist: Thomas Berg
Apps Used/Backstory: To be confirmed
Amber Glow
Title: Amber Glow
Artist: Susan Blase
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Lumie 
Day 216 — #366project — curl remix
Title: Day 216 — #366project — curl remix
Artist: Kimberly Post Rowe
Apps Used/Backstory: This processing was really simple. I shot the fern "fiddleheads" with the native camera, then transferred it to my iPad, where I worked it in Laminar. A little bit of sharpening, a little polarizing, then I added a few layers of watercolor soaked textured papers. That is all!
Black-eyed Susans at sunset
Title: Black-eyed Susans
Artist: Gary Gardiner
Apps Used/Backstory: Processed with Dynamic Light with effects wheel all the way to the right.
Title: Joy
Artist: Emigdio Salgado
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic + Snapseed  
Mr G
Title: Mr G
Artist: Paula Gardener
Apps Used/Backstory: My husband had just finished a work out boxing the bags with our sons, he was exhausted however I insisted on a photograph because I’m obsessed when the light is perfect. 

I took the original photograph with the new Hipsta pack, I then opened the image in Snapseed and cropped the borders off. After I changed the image to B&W adding extra contrast. Finally I opened the image in Camera Awesome and added the skin border.


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