Apps Uncovered Oct 5 2012


Title: Benedictcon
Artist: 6
Device/Apps/Info: HIpstamatic
Growing Up In Paris is a photo project I did from 2010 to 2012.


Title: Carts
Artist: Jenni C
Device/Apps/Info: Camera+

Blending In

Title: Blending In
Artist: Rey O
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + To be confirmed

The Reverie of Psyche at the Departure of Eros

Title: The Reverie of Psyche at the Departure of Eros
“She heard far echoes of the voice of Love,
And found his footsteps’ traces everywhere.
But nevermore they met! since doubts and fears,
Those phantom shapes that haunt and blight the earth,
Had come ‘twixt her, a child of sin and tears,
And that bright spirit of immortal birth;
Until her pining soul and weeping eyes
Had learned to seek him only in the skies;
Till wings unto the weary heart were given,
And she became Love’s angel bride in heaven!”
– T. K. Harvey (1799)

Artist: Bob Weil
Device/Apps/Info: Shot on an iPhone 4s and processed on an iPad 2, using Photogene2, Pixlromatic, Jazz!, Photoshop Touch, Laminar and Superimpose

Day 234 — #366project — beyond structure

Title: Day 234
Artist: Kimberley Post Rowe
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + To be confirmed

Removed tape


Melancholy's Angel

Title: Removed tape
Only glue left
Artist: Thomas Berg
Device/Apps/Info: Hipstamatic 256

Subterraneus Extremam

Title: Subterraneus Extremam
Artist: Clint Cline
Device/Apps/Info: Apps: Hipstamatic, Interlacer, Superimpose, Marblecam, Picstitch, TV scanline, Over, Etchings

the sky always understands

Title: the sky always understands
Artist: Insta Me
Device/Apps/Info: To be confirmed

Ghost Train

Title: Ghost Train
Artist: Petyr Campos
Device/Apps/Info: To be confirmed

Move Me [3]

Title: Move Me [3]
Artist: Maddy McCoy
Device/Apps/Info: To be confirmed

Flea Market

Title: Flea Market
Artist: Vadim
Device/Apps/Info: Bracket Mode, Pro HDR, PhotoForge2, Dynamic Light, Superimpose, Blender, ShockMyPic, Filterstorm

Camera Roll-223

Title: Camera Roll-223
Artist: Joel Adam
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Snapseed


Title: Wind
Artist: Koshi_another_side
Device/Apps/Info: To be confirmed

The Stillness

Title: The Stillness
Artist: Sarah Jarrett
Device/Apps/Info: To be confirmed


Title: Awakenings
Artist: Elodie Hunting
Device/Apps/Info: To be confirmed


Title: One Step Closer to Knowing
Artist: David Ingraham
Device/Apps/Info: Hipstamatic

An angle for a fact.

Title: An angle for a fact.
Artist: Fernandoprats
Device/Apps/Info: To be confirmed


Title: Porsche
Artist: LaetitiaHC
Device/Apps/Info: Hipstamatic256 + iph100