Apps Uncovered Nov 23 2012


This week, we have a wonderfully talented guest selector who many of you will know – Jennifer Bracewell is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and grew up in a creative, musical environment. She is a photographer, a

painter and a music lover.  Jennifer writes for the online mobile
photography publication wearejuxt and has several upcoming gallery
shows in the works.  Mostly, she spends time hanging out with her four
kids, dreaming of getaways and editing photos way too late into the night.
Thanks Jennifer for choosing the images this week. You can see Jennifers iPhoneography work by clicking the link on the bottom of this page.
Title: “But perhaps the dream is dreaming us…”
Artist: David Ingraham
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic, BlurFX, LensLight, Tadaa.
Title: Pink
Artist: Lindsey Thompson
Apps Used/Backstory: Taken and edited with an iPhone 5. Olloclip macro + Camera+ + Pilxromatic
An age old tale
Title: An age old tale
Artist: Mel Harrison
Apps Used/Backstory: Background: paintfx and texture+ 
Figures: 6×6 Tinyplanet juxtaposer

Effects: icolorama picgrunger photocopier
Untitled - Paris
Title: Untitled – Paris
Artist: Robin Pope
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone 4 and I used Pro Camera and processed to Black and white through Snap Seed
standing alone
Title: standing alone
Artist: jun yamaguchi
Apps Used/Backstory: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+photoforge 2+pixlromatic+scratchcam fx+pictureshow
Man With Unresolved Issues
Title: Man with Unresolved Issues
Artist: Luxtra
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + iPad + texture by les brumes + SlowShutter + iColorama + Snapseed + TouchRetouch
Sunset together
Title: Sunset together
Artist: Clint Cline
Apps Used/Backstory: 645Pro + Camera+ + Dynamic Light + iColorama + Pixlromatic
Day 299 — #366project — wish
Title: Day 299 –366project – wish
Artist: Kimberley Post Rowe
Apps Used/Backstory: To be confirmed
The Fan Series
Title: The Fan Series
Artist: Maddy McCoy
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4s + SlowShutter + Camera+ + MonuVu 
In rainbows
Title: In rainbows
Artist: Sarah Jarrett
Apps Used/Backstory: This is part of a new series I have been working on. I did all the work on the picture in Superimpose and Artrage and then tweaked the colours in Laminar.
Worlds between the lines
Title: Worlds between the lines
Artist: Joel Adam
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + Fantasy + Lomora + AlienSky + Photocopier
Past, Present and Future
Title: Past, Present and Future
Artist: Paula Gardener
Apps Used/Backstory: This self portrait is a representation of my ancestry, my presence in today’s world and the unforeseen future.
I wanted a look that was quite tribal, so I captured the portrait using the iPhone 5 camera. I opened the saved image in Decim8, where I chose the ‘warrior’ filter. I then opened the saved Decim8 version in Snapseed tweaking the contrast and tones. I also opened the same Decim8 image again in Camera Awesome choosing the Hancock filter. I then blended both images together using the Blender app, masking out a quarter of my face exposing the Hancock filter script. Finally I opened the saved blended image in Snapseed, blurring out the edges, while adding a final vignetting to enhance the final image.


Thank you Jennifer for being iPhoneographyCentral’s guest selector this week. To see Jennifers iPhone art and photography please visit:

Jennifer Bracewell Art and Photography