Apps Uncovered Nov 16 2012



Amy has been in the iPhoneography community since 2010 when she first began with the 3G.

Born in Boston and residing in the Chicago area since 1996, she has re-captured the excitement of image-capturing since graduating art school in the mid-80s. The city of Chicago has provided a rich canvas of subject matter for this new medium.
She has received many accolades, including Honorable Mention in the 2011 iPhone Photography Awards and Top 5 shortlist select in the inaugural launch of the Mobile Photography Awards. She is also part of the traveling US exhibition ‘Light Impressions.’
Amy commented: “A wonderful story created here! Quite historic in tone”
Title: boat
Artist: thistledownup
Apps Used/Backstory: Iris Photo Suite
Cage Head
Amy commented: “This has some nice tones and the detail is impeccable.”
Title: Cage Head
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone3GS + Superimpose + Snapseed + Photopower
A Dream within a Dream *oO
Amy commented: “What a fabulous storybook photo!”
 Cloud Series : Day 3, Night

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow-
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

"A Dream Within A Dream" by Edgar Allan Poe

Title: A Dream within a Dream
Artist: Mutablend
Apps Used/Backstory: To be confirmed
Amy commented: “A portrait with eerie painterly strokes.”
Title: Coded
Artist: Sarah Jarrett
Apps Used/Backstory: I shot my selfie using SlowShutterCam to get the feeling of movement. It was edited initially with Snapseed and then Decim8. I find Decim8 really tricky to use. I don’t like big pixelated effects much but I had the effects set on random and just really liked this one. It emphasised the red in the picture and gave a bar code feeling with the stripes.
Fact Checker
Amy commented: “This style of work appears classic yet 21st century; very theatrical.”
Title: Fact Checker
Artist: Roger Guetta
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + ImageBlender + PhotoTexture + Snapseed + TouchUp
Amy commented “This artists’ work always keeps me mesmerized!” 
Title: Untitled
Artist: Jennifer Bracewell
Apps Used/Backstory: Taken and edited with an iPhone4S + to be confirmed
Amy commented: “I love a good dramatic flare!”
Title: sunflowers
Artist: Albion Harrison-Naish
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + Hipstamatic; John S Lens, BlacKeys SuperGrain Film 
flora 9493
Amy commented: “Museum quality with some nice dark edges.”
Title: flora 9493 
Artist: Poetic Medium
Apps Used/Backstory: iPod shot + PS Express + Texture + Glaze
here comes the sun
Amy commented: “A fine eye for framing and perspective.
Title: here comes the sun
Artist: Lucy Loomis
Apps Used/Backstory: Instagram
Amy commented: “The expression! What else – joy!”
Title: Mummy
Artist: Andrew Lucchesi
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone 4S + PhotoWizard + Moku Hanga + ScratchCam + Blender
I was too late.  I was . . . too late.
There are many words to describe this. Right now, I can’t think of any. Sheer genius! Title: I was too late.  I was . . . too late.
Artist: Janine Graf
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone 4S + Artist Haiku + Juxtaposer + VFX Studio + Artrage + ScratchCam + Iris Photo Suite + Lenslight
Tell me the moon is shining
Amy commented: “A master collage artist, no question.”
Title: Tell me the moon is shining
Artist: Clint Cline
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic, iColorama, Halftone, Iris Photo Suite and Superimpose
Big thank you to Amy for being our guest selector this week. To check out Amy’s iPhoneography work, click here