Apps Uncovered May 2013

Apps Uncovered Friday 24 & 31 May 2013

Special bumper edition selected by Bob Weil & Nicki Fitz-Gerald


Red doors, Sokcho, Korea


Red doors, Sokcho, Korea by Joseph Cyr

Backstory/Apps Used: –like stepping back in time, this seaside district of Sokcho, S.Korea; a relic of the Korean War–the houses of N.Korean refugees and their descendants in the "Abai village" neighborhood (snapseed & colorsplash apps used; this photo among the "Honorable Mentions" in this year’s Mobile Photo Awards)


For "Red doors, Sokcho"–I took this with an iPhone4 a couple of summers ago. Not far from the location of the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics, Sokcho, South Korea has a frontier-feel. (The setting is gorgeous–between mountains and the sea, but lax zoning laws have led to haphazard construction.) The neighborhood where I saw this streetscape is a relic of the Korean War–on a spit of land between a lagoon and the sea, refugees from what would become North Korea built makeshift dwellings, thinking these would be just for the short-term… When the DMZ was drawn in 1953, they found themselves stranded, and this neighborhood has now been home to a several generations of these N. Korean descendants. It feels like a different world from the wifi-and-caffeinated frenzy of Seoul. I used snapseed and the ColorSplash apps for this scene. ColorSplash allowed me to isolate the red doors and shirt stripes, converting the rest of the scene into greyscale. Then I used snapseed’s ’tilt-shift’ filter and the ‘white balance’ option found among the ‘tune image’ options. Combining the ‘hyper’-sepia tone and the red accents reminded me of the traditional color scheme used in many older Korean scroll-paintings.




African Daisy


African Daisy by Tuba Korhan

Backstory/Apps Used: Captured and editted on an iPhone5 (+macro lens). After the rain, I tried to capture the water droplets on the African daisies in my garden by using 6X6 camera app on an iPhone5 with a macro lens. While I am shooting with macro lens, I prefer to use camera apps which allows me to lock auto focus. 

My editing process was simple. I used SnapSeed to tune the image and add some "Drama" to emphasize the rain drops. After that I tried the painting filters of PhotocCopier for some texture (unfortunately I don’t remember the exact filter which I used in this image) and this was the end of my process.





Sleepy hollow


Sleepy hollow by Wayne Greer

Backstory/Apps Used: Iphone 5 /Laminar pro/distressed FX/photo forge






Fowl/montage 5.24.13


Fowl/montage 5.24.13 by Poetic Medium

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot & processed on iPod







JUSTE UNE ILLUSION … by Pat Berardici

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot with an IPhone4. Applications used Hipstamatic (using Jane/ Film Blanko / Flash LaserLemon Gel)

Montage put together using Diptic





Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon by Dirk Dallas

Backstory/Apps Used: TBA





That place in my head



That place in my head by Clint Cline

Backstory/Apps Used: TBA





Bear Canyon, evening


Bear Canyon, evening by allophile

Backstory/Apps Used: I took the photo with my iPhone5 a few months ago while on a trail-run in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains on the edge of Tucson, Arizona. Winter evening light is just gorgeous in the desert. I used snapseed to convert the shot into a black-and-white scene, then used ”white balance’ in the ‘tune image’ to warm up the scene. I also used the ‘drama’ filter to play with the contrast. The ’tilt-shift’ filter in snapseed and then the "BigLens" app allowed me to smoothen out the sky.






Illusion by Ade Santora

Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken and edited with iphone3gs, apps: Hipstamatic, Afterlight, Halftone, Superimpose, Photo Power, Picfx






Dandelion Clock


Dandelion Clock by Phoneographer

Backstory/Apps Used: ProCamera, Superimpose, Snapseed, ModernGrunge, Typewriter and Filterstorm.







Et ultra


Et ultra by squarepixel

Backstory/Apps Used: Noir, Blender, Photocopier and Modern Grunge.




Back in the day



Back in the day by Brett Chenoweth

Backstory/Apps Used: This pic began as black and white hipstamatic shot – edited and framed in Snapseed, then I ran it through modern grunge. Finished by putting head in mirror in superimpose.




tagger's revenge


tagger’s revenge by ReyGuy

Backstory/Apps Used: Two buff spots and more tagging over them. Back of a building alongside the Santa Fe Trail trailhead. Dallas

iPhone ShakeItPhoto









Hopscotch by Phoneographer

Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, Camerabag2 and Snapseed





white skin black heart

white skin black heart by  David Bithell

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 5. Pureshot. Handy photo. Olloclip







Wonderment by Joel Adam

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited with iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic and VSCOcam






Somewhere Between the One and the Other


Somewhere Between the One and the Other by David Ingraham

Backstory/Apps Used: TBC







Flying through purple skies.   iPhone macro


Backstory/Apps Used: Flying through purple skies.   iPhone macro by  David Bithel

iPhone 5. Pureshot. Perfectly clear. Handy photo. Olloclip

Perfectly clear is great for removing noise. I use it if I sharpen,HDR or use a high contrast. It does a few other things too but the noise reduction is good. 

The olloclip is also a must 😉





Flying Swede


Flying Swede by Marco Hannula

Backstory/Apps Used: 1 jump – 3 fast Hipstas blended together. iPhone 4S, Hipstamatic (GSQUAD lens, Ina’s 1982 film), Image Blender (3 photos blended together), EyeEm filter Steph.


Me and my hubby got VIP tickets to Top Gear Finland’s Air and Motor Show. So the seats and view were great. While four Swedish daredevils were doing their thing, I thought I could try to take as many shots as possible from one jump using Hipstamatic. Hipsta did not fail and result are seen here. 🙂

Apps: iPhone 4S, Hipstamatic (GSQUAD lens, Ina’s 1982 film), Image Blender (3 photos blended together), EyeEm filter Step






Waiting For the Ball to Drop


Waiting For the Ball to Drop by lindquist6

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 5 + Snapseed + Laminar








Conflict by ó brendan

Backstory/Apps Used: This is a straight up instagram willow app shot. 





Can you feel the rain come?


Can you feel the rain come? by cedric blanchon

Backstory/Apps Used:  i shot this pic with my iphone4s and edit with Noir, Snapseed and Afterlight. I love characters that are isolated, walking on the roads or in the fields and the umbrella adds a touch of poetry. It is not a photo taken on the spot, but a composited image!






Numbers that became absurd


Numbers that became absurd by Sarah Jarrett

Backstory/Apps Used: Superimpose, Procreate, Miracam and Laminar


This image brings together many of the elements of picture making that I am most interested in – digital collage (all created with Superimpose), digital painting (with Procreate), combining elements of text and type with pictorial content. The portrait was constructed entirely from elements from different pictures I’ve made before, there’s no soft blending, the edges are crude and obvious in the face to exaggerate the harshness of her angry expression. The eye is back to front, the mouth cut in half. I love Surrealism, story telling with images, constructing something that makes sense but doesn’t make sense, warping reality. I think this derives from an obsession with reading and stories, picture books and illustration. I collect numbers all the time from old magazines, doors, newspaper fragments. I have boxes of numbers and words, printed and handwritten, endlessly fascinating. I tried to keep the colours strong in the picture, the red and the orange as anchors and experimenting with textures in Miracam and Laminar.





Apps Uncovered Friday 17 May 2013

Selected by Bob Weil





130503_03 by Lynette Jackson

Backstory/Apps Used: TBC



Broadway bridge



Broadway bridge by Wayne Greer

Backstory/Apps Used: This is the Broadway bridge over the Arkansas river in Wichita, Kansas. I used the stock Iphone 5 camera , then used Handy Photo for basic editing , then Distressed FX for added texture. I felt it was still missing something. Lo Mob gave it a look and feel that seemed to match the retro design of the bridge.





Untitiled by Alexey Ovsyannikov

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 5 with Repix, ArtStudio, Handy Photo and VSCO CAM





Drift by Ade Santora

Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken and edited with iphone3gs, apps: ProCamera, iColoramaS, Afterlight, Picfx, Superimpose, Photo Power.



Under one moon


Under one moon by Photomikro

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone, filtermania2, juxtaposer, alien sky, xnretro, snapseed






The Vintage Vase


The Vintage Vase by Sarah Jarrett

Backstory/Apps Used:  ProCreate






Pietà. by Fede Racchi 

Backstory/Apps Used: TBC



The Burden of Truth


The Burden of Truth by Benamon Tame


Nettle Is a Pinocchio, burdened with a strange compulsion that would swing from truth to lies and urge words from his mouth with vigour. His nose will never play false and will grow with each lie and shrink with each honesty.

To carry such a state would be unfortunate at any time but under the Rule of Loki it was doubly so. Loki would tolerate no lies but his own and no truth save for that he desired.Nettle became a reminder of all that he could not control. So he gagged him and banished him to a corner, a warning to all the other toys.

Backstory/Apps Used: TBC



The Field


The Field by Andrew Proudlove

Backstory/Apps Used: Apple camera with Snapseed


After the rain


After the rain by cedric blanchon 


Backstory/Apps Used: This picture is created with juxtapose, I love this man lost in the middle of a field with his umbrella, the sky is created with rainydaze app, I also used noir and afterlight and Snapseed app, I used Snapseed to adjust the white balance, and give it a little blue in this photo, it just reinforces the magic side,i think.Like a dream!





checkered by Joanne Mariol


Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 4 + Snapseed






Space,Space,Telephone,angel by shilling16


Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4S native cam + Snapseed + Imageblender





Apps Uncovered Friday 10 May 2013

seleected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald



Ian and Emma in the Studio


Ian and Emma in the Studio

Backstory/Apps Used: "This photo was inspired by a musician named TheWeeknd and his amazing album covers. My friends Ian Roche and Emma McAlary took me into the studio to practice my portraits. After hours of DSLR use, I decided to break out my iPhone to capture this great conceptual moment."


Apps used: Pro Camera, VSCO Cam and Snapseed






Haunted by Ade Santora


Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken and edited with iphone3gs, apps: Hipstamatic (Multiexposure on, Loftus lens + D-Type Plate Film, No Flash), Afterlight, Superimpose, PicFx, Photo Power.





Bethnal Green


Bethnal Green by Mark Walton


Backstory/Apps Used:  Hipstamatic 262



Horse on Lincoln West Common


Horse on Lincoln West Common by Phoneographer


Backstory/Apps Used: Captured on Hipstamatic (Tinto 1848 / AO BW film). Border cropped away and image re-sized in Filterstorm. Exposure altered in PS Express and Pro HDR. Run through some filters in Alt Photo. Rainy Daze effect added and then straightened slightly in Snapseed.



The Blue Bow

Cool Britannia


The Blue Bow by Sarah Jarrett


Backstory/Apps Used:  ProCreate





Last day.


Last Day by Nakano Hiroyuki.


Backstory/Apps Used: My work "last day" was made using Mpro.



She is the quintessential optimist


She is the quintessential optimist by Janine Graf


Backstory/Apps Used: Juxtapser, ScratchCam and TiltShiftGen





Trust by Mark T Simmons 


Backstory/Apps Used: This image is best summed up by a fellow Flickr photographer who said this of the image: "This is modern life, right. Connected yet unconnected at the same time. Our technology keeps us in touch yet out of touch simultaneously". Scary as it is, that is exactly what I thought when I saw this scene and took the shot.


Shot on an iPhone 5 with Hipstamatic BlacKeys SuperGrain film and John S lens combination. A slight crop was added using Snapseed, that’s the only processing used on this image.




Untitled by Robin Pope


Backstory/Apps Used: Shot with an iPhone using ProCamera and edited with Snapseed.




Weathered by Photmikro


Backstory/Apps Used:  iPhone with Handyphoto






We Are Floating In Space


We Are Floating In Space by Milo Salgado


Backstory/Apps Used: TBC



Cool Britannia


Cool Britannia by Sarah Jarrett


Backstory/Apps Used:  ProCreate and TBC



Apps Uncovered Friday 3 May 2013
seleected by Bob Weil
Unamed by VeronicainMo(By The Twilight)
“Beauty: For every nameable vibration of the body, ten thousand unnameable vibrations—the subtle overtones and undertones of feeling. No I, no you—just waves of feeling traversing an ocean of events.”
— G. Vedana, Dreaming Of Nowhere: Row, Row Your Boat
Backstory/Apps Used: I’m often drawn to the ethereal, slightly sad moodiness of photos. I wanted this photo to maintain a child like feel to it, as well as a melancholy feeling to it. This is two of my photos blended together. The original photo of the girl is my hipstamatic app and the blended photo is one I snapped of the sky with some intense saturation of the colors.
Following by Sharon LuVisi 
Backstory/Apps Used: The apps I used were Hipstamatic (Jane/D-Type Plate), TouchRetouch HD (to fix a tree that looked eerily like Bigfoot), and Snapseed to tighten up the contrast. 
Hastings beach: april 2013 by Louise Fryer
Backstory/Apps Used: This photo was was taken with native camera (iPhone 5) cropped and converted to black and white in Snapseed. 


She Danced Anyway
She Danced Anyway by Photomikro
Backstory/Apps Used: BlurFx, Scratchcam, Repix and Altphoto
The Long Afternoon
The Long Afternoon by Sarah Jarrett
Backstory/Apps Used: I find myself drawn more and more to storytelling and illustration in my images. They take a long time to construct, collaging little elements from different pictures together in Superimpose, this is something I used to do by hand cutting paper into tiny elements for pictures but now its applied digitally. In this image I really liked the girl’s face I had constructed for an earlier image (The Blackbird’s Song) so I reused it but I wanted her pose to be slightly awkward so I made her neck very bent over to add to the feeling of her isolation, boredom and sadness. I had great fun with the table top, I love distorted perspective. Once I assembled all the elements in Superimpose, I moved it into Procreate and digitally painted on top. This is the longest part of the process, there’s a lot of balancing and colour adjustment to make the picture believable. I added to text and type from old letters at the end in Superimpose. Final tweaks were made in Laminar.
sinivuokko • blåsippan • common hepatica
sinivuokko • blåsippan • common hepatica by Kristiina
Apps Used: macro shot with Olloclip
Lens: Americana
Film: Ina’s 1935
No Flash
130419_1 P67 Minimalism iPhone4s+iDesign+ImageBlender+Phonto+VSCOcam
130419_1 P67 Minimalism by Lynette Jackson
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4s+iDesign+ImageBlender+Phonto+VSCOcam by Page67_
The Little Man With Big Dreams
The Little Man With Big Dreams by Jeanette_Serrat
Backstory/Apps Used: KitCam, ProCreate, Snapseed and PicBoost
Channeling Norma Jean
Channeling Norma Jean by Roger Guetta
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4s + ImageBlender,, Snapseed, Lumiére and TouchUp
Sikh Parade (4)
Sikh Parade (4) by jq gaines
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4S with Hipstamatic, and Snapseed
Shanghai outskirts
Shanghai outskirts by Paul Lambert
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone5 panormama and edited with Snapseed and Camera+
Just an average shot of the pier tonight #avgcampro
Just an average shot of the pier tonight #avgcampro by Dirk Dallas
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone + Average Camera Pro and Snapseed