Apps Uncovered May 2012

This gallery features a handful of selections of the outstanding iPhoneography published on the iPC Flickr group and elsewhere on the internet. The aim of the gallery is to show the very best of the wide variety of iPhone, iPad and iTouch art and photography. The artists are also asked to reveal the apps and workflows used in creating their amazing iPhone photographs and art which is detailed beneath each image. Click on any image to see more of the artist’s work. For a chance to be included in this weekly gallery, please join the iPC Flickr group. Please be sure to add the process/Apps you used in order to be included in the group. Thank you.

Please add your apps used: Thank you all once again for your wonderful submissions. I am afraid it’s taking me ages to publish Apps Uncovered partly because of chasing artists for the Apps. Even though artists all respond really quickly,(thank you) and I know it’s a probably a real pain to do it, it is a lot of extra work for me so unfortunately I am going to be really strict and leave great works of iPhoneography out if the apps/processing aren’t mentioned either in the title, description or tags so please, please add your apps 🙂 Thank you  –Nicki–



Apps Uncovered Friday 18 May 2012


Sea of Dandelions - (explored)


Title: Sea of Dandelions

Artist: Susan Blase


iphone shot and processed with Pixlromatic and PhotoFx. Dandelions for miles here!


Get off!


Title: Get off!

Artist: Lindsey Thompson

Device/Apps/Info: Taken with an iPhone 4 using a skina and Olliclip lenses, edited on an iPad 2 using apps: ScratchCam + Snapseed + Lomora2 + Skina + Blender + Lo-Mob





Title: Untitled

Artist: Andrew Proudlove

Device/Apps/Info: The image itself was captured using an olloclip Macro lens and 645 Pro.

Afterwards I ran the image through Snapseed, where I tweaked the contrast and saturation a little.

Then I went into Pixlromatic where I made a couple of versions of the image, I believe I used Sanna film and Metal light setting. I saved that, then I went back into Pixlromatic with the snapseed image except that this time I believe I used the Carl film, Light light setting and saved the image out.

Then I went into Image Blender and merged the two images, unfortunately I don’t remember the blend mode that I used in Image Blender, I think it was either multiply or overlay but can’t be sure.

I used the Sanna image as the base with the Carl image over the top and erased the cable from the Ian image to let the cable from the Ingrid image show through has it had better definition.




125/366 [04.05.2012]


Title: 125/366 [04.05.2012]

Artist: Paul Duncan

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Snapseed




Blurred in Time (explored)


Title: Blurred in Time

Artist: Susan Blase

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Hipstamatic on random setting and BeFunky.






Title: Untitled

Artist: Tal Shafik

Device/Apps/Info: I used Camera+ to capture and crop and VSCOcam to edit. 



Step by Step.....


Title: Step by Step….

Artist: Jack Webb

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + I use ProCamera to shoot and Snapseed to edit




h # 10


Title: h # 10

Artist: francesco X

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + ArtistHaiku + Decim8



you can never run from your fears


Title: you can never run from your fears

Artist: Carlein

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + instant110




shine on


Title: shine on

Artist: Lucy Loomis

Device/Apps/Info: Photo taken in Camera+ with Olloclip macro lens. Used Instagram’s Rise filter.




all smiles


Title: all smiles

Artist: Scott Williams

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Hipstamatic: Johnslens: Pistifilm



letting go


Title: letting go

Artist: Lucy Loomis

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Camera+, Olloclip, and Instagram Earlybird filter.




Eight ball


Title: Eight ball

Artist: John Mallon

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + PictureShow + Photogene + Snapseed + Superimpose






Title: Calm

Artist: ARCHiPhone

Device/Apps/Info: I used iPhone Camera App "PICtone"

I used the default parameter in PICtone.



Northern girl


Title: Northern girl

Artist: Alexey Ovsyannikov

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Camera+ + TouchRetouch + LoMob + ScratchCam + CameraAwesome + Juxtaposer + DynamicLight + Iris Photo Suite + Instagram







Big Hair Small Face (131/366)


Title: Big Hair Small Face (131/366)

Artist: lisamjw

Device/Apps/Info:  I shot this image using 645 Pro and uploaded using IG; no other apps used.





Temperamental Creep


Title: Temperamental Creep

Artist: Ginger Lucero

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + PicFrame + ImageBlender + CameraAwesome 




Black Thoughts


Title: Black Thoughts

Artist: Michael Andrade

Device/Apps/Info: This photo was taken outside of the Hillyer Art Space in Washington, D.C. after the exhibit for fellow street photographer Greg Schmigel. The lovely model in the shot is actually model, photographer, and my friend named Noe Todorovich. 


The apps is used were:

Pro Camera


Touch Retouch

Iris Photo Suite




1 is the loneliest number [EXPLORED]


Title: 1 is the loneliest number

Artist: Lindsey Thompson

Device/Apps/Info: Taken with an iPhone 4 Olloclip macro, edited with an iPad 2 using ScratchCam + Lomora2 + Snapseed + iPad2 + Blender + Diptic


What Dreams Are Beyond


Title: What Dreams Are Beyond

Artist: Jack Webb

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + I use ProCamera to shoot and Snapseed to edit



No._438 iPhone4+PhotoToaster+CrossProcess+CameraMatic+Phonto+ImageBlender


Title: No._438

Artist: Lynette Jackson

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + PhotoToaster + CrossProcess + CameraMatic + Phonto + ImageBlender




What are you looking at?



Title: What are you looking at?

Artist: Lindsey Thompson

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Skina Macro Lens + Hipstamatic: Ina’s 1969





Apps Uncovered Friday 11 May 2012

with Lindsey Thompson


Thank you to Lindsey Thompson this week’s guest selector and a regular sharer of her wonderful work with iPhoneographyCentral.Please. Please click here to see the rest of this week’s Apps Uncovered gallery.

Many thanks to all of you who have shared your work and processing work flows this week. Here’s a few words from Lindsey…



"It was a great experience to curate this weeks iPhoneographyCentral Flickr submissions once again. With so many more images added to the group, it certainly made this process even harder than before. The quality of work was fantastic, I enjoyed looking through all of the entries, and on my way I added many  images to my own Flickr favourites. It was an incredibly difficult task choosing just a dozen (or so) of these images to feature on the site this week. I have seen such a great variety of different works; from creative texture work, wonderful black and white images and colourful abstracts. So many of which also made me smile along the way. 



Thank you for the opportunity again Nicki!" 


Title: "Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark" — Zen proverb.

Artist: David Ingraham

Device/Apps/Info: This is a sculpture at the entrance to the campus at CSU Long Beach, CA.

I shot it with Almost DSLR and then let it sit in my camera for months. I knew I wanted to do something with it, I just wasn’t sure what. I finally got a spurt of inspiration ( usually boredom-induced ) and dragged it into Snapseed for some minor adjustments before taking it into Scratchcam, thinking I was just going to add some texture. Instead I had a "eureka" moment when I clicked on the one particular multi-squared setting that gave it it’s cubism sort of look, taking the shot to a whole new level. At this point I was planning on it being a monochrome shot, but while looking for some frame options, I brought it into Pixlromatic, where I started randomly trying out some color options. Next thing I knew, it was green and blue! The End.

Big Trouble in Little Coin Slot.

Title: Big Trouble in Little Coin Slot.

Artist: unruly_e

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Filterstorm + Hipstamatic

Rain pic #05

Title: Rain pic #05

Artist: Souichi Furusho

All iPhone 3GS 


App:Iris Photo Suite, PhotoClip, PhotoStudio

the glass menagerie

Title: the glass menagerie

Artist: Carlein van der Beek

Device/Apps/Info: "the glass menagerie" was taken in the financial district in Toronto (my new home town) with Instant110.

I feel beautiful

Title: I feel beautiful

Artist: Mansi

Device/Apps/Info: The apps I used were filterstorm, decim8, snapseed, scratchcam, mokuhanga, fotomuse, procamera and hdrfx.


Title: Extinguished

Artist: Joel Adam

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + ColorLake + Hipstamatic.

Rear View Mirror

Title: Rear View Mirror

Artist: Susan Blase

Device/Apps/Info: Hipstamatic, shot, and processed with Pixlromatic and BlurFX


Title: vinylove

Artist: Lucy Loomis

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + I used Camera Plus & Instagram with the Hefe filter. It’s a piece of spontaneous beach sculpture on the Provincetown (Cape Cod) dunes.

The sea pronounces something, over and over, in a hoarse whisper; I cannot quite make it out. ~Annie Dillard

Title: The sea pronounces something, over and over, in a hoarse whisper; I cannot quite make it out – Annie Dillard

Artist: Stephanie Meckfessel

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Hipstamatic; Adler and Blanko Freedom + Touch Retouch

You can't hold on with your arms folded tight

Title: You can’t hold on with your arms folded tight

Artist: Jennifer Bracewell

Device/Apps/Info: This started out as a slow-shutter shot of my son as he walked by with his backpack on, ready for school. I ran it through a couple of filters in Iris, can’t recall which. Then I used blur fx and did a median blur on much of the photo. I used juxtaposer and added a photo of a little blackbird that was sitting on my driveway that morning and layered a picture of some wallpaper in with blender. I then used scratchcam to add some texture. I was listening to Arcade Fire’s "Month of May" while I did this one. The title is derived from the lyric "Kids are all standing with their arms folded tight".

Peto-Bismol pink

Title: Peto-Bismol pink

Artist: Janine Graf

Device/Apps/Info: This image was taken using only the Hipstamatic app (John S Lens + Ina’s 1969 Film) at the tulip festival in La Conner, WA. Tulips and colors for as far as the eye can see! 🙂

Tadpole #iph100 #iphoneography

Title: Tadpole

Artist: Benamon Tame

Device/Apps/Info: Hipstamatic ( Loftus Lens, Rock BW-11 Film, No Flash) Juxtaposer, Plastic Bullet and Fx Photo Studio

The initial image of the tadpoles  and my daughter were taken with Hipstamatic. The tadpoles were then added to the portrait in Juxtaposer. The water effect was added in Fx Photo Studio and the image run through Plastic bullet. I then overlaid the Plastic bullet version with the Pre PB in Juxtaposer and blended them to bring back some of the hair detail.


Title: Dandelion

Artist: Michal Koralewski

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + I used picfx (Haze), Superimpose and Camera+ (Cross Process).

Disappearing into the labyrinth

Title: Disappearing into the labyrinth

Artist: Bob Weil

Device/Apps/Info: Shot and processed on an iPhone using Photogene2, Pixlromatic (cinematic color), Filterstorm (masking and selective contrast), LensLight (enhance light on boy and add "dust" to the air) and Camera Awesome (desat).

Mask Dream

Title: Mask Dream

Artist: Marie Matthews

Device/Apps/Info: The editing was a pretty straightforward blending of two images. I used 6×6 for the figure and ProCamera for the mask. I used Pure Carbon to convert the image of the figure to black and white and bring out some of the skin tones. I may have also used the Selective Adjust feature in Snapseed to adjust some of the values in the figure. The original shot of the figure had a lot of blank space on the left. I used Superimpose, with a linear gradient, to add the mask on the left. Finally, I used the "Old Photo/Platinum" option in Tiffen Photo FX to add some warmth to the black and white.


See more of our guest selector, Lindsey Thompson’s work


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Apps Uncovered Friday 4 May 2012


Welcome to another week of Apps Uncovered where top iPhoneography artists and photographers reveal their apps and workflows behind their images.

This week we have special guest selector, Kimberly Post Rowe choosing her favourite images for this week’s Apps Uncovered. Kimberly’s affection for the natural world is apparent through her beautiful close ups seen through the lens of her iPhone. Be sure to check out her work on the link below this week’s images…in the meantime a little more about Kimberly from the artist herself followed by her images for this week’s Apps Uncovered….

"My undergraduate degree is in fine art photography and I have always loved alternative processes best, but once leaving college I realized how cost-prohibitive they were. Of course I took up Photoshop but it can be tiresome and makes me feel claustrophobic. Consequently making art became tedious. I definitely missed the physicality and tactile nature of the darkroom.
That’s what I love about the iPhone—it’s not just a camera but an image-editing device that is always with me, has seemingly endless options, and involves touch. iOS devices have definitely rekindled my passion for making art."
The Photographer
Title: The Photographer
Artist: Tal Shafik
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + I took the original image in front of a mirror in an elevator. I converted it to B&W and used Double Exposure in FX Photo Studio.
cows play peekaboo
Title: cows play peekaboo
Artist: Janine Graf
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Juxtaposer + Snapseed + ScratchCam
While you are sleeping without any care,
Cows play peekaboo in morning spring air
I should confess that this cow doesn’t belong here. I put him in with the Juxtaposer iPhone app. That cow lives on a tiny farm near my house in Redmond and the tullips here are in La Conner (roughly a two hour drive away) at the tulip festival. I hope knowing this doesn’t ruin the image for some of you. For those who are disappointed will you be impressed to know that I was only half cross-eyed by the time I finished removing all the scenery surrounding the cow? No? My gosh, what’s it gonna take people? 😉
Bird pic #10
Title: Bird pic #10
Artist: Souichi Furusho
Device/Apps/Info: All iPhone 3GS 
Shot: Procamera
Apps: Iris Photo Suite,  Filterstorm, PhotoClip, ScratchCam, Photo FX
Glimmer of Hope
Title: Glimmer of Hope
Artist: Susan Blase
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Hipstamatic + Pixlromatic + LensLight
streetphotography in Italy
Title: streetphotography in Italy 
Artist: Gusbano
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + taken with ProCamera, 2 different shots, combined in Juxtaposer and b+w finishing with Snapseed, Noir and Photofx.
Title: Tranquility
Artist: Mel Harrison
Device/Apps/Info: A blank photo was taken to use as a canvas,and was painted over in paintFX .
I hand sculpted the trees in juxtaposer using another painted texture from paintFX.
Then ran it though Decim8 on the precog1 setting. 
I used Scratchcam to add some "grit" then water my photo to finish it off.
Title: Animalandia
Artist: IVajo
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + ShakeitPhoto + Juxtaposer + Spooky + ScratchCam
never look back in regret
Title: never look back in regret
Artist: Carlein van der Beek
Device/Apps/Info: This is a cameramatic shot and that’s it 🙂 
It is taken in Toronto and I took the shot including the mannequin on the right with an empty shop window on the left – no further apping!
Unbearable Lightness
Title: Unbearable Lightness
Artist: Robert Herold
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + FilterStorm + AremaC + ProCamera + BigLens
Violet and the fence
Title: Violet and the fence
Artist: simonrsparks
Device/Apps/Info: Violet and the fence doesn’t involve anything more than Vint B&W and a little girl whose idea of suitable hiking attire is a ball dress.


Vint B&W is hugely frustrating in that it’s slow and doesn’t allow you to import images from the camera roll, and that’s an issue when you’re trying to take a picture of a two year old who keeps moving and isn’t about to sit still for the 10 seconds or so that it takes Vint to process an image. That said, despite hours of fiddling around with Monochromia, Simply B&W, Dramatic B&W, Snapseed, Swankolab, iPhoto, etc., I’ve still not come up with a black and white formula that so consistently appealing. 
Scratching the surface
Title: Scratching the surface
Artist: Emanuel Faria
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4S + Camera+, + Juxtaposer + PhotoWizard
Radical Dances
Title: Radical Dances
Artist: Roger Guetta
Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Snapseed + Phototextyue + Blender + PicGrunger + Touchup
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