Apps Uncovered Mar 2013

Apps Uncovered Fri 29 Mar 2013


Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald (except for the last one – Bob Weil snuck this one in when we came up one short, and it was his job to do the posting!)



ER by J.A.D.A.
Backstory/Apps Used: RePix alone. We were waiting for the doctor in a Peds ER room. My daughter did not want to be there…but who really does! I wanted to show how a child might see this room.




Untitled by 10_ya
Backstory/Apps Used: TBD




SYJ ine #365/81 by AlanP
Backstory/Apps Used: TBD




Urban Isolation #5 by Mark T. Simmons
Backstory/Apps Used: For this image I used Hipstamatic BlacKeys SuperGrain Film and John S lens combination to create a dark, unsettling and isolated atmosphere to the underpass. I finished the image with Snapseed to bring out the tones of the black and white film, the subtly shifting lines seen throughout and to highlight the solitary figure in the distance. It’s an image I am avery proud of as it came out exactly as I had envisaged.



Untitled by GianlucaRicoveri
Backstory/Apps Used: 6×6 , Photogene, Snapseed, Laminar



Winterscape by ShaneMartinArt
Backstory/Apps Used:  The apps used in this in were, Snapseed, Touch/Retouch, Autopainter, Photocopier, Photofactory, Blender, Shockmypic, DistressedFX.



4:12 AM "Shady Lanes" by Shel Serkin
Backstory/Apps Used: TBD




La belle excentrique by Elodie Hunting
Backstory/Apps Used: Symmetry, Pixrl-o-matic, Snapseed and PicBlender. I really love the shapes that occur while using symmetry. It gives pics an abstract and surrealistic look which make you look a little bit longer.



Oh yes i know .. My fake parrot is dead! by Cedric Blanchon
Backstory/Apps Used:  Blender, vfx studio, Lens Light and Snapseed. This photo is a sequel to the first photo "yes i know …" . The character of the Headless Man that I created, he lives in a surreal world. As I was looking for a title I saw this parrot, and said, "we see that it is fake!" so the title "my fake parrot, "which adds an extra dose of nonsense for the photo, and I really like that!




Chicken vendor at Talat Sao market, Vientiane, Laos by Dave Weekes
Backstory/Apps Used: Editing for this was pretty simple. I used CrossProcess on the "basic" setting and then combined it with the original in Pro HDR and boosted the saturation a little bit.





Man and Woman (5) by jq gaines

Backstory/Apps Used: 

KitCam (I photographed with this camera app)

ProCreate (touch up work and soft blending. I also got rid of lots of excess "visual noise" )

Snapseed (Used the Center Focus, "Old Lens" to darken the edges.

This actually happens to be one of my recent favorites. It was taken on a bus, en route from Catherine’s (Restivo) house to NYC… all the while chatting with Janine Graf and Lea Zimany, 🙂 We were on our way to the SoHo Digital Gallery for the MPA Premier.




"Pillar of white in a blackout of knives, I am the magician’s girl who does not flinch." The Bee Meeting – Sylvia Plath by Nicki Fitz-Gerald
Backstory/Apps Used: Original images shot with an iPhone 5. Composited and edited with an iPad using Photoshop Touch. I keep returning to Photoshop Touch for several reasons, the pros being that it has many similar features to the desktop version which I am familiar with, including levels, curves, colour replacement etc. It also saves at really high resolution (on an iPad) so great for printed work. I combine collage and mark making a lot in my work and the magic wand tool is excellent for erasing large areas, really, really handy for collage work and finally, the layers and blending modes are really intuitive to work with, however….there are not enough layers and I long for the day when Adobe introduce a magnificent set of brushes for us to play with.



Apps Uncovered Fri 22 Mar 2013

Selected by Bob Weil

Now,i see


Now, i see by Cedric Blanchon 


Bob Weil comments: Cedric Blanchon can always be counted on to create a thought-provoking, surreal image. It’s a shame that they almost always involve doing himself some virtual harm, but they do stop you in your tracks with a clever message and superb technique


Backstory/Apps Used: We always say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and it is while I was thinking about that sentence that I had the idea for the title of this photo. The title, “Now, I see”, I thought, went well with the picture which is a bit surreal.I used the apps Image Blender, Filterstorm, Scratchcam and Snapseed  to edit this image.





Untitled by David Ingraham

"What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know." — Saint Augustine


Bob Weil comments: David Ingraham artfully mixes a street photography feeling with scenes that are often constructed from elements from different images. He pits the lone individual against stark architectural landscapes with hard angles and deep shadows, often combining his images with titles and/or quotes that suit the scene as he’s assembled it.


Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, Hueless, Juxtaposer, Image Blender, Snapseed and Pixlr-o-matic.



Horse and Handler


Horse and Handler by Phoneographer


Bob Weil comments: Phonographer is fond of blurs, indistinct figures and strong grain. In this image, the artist manages to convey a feeling of remoteness and dedication (in the horse-trainer) with the subject of the image occupying a very small portion of the frame. The even tones and the strong grain all add to the mood of the shot. You can feel the cold morning air and imagine your boots sinking into the damp soil under foot. 


Backstory/Apps Used: This was one of a series of images from a foggy morning on Lincoln’s West Common. Beautiful weather for iPhoneography. Captured via Hipstamatic (Tinto 1848 lens and AO BW film – my fave combination). The image was edited in PS Express to boost exposure and the two versions merged in Pro HDR. Further edits were made in Alt Photo, Snapseed and Camera+.





rising by Scott Williams


Bob Weil comments: I have to admit I’m a sucker for images with hot air balloons. I should say, I’m guaranteed to take a second look if I see one, but will still look for a well-composed scene. Scott Williams succeeds in doing so, creating an even tone that goes easy on the texture to create an airy study of the tree and balloon, finishing it off with a perfect vignette. 


Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, VFX Studio, Snapseed, Repix and Image Blender





The Girl and the Blackbird


The Girl and the Blackbird by Sarah Jarrett


Bob Weil comments: Sarah Jarrett could fill a weekly gallery on her own, so it’s a challenge to (try to) limit her to the one that happens to strike a cord for Nicki or me in any given week. I just love the understated nature of this one, with lots of subtle touches. The nice handwriting and edge textures, the bird sitting on the wrist of the subject, the odd left eye that draws you into the face. When they open the Sarah Jarrett wing of a museum somewhere, someone please be sure I get an invitation. 


Apps Used: Superimpose, Procreate, Miracam and Laminar.

A lot of my portraits are super brights with a very modern, graphic feel but I am still really interested in grungy older textures and I love making them so this piece was the result of experimenting with some ‘vintage’ textures I made using Superimpose. I wanted the piece to feel like an old painting and to tell a story, so I tried to bring the face through the textures with a slightly luminous quality to it. Only the hand and the face actually exist for real, the hair, the bird and body were painted in using Procreate. I used Miracam and Laminar to balance colours.







by Maarten Oortwijn


Bob Weil comments: If I’m not mistaken, Maarten Oortwijn is a newcomer to our Flickr group, at least with his illustrations. This is a lovely, whimsical piece with clean, simple lines and an intriguing combination of elements added into the scene. We’re hoping to see more work from him! (In fact, I’m off to invite a couple of pieces I saw in his gallery right now…)


Backstory/Apps Used: The first step was to draw the green background in Paper53. For the picture on the wall I used a duplicate of the drawing with the painting add. This duplicate was processed with the Moku Hanga app and Snapseed to create the look of a printed picture. For hanging the picture on the wall I used Image Blender to blend green background and picture.

Finally I made the drawing of the painter in Paper53. In Paper53 you can export you’re pictures without image background. With Image Blender I combined the result of the previous step and the painter. Et voila: the final result.






Elysium falls


Elysium falls by Bongwaterjoe


Bob Weil comments: Bongwater Joe again creates an engagingly surreal scene, this time with an artful combination of the most straightforward elements – a mirrored facade, a banzai tree, a footbridge and a drawn stairway, laid over top of an aerial cityscape. All very eerie and mysterious, nicely textured and wonderfully monochromatic. 


Backstory/Apps Used: PhotoWizard, Pic fx, AltPhoto, Filterstorm, Laminar and ScratchCam FX.



Wood and Oak.


Wood and Oak by Cheryl Tarrant


Bob Weil comments: Cheryl Tarrant is one of the goddesses of texture, and in this pastoral scene, she doesn’t disappoint. This image looks almost like painting, but utilizes none of the app-based shortcuts to create that impression. Softened outlines, blurred, watercolor-like colors combine with the occasional architectural detail and splendid sky to create this beautiful study. 


Backstory/Apps Used: An iPand edit using the Distressed FX and ProCreate apps. Texture used is “Sentiment” from the DFX app.





Superfish by iVana J.B.


Bob Weil comments: You just can’t look at this image and not smile. I have no idea what it means, but it just works. The colors are rich and vibrant. The choice of elements to include in the scene is artful and begins to become apparent with repeated viewings. Here’s hoping iVana posts more work in the future!


Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, Juxtaposer, PaintFx, TapFX (fish and fuel pump), PopFX (wings), Glaze and Modern Grunge



Blood & Ash


Blood and Ash by Sxethang


mч tÑ”αrs αrÑ”n’t mαdÑ” σf вlσσd, 
thєч wíll nσt stαín.
thÑ” rÑ”d wíll wαsh αwαч,
вut thÑ” αshÑ”s wíll rÑ”mαín.

líttlÑ” вч líttlÑ” í wíll fσrgÑ”t 
єvÑ”rч wσrd spσkÑ”n.
í wíll stαnd tαll,
í wíll nσt вє вrσkÑ”n. 
~gíngÑ”r lucÑ”rσ


Bob Weil comments: Sxething’s always provocative images are often very powerful and successful self-portraits – this one appealed for the use of only two colors, a beautiful capture of the face – counterpoised to the red (blood) and the message of the verses. Nicely composed and textured.


Backstory/Apps Used: KitCam and Photoforge2





vRkShah by jq gaines

(“Tree” in Sanskrit)


Bob Weil comments: JQ’s images have a characteristic understatement and limited color palette to them. They’re imbued with a certain spiritual quality, even as they often depict the simplest scenes in compelling ways. This pastoral couldn’t seem any more ordinary at first glance, but the wonderful balance between light and dark, and deeply revealed and lightly suggested elements, along with tasteful framing – all combine to invite you to meditate on the scene. 


Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4S + iPad with Lo-Mob, KitCam and ProCreate.




Apps Uncovered Fri 15 Mar 2013

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald


Property Of Brooklyn


Property Of Brooklyn by ShelSerkin

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot with Hipstamatic and edited with Camera+ and Filterstorm.


Friends at the skateboard shop


Friends at the skateboard shop by Gary Gardiner

Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic Tintype Tinto 1884 + D-type Plate + Standard




Feather moon


Feather moon by Lola Mitchell

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone5 & iPad, Blender, Glaze, Hipstamatic, ProCreate + ScratchCam FX + Snapseed



Moving Box Peek


Moving Box Peek by A. Greg Raymond


Backstory/Apps Used: This is a box that should have been packed as we wind down our final days on Sunday Drive. Behind we leave 5 years of childhood discord. With great reservation, my niece huddles within the comforts of her confined parameters and peers out at all that she has grown to know. This little girl holds close to her a passion burning in those eyes, an insatiable curiosity that will never be tamed. She has neatly packed herself away for now but it is only for a short time.


The box in the original capture of this image was riddled with U-Haul verbiage so I began by isolating the box handle in Juxtaposer and saving it as a stamp. The next step was to recreate a cardboard box-like canvas by running a white image through PicGrunger. After saving a few options, I eventually "stamped" the box handle from Juxtaposer back into the image. I then opened Filterstorm to color correct the image and warm up the box. I masked the eyes since I didn’t want them changed. Finally, I opened the image in Laminar Pro and applied a Vintage/Grunge filter, and again removed the effect from the handle and eyes. Lastly, I used the "Lighting Engine" FX to shower some directional light across the picture.



Everyday Folk


Everyday Folk by Sarah Jarrett

Backstory/Apps Used:



Spring Joy


Spring Joy by Tuba Korhan

Backstory/Apps Used: I love hand coloured vintage photos and I try to imitate this method in my work.

Both the flowers and my two different self portraits was taken with Hipstamatic. 

First I match the color tones in Color Thief and then blend them in Superimpose. To give an aged look I used Modern Grunge. After I satisfied with the image in black and white, I coloured it in ArtRage.


Pick a Color


Pick a Color by BLACK EYED SUZY

Backstory/Apps Used: to be confirmed


Spring is on its way



Spring is on its way by Smuta2006


Backstory/Apps Used:  Processed with ClearCam, Laminar Pro, ShockMyPic, Painteresque, Snapseed, Superimpose, Blender, PhotoForge2 for iOS





Untitled by GianlucaRicoveri

Backstory/Apps Used: 6×6, Photogene, Snapseed, PicGrunger and Procreate




3/4 by Lu Guada

Backstory/Apps Used: Blur Fx, Pic Boost, Glaze, Vintage Camera and Pic Grunger







Schoolwork by Brad Ovenell-Carter

Backstory/Apps Used: I really like the speed and resolution on my iPhone 5–I don’t have to worry too much about framing as I can do a lot of cropping and still have a decent sized image. I snapped this one as I walked by a student. I’m pretty sure this is the order in which I manipulated the shot

Snapseed: Crop, then Drama run once with saturation boosted about 80+%, then
Drama run four more times without boosting saturation

Retouch: to get rid of the chair legs near the top of the table

Blur FX:  masked table and girl and used median blur at about 25% on the background

Eyeem: Earl Grey filter





They Might Be Giants?


They Might Be Giants? by aproudlove


Backstory/Apps Used: Apple camera for capture, Snapseed and Image Blender


The image itself was taken in our back yard during a beautiful afternoon in summer last year, it was a glorious day, lots of sunshine, nice clouds etc and I was outside with the kids photographing them and the clouds. This particular image came about by chance, I was lying on the blanket with my son crawling and jumping on my back and Ellie was standing directly in front of me. I thought it looked like an interesting shot, so took the picture but initially discarded it and so it was sitting on my camera roll for a long time. 

Recently I was going through and reviewing images and released that I kept coming back to this one and so decided that I may have been too hasty in my initial judgment and dusted it off.



I loaded the image first into Snapseed and applied about a 20-25% drama filter to it and then tweaked the ambience a little, around 15% I think. I was then playing with the colour in tune image and retrolux but wasn’t really happy with the results and so I tried converting it to Black and White, which looked better.

I don’t remember the exact settings I used, I believe I left the filter on neutral and applied the green gel.

From there I went into details and bumped up the structure, I think around 20% again.

After reviewing it a bit more, I realised that the light and shadow needed a little more punch but only in certain areas, so I went into selective adjust and added points to the shadow on the legs and the light on the grass and in each case either decreased or increased the brightness slightly.

Once that was done I saved.

The image looked almost done at this stage but original sky was blown out, due to me taking the original picture as a snapshot and not exposing for the highlights but to be fair, I was being beaten up by three kids, so getting a steady, well exposed shot wouldn’t have been easy 🙂

Luckily for me, I had some pictures of clouds that Id taken on the same day a few minutes earlier and almost from the same position, so I loaded the cloud images into Snapseed and applied the same process to the image as I did for the feet to make sure it looked consistent, so drama, conversion to B+W, little detail and then saved.

From there I went into Image Blender but I honestly don’t know why, as these days I spend most of my time in Photoshop Touch and usually use that for blending but for whatever reason I went into Blender.

Initially I loaded the clouds as the background image and the feet as the foreground with the intention of just erasing the blown out sky or blending it out with one of the blend modes but the position of the clouds was wrong, so I swapped the images around, positioned the clouds where I wanted them and then erased the parts I didn’t need.





Apps Uncovered Fri 6 Mar 2013

selected by Bob Weil



Rocker Artist by Sarah Jarrett


Comment from Bob Weil: The unstoppable Sarah Jarrett has developed a style all her own, and has made epic use of self-portraits to depict an amazing array of characters (I’m reminded of her Cool Britannia series). Wonderful energy in this piece, with lovely textures and colors.

Backstory/Apps Used: Superimpose, Procreate, Glaze, Miracam With most of my portraits I work on the head on its own first in Procreate so that I can build up the digital painting and drawing on top of the photographic image. I like to do this so that I can get a lot of detail into the face. I then join it back onto the body in Superimpose and collage in other elements. I used Glaze filters to get some looser, more broken up versions of the original and sandwiched these with the original in Superimpose. I kept the detail in the face but let the body and guitar become more vague. I added textures from an old school exercise book. I wanted the portrait to be strong and confrontational but with an underlying feeling of distance. Final textures were added in Miracam.




Underground and Undetected


Underground and Undetected by Janine Graf


Comment from Bob Weil: Janine’s zoo-on-the-run series brings a smile at the end (or start) of a long day. So full of whimsy, often with a clever title and clever integration of animals into an otherwise normal scene – like this one. Taking a bit of a swipe at street photography by adding some serendipity to the scene.

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed




Growing Apart


Growing Apart by Ali Jardine


Comment from Bob Weil: Just a classic back country road scene with your everyday, big, gnarled and dead tree. Love the choice of antiquing here because it so matches the ambiance of the setting. 

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed




Waves Become Wings (Sebastian & The Sea Series)


Waves Become Wings Artist by Millo Salgado


Comment from Bob Weil: Milo has captured his son in some of the most amazing water scenes in recent months, one of which won received honors at the recent Mobile Photo Awards. This one is no exception. The sinewy arc of the wave has indeed caught up the boy like a wing, and the colors and textures of the scene are amazing.

Backstory/Apps Used: This is my son. I took the shot with the hipstamatic camera and processed using only Snapseed. It is shot in Playa Miramar, in Colima, Mexico.



The smoker man.



The smoker by Mario Lima 77



Comment from Bob Weil: Mario is comparative newcomer to iPhoneography Central, and this street shot captures an extraordinary face with an expression that draws you in. What does this man do for a living? What sort of life has he led? He looks to be a modern day Edgar Allan Poe; as though he might a more at ease in a cravat and leggings and a long coat and tails from two centuries past.

Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken with the ProCamera app and edited with Snapseed only.




Byzantium Sleeps


Byzantanium Sleeps by Benamon Tame


Comment from Bob Weil: Benamon builds some of the most amazing imagery from disparate elements, but this is a look that I don’t find typical of his style – but I like it a lot. Subdued colors and rich textures – and literary reference thrown in. What’s not to like? Benamon is also one of the artists featured in our upcoming book (see above).  

Backstory/Apps Used: BlurFX, KyoobikFX, Dali Camera, Juxtaposer, Blender, PictureShow, Iris PhotoSuite, MosaicArtist and Snapseed.


Il primo sole di primavera.


Il primo sole di primavera by Camelo Eramo

Comment from Bob Weil: This is the first time I believe I’ve seen Carmelo’s work, and I hope he’ll be back with more. What a sense of longing and expectation inhabits this image – the old man, enjoying a bit of sun, perhaps hoping someone he knows will appear at the end of the lane and will greet him enthusiastically. But he knows no one will – all of his friends have died before him. It’s just him now, and the sun.

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone5 + Camera+ and Lightroom


Don't Think Twice It's Alright


Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright by Mutablend  


Comment from Bob Weil: Mutablend has been an iPC regular for some time now, but this image represents a stylistic departure for him. More in the street photography vein, this image still has some of the trademark surreality with the addition of the rain drops. Altogether, it makes for a very melancholy scene.

Backstory/Apps Used: Taken under a plastic umbrella




Waiting by dmirn23


Comment from Bob Weil: A great whimsical shot, wonderfully sepia toned – it asks the all-important question: why does the little girl have two different shoes on? It says so much about the vulnerability of childhood and the challenges of doing the simplest things "right."


Backstory/Apps Used: 645 Pro, Vintique & Snapseed




Looking at Hopper's paint


Looking at Hopper’s paint by Freaky shot 

Comment from Bob Weil: There are several things that make this shot – no attempt to center the image, the hat on the observer that really seems to place him in the era of the Hopper image, and in turn seems to render him as a voyeur looking through the window at the scene taking place before him, rather than as a visitor to an art gallery.


Backstory/Apps Used: I used Hipstamatic with this combo : Lens Jane and film Ina’s 1982 without flash and Pixlromatic to find another "texture".





Seeking Order Amongst the Chaos by David Ingraham

Comment from Bob Weil: David Ingraham, another contributing artist in our book, has a way of taking street photography a step further. He adds perspective-defying elements and does some minor tonal corrections that lend the scene a sense of the surreal. This shot is not different, except that it looks like the background was part of the original shot. The counterpoint of the seemingly tense expression on the man’s face in the foreground contrasts with the regular and otherwise soothing geometric shapes in the background, creating a very interesting, and trademark tension to his work. 


Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, BlurFX, Image Blender, and Mextures.


Memento Mori


Memento Mori by Luxtra 


Comment from Bob Weil: "Bunchadogs and Susan" commented on Elaine’s image and said it better than I could: ‘You’ve captured the beauty of death in a jar. Gorgeous.’ Lovely muted colors and textures complete the effect. Elaine has also contributed a tutorial to our book.

Backstory/Apps Used: Cortex Cam + Snapseed + Glaze + Filterstorm + DistressedFX





Bergfest by Pirmin Föllmi


Comment from Bob Weil: Nicki and I recently invited Pirmin to submit his fantastic landscapes to the group, and this has his trademark lighting, color and texture. This is the sort of image I’d love to see on a really large print. 

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed




Apps Uncovered Fri 1 Mar 2013


Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald




Unique by Paula Gardener

Backstory: My daughter Faith has those most outgoing personality, full of confidence and joy. So photographing her is always a blast. She had just styled her hair in this extreme punk afro look, which she wanted to document. So after a few captured moments we chose two that we liked, this was one of them.

Technique and apps used:I shot these images with the iPhone 5 native camera, then using my favourite post editing app Snapseed. I changed the image to black and white, cropped out any unwanted background distractions. While finally blurring the edges to project more focus on her face using the tilt shift menu.



Little Man


Little Man by Petyr Campos


Backstory/Apps Used: 1. Shot with Pure Shot, 2. Took into Dynamic Light and applied the Overcooked HDR" filter 3. Then took into Laminar and applied the Photo/fx/Bleach Bypass filter





Self-Portrait I


Self-Portrait by Frederique Bellec 


Backstory/Apps Used: Edited with Snapseed, Filterstorm, Superimpose and ScratchCam First attempt at self-portrait – inspired by The Complete Photographer book



Down Town


Down Town by Michael Hill (frankensinatra)


Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 5 + To be confirmed




Right! You gonna give me vat chip, or not, ay?! Coz me and me mates ere, are gunna, weez gunna, show you wot for if ya downt. (Chips were promptly provided.. No humans were injured in the shooting of this photograph)  iPhone photo & edit  手机摄影师, 澳洲的艺术家. #


Title: Kool & the Gang by matt.glastonbury


Backstory/Apps Used: This image recently received an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Mobile Photography Awards under the Beach Life category. The photo was taken with ProCamera app (other’s I’ve tested that do this very well are: KitCam, PureShot, TopCamera, Camera+, ProCam) which I pre-locked on an object at approximately 50cm distance from the iPhone, then tried to entice the birds to come within 40-50cm for an in-focus shot. If they moved, I would try to move the phone to keep that distance and focus. At such close ranges the Depth of Field is quite short so it’s important to move the phone accordingly. I used Snapseed and Filterstorm just to improve the overall tones, expecially the mid-tones. It was sunset and the birds belly’s were quite dark. Oh, haha, and, It’s imprtant to note that I used cold potato chips/fries to entice the little guys closer while holding the phone in the other hand.


Human after all


Human after all by Cedric Blanchon 

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed




Man at Window


Man at Window by Anne Highfield


Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken in Pro HDR, then processed with Snapseed, Touch Retouch, Textures +, and finally the chameleon filter from Flickr.



Lets Dance


Let’s Dance by Sarah Jarrett


Backstory/Apps Used: Procreate, Superimpose, Glaze, Miracam I love to create the feeling of a story within an image. Many of my portraits depict women with facades and masks and an underlying sadness and emptyness underneath. I am interested in exploring our enduring obsession with beauty but also in suggesting it is a mask and that beauty is fleeting and fades. In this image I wanted the woman to seem isolated , dressed up to dance but partnerless and alone. Sad but beautiful. I wanted it to have echoes of vintage and the 1950s. Giving her two right arms adds to the slightly surreal and dream like feel of the picture.


Admin Prep Complete!


Admin Prep Complete! by Manny0911

Backstory/Apps Used: I used Hipstamatic.From there, like all my other shots I go straight to Snapseed and crop out the original frame, add the drama filter and then center focus. The next step was to upload it in PhotoForge2, used the PopCam option and randomized till something caught my eye. Then finally, I uploaded the pic under Snapseed one more time and sharpened the shot just a slight bit.


Smells Like Summer


Smells Like Summer (La Boquita, Manzanillo, México 2012 by Millo Salgado

Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, Lo-Mob and Camera+


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