Apps Uncovered June 2012

This gallery features a handful of selections of the outstanding iPhoneography published on the iPC Flickr group and elsewhere on the internet. The aim of the gallery is to show the very best of the wide variety of iPhone, iPad and iTouch art and photography. The artists are also asked to reveal the apps and workflows used in creating their amazing iPhone photographs and art which is detailed beneath each image. Click on any image to see more of the artist’s work. For a chance to be included in this weekly gallery, please join the iPC Flickr group. Please be sure to add the process/Apps you used in order to be included in the group. Thank you.

Please add your apps used: Thank you all once again for your wonderful submissions. I am afraid it’s taking me ages to publish Apps Uncovered partly because of chasing artists for the Apps. Even though artists all respond really quickly,(thank you) and I know it’s a probably a real pain to do it, it is a lot of extra work for me so unfortunately I am going to be really strict and leave great works of iPhoneography out if the apps/processing aren’t mentioned either in the title, description or tags so please, please add your apps 🙂 Thank you  –Nicki–



Apps Uncovered Friday 1 June 2012


This week Apps Uncovered is chosen by iPC’s very own iPC partner Bob Weil. You may have seen Bob’s name popping up fairly regularly on iPC and elsewhere in iPhoneography circles. A talented iPhoneographer in his own right, Bob’s contribution to sharing his creative thinking and iPhoneography techniques in such intense detail is second to none and I am thrilled to have him work with me on iPC and share his selections for Apps Uncovered today. 

–Nicki Fitz-Gerald–


For me, photography of any kind is first and foremost about composition – does the image pass the “blur” test (if I squint, is the piece still intriguing?). But I would be lying if I said that technique and concept (artifice) don’t play a part. With the best work, the approach is always in the service of the subject or message and never an "add on." Still, at the end of the day, any selection process is subjective, more about the person choosing than the pieces chosen. 

–Bob Weil–


Title: Houston we have lift-off

Artist: Carlein van der Beek

Device/Apps/Info: Instant110 + Squareready + Awesome + Pixlromatic + Superimpose



Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  ~  Auerbach


Title: Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  ~  Auerbach

Artist: Sarida

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Camera+ + Photogene2 



Cat on Sukhumvit Road


Title: Olav Njaastad

Artist: Cat on Sukhumvit Road

Device/Apps/Info: "Cat on Sukhumvit Road" has been treated in Snapseed, the app I use the most. I have used a filter named "Drama 1", mainly to enhances contrasts. The filter also takes down color information. 


The scene is already quite "monochrome" as shot, so not to lose the colors completely and not to boost them I have saturated carefully. 


After this I have used sharpening, about 22 – 23% and cropped away the leg of a green plastic chair on the right side of the frame by the white plastic bowl. I have not treated selective areas of the picture.





Title: Masked

Artist: Roger Guetta


iphone4 + TouchUp + ImageBlender + Snapseed + ScratchCam + PhotoTexture





Title: Image.

Artist: Silvia Vincenzi

Device/Apps/Info: Taken with Hipstamatic then post-produced with Snapseed.





Title: • • iphone only

Artist: Alexey Ovsyannikov

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Iris + BlurFX + Spica + SlowShutterCam + Blender + BigLens + Pixlromatic + FilterStorm + Juxtaposer + ScratchCam + Camera Magic + Camera Awesome + PhotoFX + maybe something else 😉



Fragile 2


Title: Fragile 2

Artist: Lindsey Thompson

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Skina Macro lens + Lomora2





Title: "Be ever engaged, so that when the devil calls he may find you occupied." — St. Jerome.

Artist: David Ingraham

Device/Apps/Info: Shot in Venice Beach, CA. with Hipstamatic ( John S. lens, BlacKeys Super Grain film ), cropped a bit in Snapseed, as well as increasing the structure and detail in the background, brought into ScratchCam for the toning, and then added the "Thin Black" frame from Camera+.



View from the train


Title: View from the train

Artist: Mel Harrison

Device/Apps/Info: Taken in 6×6 in moku hanga and Photocopier



Man from Oñate


Title: Man from Oñate

Artist: Ella Clarke

Device/Apps/Info: This image was taken as I was in the passenger seat of a car while driving through a village here in Northern Spain. I saw the man from a distance walking down the street and knew I wanted to try and take his picture, there was just something about him! As we drove by I managed to get a few shots. For the processing, it was just a simple mix of blurfx, scratchcam and photo toaster. 


Approaching Eclipse Over a Garden



Title: Approaching Eclipse Over a Garden

Artist: Lyn Thomson

Device/Apps/Info: For "Approaching Eclipse Over a Garden" I used the following Apps: Percolator, Decim8, AutoPainter II, PhotoCopier and BeFunky. For abstracts I begin with the first two, Percolator and Decim8, so as to distort my original photo. I used BeFunky to crop to square (my usual preference), and again at the end to brighten and frame. In between I used AutoPainter and PhotoCopier for texture and color. Very often I’ll go back and forth between two or three different Apps, again and again until I get the look I want, particularly for texturizing and yet maintaining the desired color. There wasn’t quite as much of that with this image, however, because I wanted to keep the lightness of the ‘sun’ and ‘moon’, also the yummy color in the ‘garden’. 



Different ways



Title: Different ways

Artist: HeyDyna

Device/Apps/Info: I used photogene, juxtaposer, picfx and texture+.


Me & My Shadow


Title: Me and my Shadow

Artist: Bryan Pahia

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + 6×7 + PerfectlyClear + Snapseed + VsoCam





Title: Flamenco

Artist: Shel Serkin

Device/Apps/Info: "Flamenco" was shot with Hipstamatic and processed on Filterstorm.



Dancing Feet


Title: Dancing Feet

Artist: Photogenix Lincoln

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + Camera+ + ScratchCam 




Title: 2012-141

Artist: Norma Tub

Device/Apps/Info: 645Pro





Title: Downtown L.A.

Artist: David Ingraham

Device/Apps/Info: Hipstamatic ( John S. and BlacKeys Super grain ) , Snapseed and PhotoCopier.



Underpass, Waterloo Bridge



Title: Underpass, Waterloo Bridge

Artist: David Chapman

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone + to be confirmed





Title: @Shinjuku#141

Artist: Subway666

Device/Apps/Info: iPhone4 + Lomora2(R/B Film), BlurFX, PhotoForge2(pop!cam:lens,film and filters)

Coming of age. (My son Dylan)


Title: Coming of age. (My son Dylan)

Artist: Sean Hayes

Device/Apps/Info:I really wanted the eyes to ‘pop’, so I had a clear intention from the start. I shot the image with the 6×6 app. I used Filterstorm to crop, scale, auto expose and sharpen. In Camera+ I used the clarity/HDR tools to accentuate as much detail as possible. Photofx (paint tool) to clean up the white background. Then in Snapseed, I used tilt-shift to give a shallow depth of feel. Then back to Photofx to turn the image into B&W (oldphoto/Kallitype). I used Blender to merge the colour and B&W version to soften the values and then Monochromia for final B&W.



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