Apps Uncovered July 20 2012

Apps Uncovered Friday 20 July
NEW RULES – Apps must be listed 🙂
Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered. Unfortunately due to the amount of time this feature takes each week, iPC will now only be selecting those outstanding images that have their apps listed (below the image or in the Flickr tags). Further information about the image is, as always) also always welcome. Sorry to have to be super strict, and of course it means that sometimes some exceptional work won’t be selected unless the apps are listed. Thanks as always for sharing your work on iPC Flickr group.
once upon a time, long, long ago...
Title: once upon a time, long, long ago…
Artist: Carlein van der Beek
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Lomora2 + MagicHour + PictureShow
Take my hand.
Title: Take my hand.
Artist: Malcome Brumet
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + PXL + VscoCam + Snapseed + Juxtaposer
A как первая любовь... / Three Loves
Title: A как первая любовь… / Three Loves
А как первая любовь, она сердце жжёт,
а вторая любовь, она к первой льнёт,
ну, а третья любовь, ключ дрожит в замке,
ключ дрожит в замке, чемодан в руке.
A как первая любовь…
- Булат Окуджава
The first love runs like the wind, trembling with anticipation
The second love knows life and sneers at that first one
But the third love – the key key trembles in the lock, briefcase clutched in hand.
Artist: Bob Weil
Apps Used/Backstory: Multiple images shot on an iPhone 4s and processed / layered / blended using Photoshop Touch, Laminar, Fotor and Photogene2 on an iPad 2.
Title: Upflowcha (more painted Crete)
Artist: Tony DeMartile
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Photoforge2 + PictFX
Midnight Rain
Title: Midnight Rain
Artist: Elizabeth Spectator
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + PhotoToaster + Juxtapose + Snapseed + Luminance + CameraAwesome + ShockMyPic + Hipstamatic; Helga-Viking + BlankoFreedom + Jolly RainboFlash
A fresh coat of paint is in order - Explored
Title: A fresh coat of paint is in order
Artist: Jennifer Bracewell
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + Snapseed + Blender + Decim8 + Superimpose + ScratchCam
the silent speaker
Title: the silent speaker
Artist: Carlein van der Beek
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Squareready + PhotoToaster + Pixlromatic + Superimpose
Title: Untitled
Artist: Clay Butch Benskin
Apps Used/Backstory:  iPhone + ProCamera(to shoot) + Snapseed(to edit)
Title: Rebels.
Artist: Scott A Woodward
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Instagram + Toaster
Beauty of Color
Title: Beauty of Color
Artist: Susan Blase
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot on IPhone. PicFx and Pixlromatic apps.
Sunlit Space
Title: Sunlit Space
Artist: Luxtra
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + iPad + Hipstamatic + Snapseed + iColorama
Title: “Indifference” 
Artist: Renzo Grande Photography
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Instagram
One Woman
Title: One Woman
Artist: Roger Guetta
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + TouchUp + Snapseed + ProCamera + PicGrunger + ImageBlender 
Violet and the rock pool
Title: Violet and the rock pool
Artist: simonrsparks
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + I took the shot in 645 Pro and downloaded the TIFF file to my computer before transferring it back over again using Photo Transfer App (a ridiculous process, but the only way of getting a full size photo back onto the iPhone). I tried various apps to get the black and white tones i wanted – Noir (which is still not saving at full res), Snapseed, etc. – but ended up liking best the results I got from the underused and undersupported Swankolab. I used one shot of Noir Fixer and then two drops of the BL95 Vignette. I think I liked the effect from Swankolab best because of this last effect: the vignette drops in Swankolab don’t just darken the edges of the photograph; they also lighten the center, and since it was a bit dark around her face to begin with that worked out just fine.
BIRDS AND KEIO HEAVY METAL BUILDING #photoofthday #iphonrgraphy #iphone4 #instagood #instamood #instagram #ig #igers #bw #streetphotography #tokyo #webstagram #pop #street #iphonesia
Artist: Shuji Tsukamoto
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + instagram 
Bar Fly
Title: Bar Fly
Artist: Aaron Davis 
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot, edited and shared on iPhone. Apps used – Camera+, Snapseed, ScratchCam, and Iris.
•Alone in twilight desert• Camera+. Post process: Snapseed (tune), ScratchCam+Decim (colours+texture), BlurFX, TouchRetouch (tune), Photogene
Title: •Alone in twilight desert•
Artist: Yuriy Leskiv
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot with Camera+
Post process: Snapseed (tune), ScratchCam+Decim8 (colours+texture), BlurfFX, TouchRetouch(tune), Photogene
City slicker
Title: City slicker, Midtown Manhattan NY
Artist: yammay
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Iris Photo Suite + PictureShow
Retro on the metro
Title: Midtown Manhattan NY (Q-Train, Brooklyn NY
Artist: yammay
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Noir
No chance to meet you in this rain
Title: No chance to meet you in this rain
Artist: Yuriy Leskiv
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Slowshutter + Superimpose + Filterstorm + TouchRetouch
Title: Reminisce
Artist: Edi Caves
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Camera+ BlurFX + AutoGarfitti + Popsicolor + Blender
perception 06
Title: perception 06 
Artist: Francesco X
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + 6×6 + Textifyit + JuxtaPoser + VintageScene + PicFX + PhotoForge2 
The Judge
Title: The Judge 
Artist: Tracy J Thomas
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot with iPhone 4. Apps used: vintage cam, camera+, perfectlyclr, pixlromatic, juxtaposer, scratchcam
Part of The Scourge series
shadow of gaming boy
Title: shadow of gaming boy
Artist: Jun Yamaguchi
Apps Used/Backstory: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+photoforge 2+scratchcam fx+dxp+pictureshow
back of old man
Title: back of old man
Artist: Jun Yamaguchi
Apps Used/Backstory: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+photoforge 2+scratchcam fx
No._0701f   iPhone4+SnapSeed+PicFrame+PicFx+iDesign+PictureShow+Phonto+ImageBlender
Title: No._0701f
Artist: Lynette Jackson
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4+SnapSeed+PicFrame+PicFx+iDesign+PictureShow+Phonto+ImageBlender


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