Apps Uncovered Jan 2013

This weekly gallery features 12 of the most outstanding iPhoneography submitted to the iPC Flickr group and elsewhere on the internet. The aim of the gallery is to show the very best of the wide variety of iPhone, iPad and iTouch art and photography. The artists are also asked to reveal the apps and workflows used in creating their amazing iPhone photographs and art which is detailed beneath each image. Click on any image to see more of the artist’s work. For a chance to be included in this weekly gallery, please join the iPC Flickr group and remember to add the process/Apps you used in order to be considered. Thank you.

Apps Uncovered Fri 25 January 2013
Selected by Bob Weil
Title: Kiss.
Artist: Lydia Tan
Backstory/Apps used:  To be confirmed
Title: Isolate
Artist: Ade Santora
Backstory/Apps used:  Photo taken and edited on iphone3gs, apps: Huesless cam, Superimpose, Vignettr, Afterglow, Snapseed, Photo Power.
Looking for Yves Tanguy
Title: Looking for Yves Tanguy
Artist: Chad Rankin (sirreal)
Backstory/Apps used:  To be confirmed
Sweet heart
Title: Sweet heart
Artist: Sarah Jarrett
Apps used: Superimpose + ProCreate + Glaze + Miracam

I never plan any of my portraits. I always start in Superimpose and I take one of the images in my Camera Roll and begin to try combining it with parts of other pictures. Often I change the scales of parts of the face to create distortion – my favourite being the eyes, making one bigger than the other or both eyes the same so they look strange. As the portrait begins to develop I move it into Procreate and I digitally paint and draw on top of the image I have built. This is my favourite and most creatively satisfying part of the process. I spend a long time working in this way. When I am happy with the artwork I use a Glaze filter and combine it with the painted one in Superimpose. At this point I also added the old typewriter letter through parts of the portrait. I use Miracam to add more texture to the image and finish with Laminar to tweak colours, curves and contrast. The apps I have listed are my staple toolbox for most of my work. At the moment I am beta testing a new painting app that is absolutely brilliant and I am really excited about the results it can help create. It’s going to be great. 
Spoon and Fork
Title: Spoon and Fork – Study Series: Reflections/Shadows
Artist: JQ Gaines
Backstory/Apps used: iPhone4S + iPad + ProCreate + Plastic Bullet + iColorama + Lo-Mob 
Ballerina No.4
Title: Ballerina No.4
Artist: Petyr Campos
Backstory/Apps used: Hipstamatic: Tinto 1884 lens> d type film
Taking up residence
Title: Taking up residence
Artist: Bongwaterjoe
Backstory/Apps used:  To be confirmed
she did not think this one through
Title: she did not think this one through (she did not think this one through – (Her friend made it look so easy. And now she knows for certain the giraffes cannot be trusted.)
Artist: Janine Graf
Backstory/Apps used: iPhone 4S + Juxtaposer + ArtRage + ModernGrunge + Snapseed
At Wheatfen
Title: At Wheatfen
Artist: Sarah Jarrett
Backstory/Apps used: Dynamic Light + Modern Grunge + ShockMyPic + Superimose + Laminar
Title: Settled
Artist: Maryjane Sarvis
Backstory/Apps used:  645pro, shock, snapseed, image blender, toaster
The Architect
Title: The Architect
Artist: Lola Mitchell
Backstory/Apps used: iPhone5 +  Elasticam + Hipstamatic + KitCam + ScratchCam + Superimpose + Snapseed
I walk on your shore
Title: I walk your shore
Artist: Margot Kenny
Backstory/Apps used: The apps I used for it were Snapseed, Decim8, Pixromatic and Juxtaposer.


It is two photographs blended. One was an empty room in a museum where I went to see an art exhibition, the other was a dog on the beach near where I live. But I was thinking about something I found very frightening happening in my life at that time, as if I had accidentally entered another world that I was not sure if I wanted to be in…and the photo just came spontaneously out of that feeling. 
camelia japonica
Title: camelia japonica
Artist: francesco X
Backstory/Apps used: iPhoneCam + PictureShow + ArtistaOil 
Beyond the sleep
Title: Beyond the sleep
Artist: Llubaluft
Backstory/Apps used:To be confirmed
Portrait of a (Young) Lady.
Title: Title: Portrait of a Young Lady
Artist: Scott A. Woodward
Apps used: Lo-Mob
Background Information: This past summer I spent three magnificent weeks in Ontario, Canada with my family, including my three young nieces — Carissa (5 years old), Brooke (6 years old) and Paige (8 years old) — who were in the midst of a joyful, carefree childhood summer. It was magical for me to behold their boundless energy, marvel at their imagination, share in their wonder and indulge their curiousity. On this visit I abandoned my DSLR and instead carried my iPhone with me everywhere I went with the girls, making snapshots of the experiences we enjoyed together: running through the sprinkler, riding a ferris wheel, building a homemade camera, taking a sunset stroll, picking flowers, eating birthday cake, climbing on monkey bars, colouring pictures, leaping off swings… This portrait of Brooke in her backyard is part of a series titled "The Endless Summer" scottawoodward.com/blog/iphoneography/the-end less-summer/ that I made while in Canada, each photograph rendered how I chose to witness every moment I shared with the girls — inquisitively, spontaneously and lovingly — through the tiny lens of my iPhone camera. My nieces are too young to understand how ephemeral these times are. Ironically, it is their innocence that provides me the perspective and desire to document, capture and preserve a handful of the fleeting moments that make up the endless summers of their childhood.
The actor's outerwear angst
Title: The actor’s outerwear angst (Who can resist a muddy raincoat in the woods?)
Artist: unruly_e
Backstory/Apps used: iPhone5 + KitCam
This image had its start on Facebook as a response to an invite from Jamie Stewart. I wanted to create something up his style alley while retaining my own skew on the world. I dug up an old, muddy raincoat and hung it in a tree, ala Jamie, and then went to work on a more ‘Ruly form. 
The original, single coat-in-a-tree was shot using hipsta’s tintype lens and film. I used TouchRetouch to clean up some of the tell-tale TT features, Filterstorm to boost the color on the coat and to flip/duplicate/place the background coat. I then came back over the whole thing with a light touch of a Cameraawesome algo (since CA doesn’t have a way to control the weight of the application of the texture, this can be accomplished out-of-app by blending back in Filterstorm).

Apps Uncovered Fri 18 January 2013
Selected by Andy Royston
This week iPC is delighted to welcome Florida based Fine art iPhoneographer Andy Royston. Designer, mobile photographer, iPhoneographer, 4G artist and self confessed beach bum Andy is a long term veteran of iPhoneography and is well-known in the community for his stunning beach shots. It’s no suprise that he was asked to judge the "beach" category for The Mobile Photo Awards (winners announced next week) and of course Andy is a natural choice for an iPC Apps Uncovered guest selector. Here are his 12 picks of outstanding iPhoneography this week chosen from the iPC Flickr Group.
Artist: dkenzooooo
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4S + Snapseed + Decim8 + Rainydaze
 nine eggs
Title: nine eggs
Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic + Blender + Kaleidacam + Snapseed + Retouch + iColorama!
 Shake The Disease (version2)
Title: Shake The Disease (version2)
Project 365: Looking For The Lost Self
inspired by the lyrics of Martin Gore
Artist: Michelle Robinson
Backstory/Apps Used: The image is part of my Creative 365 Project run on Google+ by Takahiro Yamamoto. My project is called: Project 365: Looking For the Lost Self. 
The Apps I used are ProCamera + Snapseed + PS Express + Modern Grunge + Glaze + image Blender + Pixlr-o-matic

The Supplication.  Fallen from grace.  A desperate cry for  the light.
Title: The Supplication. Fallen from grace. A desperate cry for the light.
Artist: VeronicainMo(By The Twilight)
Backstory/Apps Used: Snapseed + Blender + Noir + BlurFX + PhotoFX Ultra

Title: Melodie
Artist: Nico Brons
Backstory/Apps Used: DXP + Filterstorm + MokuHD

self portrait
Title: self portrait
Artist: cedric blanchon
Backstory/Apps Used: I used shakeltphoto, colorsplash, collagepro, phototoaster and lomob.

Ascending current
Title: Ascending current
Artist: Bo Terasawa
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone5 native cam + Snapseed + Camera+ +Tiny Planets + Blender + LensLight + Rays

The Memory of the Albino Groundhog
Title: The Memory of the Albino Groundhog
Artist: Marie Matthews
Backstory/Apps Used: Edited with Photoshop touch, iPhoto, Procreate, Photofx, ImageBlender

Mystic Cowboy
Title: Mystic Cowboy
Artist: Roger Guetta
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited on an iPhone 4s

Dystonic Storm
Title: Dystonic Storm
Artist: Valerigail4
Backstory/Apps Used: Self portrait. I have Dystonia, a neurological muscle disorder. My muscles spasm and tremor, pulling my body into painful postures. At times, the condition inflames all at once with a large amount of muscle spasms, fatigue and pain usually sending me to bed for a few days. We call this a Dystonic Storm. During my storms, my facial muscles twitch and spasm uncontrollably. This edit is my abstract interpretation of such a storm, created as therapy during an episode.
Apps: Hipstamatic Jane/tinto d, decim8, photoforge popcam, photo tada twice, juxtaposer, phototoaster for texture, snapseed retrolux, and pixlr express, iwatermark

Title: Escape
Artist: Alexey Ovsyannikov
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4 + Pixlr-o-matic + TinyPlanets + BubbleFrame + FlowPaper + Filterstorm + PhotoCrashPRO + Decim8 + Superimpose + Mextures + PicFX + Lenslight

Lady Helen
Title: LadyHelen
Artist: Alison Pistohl (OliveCharlene)
Backstory/Apps Used: Taken and edited on iPhone 4.
Apps Used: Camera+, Hipstamatic, Juxtaposer, Superimpose, ArtRage, Decim8, Blender, Snapseed, MonoVu, Glaze
Part of a series titled "Last Of The Paper Dolls"

A big thankyou to Andy for being our guest selector this week. You can see Andy’s stunning work here by following the links below


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ftlauderdalesun

Apps Uncovered Fri 11 January 2013
Selected by Bob Weil
No._3003 SnapSeed+ImageBlender+Phonto+VSCOcam
Title: No._3003
Artist: Lynette Jackson
Backstory/Apps Used: Snapseed + ImageBlender + Phonto + VSCOcam
Study Of An Idea At The Brink Of Becoming A Concept
Title: Study Of An Idea At The Brink Of Becoming A Concept
Artist: Roger Guetta
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited on an iPhone 4s, Image Blender + Montage + Snapseed + Photo texture + PhotoForge + TouchUp + Typewriter
Just so
Title: Just so
Artist: Albion Harrison-Naish
Backstory/Apps Used: Ducking through the heart of back street Newtown on our way to Enmore, I bypass the gorgeous old church and grave yard all bathed in the evening sun as I am really cutting it fine now. So the remaining shots really are all taken ‘on the run’ so to speak. But I like the stillness and almost sculpted shapes of this bench and tree with wall.
Apps: iPhone4 + Hipstamatic>John S Lens>BlacKeys SuperGrain Film
Title: Untitled
Artist: Tal Shafik
Backstory/Apps Used: Snapseed + VSCOcam
The Pacific
Title: The Pacific
Artist: Jorge Femat Solis
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edit on iPhone 4.
Apps used: Camera+ – Snapseed – VSCO Cam
Title: Untitled
Artist: Smififteen
Backstory/Apps Used: This was a house I was viewing as a prospective buyer. The reason it was up for sale is because, sadly, the elderly occupant had recently died. There was still some of their clothes and possessions around the house, including the shoes in the photo. They had been placed carefully beneath the chair no doubt as part of a nightly routine. I found it quite moving.
App editing: Cropped and converted to B&W in Snapseed.
Border added in Camera+.
Title: Changes
Artist: Ali Jardine
Backstory/Apps Used: 3Dphoto + juxtaposer + Camera+ + Lenslight
Anatomy of a murder
Title: Anatomy of a murder
Artist: Clint Cline
Backstory/Apps Used: Murder, it is said, begins in the heart. Only then does the hand grasp an implement to break the whole of another’s life into the pieces of tragedy.
Backstory/Apps Used:  iColorama, Hipstamatic, Rollage, Snapseed, Superimpose, Pixlromatic
bowing at the feet of a charlatan
Title: bowing at the feet of a charlatan
Artist: Jennifer Bracewell
Backstory/Apps Used: iColorama + Brushes + Filterstorm + ScratchCam + Phonto
We are only objects that are used and thrown
Title: We are only objects that are used and thrown
Artist: Cedric Blanchon
Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed
Title: Rapunzel
Artist: Millo Sagado
Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic + Snapseed
Bright Ideas Come in 3's
Title: Bright Ideas Come in 3’s by w_stairs
Artist: Wayman
Backstory/Apps Used: Snapseed + FX Photostudio + Toonpaint + Fluid FX + Juxtaposer + ScratchCam + LensLight + FilterStorm
Backstory and editing process
My process for this picture starts out like most, late night apping accompanied by music blasting in my headphones, usually 90’s Alternative or Dubstep. I like to just zone out and have fun with my apps to unwind at the end of the day after the kids are asleep! I usually start off with my base image first.
I put a picture of an open field that I took while on a bike ride (when I take most of my pics) into Snapseed and increased saturation. Then I put that into Toonpaint and saved as b&w. Then I threw both of those into blender to combine the two to add a little texture. Then on to Fx Photo Studio to add blur to taste. I saved it, then added color charcoal sketch. Then I put those to into blender and combined them for more texture.
I took a picture of Shaver Lake into Fluid FX to pull and twist to make the river. I repeated the Toonpaint/Blender technique I used on background. Then on to Juxtaposer and added in the water, elephants, my son, lightbulbs, shadows,clock, outlets and hand/hose….Most of which are previously saved stamps. ,From there I went back and forth between lens light and juxtaposer to add lights to the lightbulbs and take out that darn little glare it adds!
Then I went back and forth between Snapseed/ Filterstorm/ Juxtaposer to add structure, sharpen and drama. 

Apps Uncovered Fri 4 January 2013 – A very happy New Year from iPC!
Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald
 Making waves
Artist: Paula Gardener
Backstory/Apps Used: During our family holiday in Egypt, my husband was splashing around in shallow waters with the kids. That’s when I visualised the perfect photograph, however the iPhone 5 and water isn’t a good mix. So I asked him to crouch down in the water then dive up simulating a swimming stroke. I would then capture him quickly and turn before he landed. Well after four or five takes and a slightly wet iPhone, I got this image. Call it mad or just obsessive, an iPhone I can be replaced. However that day, the laughs and fun, that crazy moment, is another story for my family album of memories. I used the iPhone 5 native camera to capture the image and Snapseed to change it to B&W for a bit more drama.
Mike Victor Bravo 5ive
Title: Mike Victor Bravo 5ive
Artist: Joel Adam
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited with iPhone 4; Hipstamatic – John S lens w/ BlacKeys Supergrain (probably my fav hipsta combination) 
FXPhotostudio – quick crop of pesky borders
Snapseed – slight touch of "Drama", sharpening and detail, and center focus on subject.
The Conversation
Title: The Conversation
Artist: Marie Matthews
Backstory/Apps Used: Edited with iPhoto, Superimpose, Snapseed
No._3002 SnapSeed+ImageBlender+Phonto+Retouch</div>
Title: No._3002
Artist: Lynette Jackson
Backstory/Apps Used: SnapSeed+ImageBlender+Phonto+Retouch+VSC Ocam
Title: Wrap
Artist: Ade Santora
Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken and edit on iphone3gs, apps: ProCamera, Halftones, TouchRetouch, Foolproof, Noir Photo, Superimpose, IcoloramaS, Photo Power.
Title: Untitled
Artist: _Lna
Backstory/Apps Used: Taken with Hipstamatic then a little edited with Picfx.
If there are any heavens
Title: If there are any heavens (For the title, I pulled out two books of poetry and randomly flipped to a page. I landed on teh same poem in both books on the first opening, so I knew…
Artist: Stephanie Meckfessel
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4S + Hipstamatic + Jane Lens + Blanko Freedom 13 + TouchRetouch + Snapseed
It takes two
Title: It takes two
Hello, ice-fog. Which makes me wonder if birds have de-icing mechanisms like airplanes…
Artist: unruly_e
Backstory/Apps Used: This image was composed and shot in kitcam’s dreamy lens/douglas fir film combo for maximum blown-out frosty wintriness. I then sent the image into tiffen’s photo fx for both sharpening of the road/fence and for a dose of high contrast for the sky. I felt like I had a nice flow for the eye, but decided to give it that cherry-on-top by adding a couple of the birds from distressedfx’s alfred algo. I finished the image with a mix of textures from jazz.
Title: “Mi Abuelita Y Jesus, Mi Tio" San Martin de Porres, Lima – Peru.”
My Grandmother and Jesus, my uncle. I owe the strength of my family to this woman, it is because of her restless effort to always look forwards, never give up, and keep your love ones close that I’m where I’m today.
I took this candid of her while she was telling me stories of things I did when I was 4 yrs old leaving in her house while my parents were studying and working tirelessly towards my future.
She can barely see these days, but her mental strength is intact.
Para mi abuelita Viña, con mucho cariño.
Artist: Renzo Grande
Backstory/Apps Used: I have only used snapseed and applied a orange filter to it.
Electricity Running Through Me
Title: Electricity Running Through Me
Artist: Ali Jardine
Backstory/Apps Used: Blender + Flowpaper + Camera+ + PicFX
Diamond in the Sky
Title: Diamond in the Sky
Artist: Edi Caves
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 4s + Camera+ + VSCO Cam