Apps Uncovered Dec 2012

This weekly gallery features 12 of the most outstanding iPhoneography submitted to the iPC Flickr group and elsewhere on the internet. The aim of the gallery is to show the very best of the wide variety of iPhone, iPad and iTouch art and photography. The artists are also asked to reveal the apps and workflows used in creating their amazing iPhone photographs and art which is detailed beneath each image. Click on any image to see more of the artist’s work. For a chance to be included in this weekly gallery, please join the iPC Flickr group and remember to add the process/Apps you used in order to be considered. Thank you.

Apps Uncovered Fri 28 December 2012 – wishing you all a fantastic iPhoneographic New Year in 2013

selected by Bob Weil



Time was


Title: Time was

Artist: Llubaluft

Backstory/Apps Used: Snapseed + FilterStorm + Pixlr-o-matic


It's all about position


Title: It’s all about position

Artist: Edi Caves

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4S + VscoCam + Camera+



Title: "I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says ‘Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again’." Lewis Carroll

Artist: VeronicainMo

Backstory/Apps Used: This photo was taken with the slow shutter app camera.

I ran it thru noir for high contrast of colors.

Snapeeed retrolux was used for the blue tones.

Blender was used to merge a photo of tree tops I took that same day.

I finished with Snowdaze for the snow effect.




Family holidays


Title: Family holidays

Artist: Paula Gardener

Backstory/Apps Used: Family holiday in Egypt. My son having fun on the disused jetty 🙂

While on holiday in Egypt we found this beautiful secluded beach, with an old wooden Jetty. The Jetty hadn’t been used in years, however the view from it was astounding and went on forever. My son discovered it first and as he ran, hopped, skipped and jumped down it with excitement. I visualised the perfect capture for our family album. So on cue he jumped and I snapped, I was amazed at how high he did jump. It was perfect 

with an amazing backdrop. I chose the app Snapseed to complete the image by changing it to Black and White for more drama. Within the black and white filter menu I adjusted the contrast and selected the colour tone to adjust the reds within the skin tone. I then used the straightening tool to make the horizon perfect.




Title: Untitled

Artist: David Ingraham

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited in KitCam.



Metamorphoses III


Title: Metamorphoses III

Artist: _giorgopoliti

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4 + Hipstamatic + Superimpose + Iris Photo Suite


Camera roll - 245


Title: Camera roll – 245

Artist: Yuriy Leskiv

Backstory/Apps Used: 645 pro + Snapseed


Don't tell me my love


Title: Don’t tell me my love

Artist: Cedric Blanchon

Backstory/Apps Used: iphone4s,blender,colorsplash,irisphotosuite,pixlromatic




Title: half

Artist: Ade Santora

Backstory/Apps Used: this pic was taken and edit on iphone 3gs with apps: Native Cam, Noir Photo, Photo Power, Superimpose, Snapseed


Cafe Rouge


Title: Cafe Rouge

Artist: Sarah Jarrett

Backstory/Apps Used: SlowShutterCam, Snapseed, Superimpose, Artrage, Miracam



Vanessa 1.0


Title: Vanessa 1.0

Artist: Michael Hill

Backstory/Apps Used: This is a photo of my friend, Vanessa. I did this one almost a year ago, but I think my process went like this: I first used color splash to remove the color from everywhere but her blue eye makeup, then Dynamic Light and used the orton filter and adjusted it. Next I enhanced the saturation in Tilt Shift Gen and also added a blur around the outside of her face. I finished it off with Modern Grunge after making a few minor adjustments in that app.




Title: snowfall

Artist: Susan Tuttle

Backstory/Apps Used: Camera+, Snow Daze, Scratch Cam, Vintage Scene, Skip Bleach, Filterstorm, VSCO Cam











Apps Uncovered Fri 21 December 2012

selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald


Sleepy Hollow 2


Title: Sleepy Hollow 2

Artist: Michael Hill

Backstory/Apps Used: A friend of mine told me about this place that was full of giant driftwood and trees that were now part of the beach, so I took a little drive about four hours north, from Florida into Georgia. This location called Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island was well worth the drive and the speeding ticket I got on the way. I’ve never seen anything like it, kinda surreal. The whole area looked like a scene from a Tim Burton movie, who is someone I draw a lot of inspiration from artistically. This was one of many I photographed that day.

I took the photo with 645 Pro using a iphone 4S. I use the "Q" mode setting, no film effects. There was a piece of another tree to the right that was unavoidable for the shot I wanted, no matter what angle I tried. So I had to remove it using Touch Retouch. Once that’s done I went into Camera+ and used the clarity feature and added the black and white filter then saved it. Next to Photo Forge 2 and slightly lowered the brightness and upped the contrast just a bit. I opened up the Pop! Cam feature in Photo Forge 2 and tapped the black white 1900 film and then used vignette number 4, saved it. Finished off with Tilt Shift Gen where I desaturated it to about 30, lowered the brightness to 48 and raised the contrast to 52, saved and that was it!





Nor The Glare Of Night


Title: Sleepy Hollow 2

Artist: Roger Guetta

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot an d edited on iPhone. Apps to be confirmed




the littlest angel


Title: the littlest angel

Artist: VeronicainMo

Backstory/Apps Used: The photo was taken with the SlowShutter app, The setting was automatic on 2.

Snapspeed retrolux was used to fade out the edges of the body a bit and add bit of texture and blur.

PicGrunger was used. I chose the "scuffed" effect, and set the intensity down to only a third.The style I chose was "block party" and the texture was "original."

I used LensLight to give her the halo with the "glow swoosh" light. I used it also for the owls eyes using the "glint" light.

I used Blender to add the tree branch from an old photo and the owl is a photo taken at the zoo!

I then used BlurFX to give the owl some blur. That’s it!



deck the halls


Title: deck the halls 

Artist: Urban Muser

Backstory/Apps Used:  Camera+, Snapseed, Retouch, Iris, Blurfx





Title: Street Serendipity

Artist: David Ingraham

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot with Hipstamatic ( Jane Lens/DC film ), cropped and edited in Snapseed, frame added in Pixlromatic, and final adjustments done on the ol’ laptop in Lightroom ( color correction, recovery, and clarity ). 





Title: Love that is true never grows old.

Artist: David Ingraham

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot with Hipstamatic, and then edited with BlurFX, Cameramatic, Alt Photo, Wood Camera, Snapseed and Camera+.


Almost Like Me

Title: Almost Like Me

Artist: Emily Reid

Backstory/Apps Used: Photo shot and edited using an iPhone 4. Apps used: Snapseed, PhotoForge2, PS Express.



Early Fog


Title: Early Fog

Artist: Sarah Jarrett

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed



The longest road.


Title: The longest road

Artist: Joel Adam (asleepundercolumnsovlight)

Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited with iPhone4. Hipsta (John S lens w/ BlacKeys Super Grain film)
Retouch (erased some unwanted bug splats!)
FXPhotoStudio (easy way to crop hipsta borders and keep it square)



Wild vision



Title: Wild vision

Artist: Freaky shot

Backstory/Apps Used: Apps used : Decim8, Photoforge2, Juxtaposer, ScratchCam, Grunge.







Reaching Across (352/366)


Title: Reaching Across (352/366)

Artist: lisamjw

Backstory/Apps Used: 6×6, Lo-Mob + ScratchCam





Apps Uncovered Fri 14 December 2012

This week’s gallery has been selected by Bob Weil 

Thank you to iPC’s Bob Weil for picking out this week’s eclectic mix of iPhone art and photography for Apps Uncovered. This is the weekly feature where iPC selects just 12 of the many hundereds of images submitted on the iPC Flickr group and other outstanding iPhone art and photography images we find on the web. The gallery is a little different from most weekly showcases in that we invite artists to share their techniques and the apps used to create their image. We also love to hear the stories behind the works. This week, Apps Uncovered lead images features a regular visitor to our group and site, Sarah Jarrett whose striking portraits and atmospheric landscapes always demand our attention. Click on any of the images to see more of that artists work in their Flickr Stream. 




Title: Oriental

Artist: Sarah Jarrett

Apps Used: Slow Shutter Cam, Snapseed, Procreate,Glaze, Superimpose, Laminar.

Backstory: The image started as a self portrait shot using slowshuttercam. When I edited it with Snapseed, it had the beginnings of something quite Japanese or oriental with all the patterns in the jacket.. I used Procreate to paint in the red background and to paint in the face on top of the existing face. I combined the image with a Glaze filtered version in Superimpose and then added more patterns and the leaves. I made the final tweaks in Laminar. One of the main reasons I shoot portraits with a slow shutter is because it often has qualities in the distortion it creates to suggest an outcome for the picture. I never plan these images, I always go with what they suggest to me.



Across the fields


Title: Across the fields

Artist: Sarah Jarrett

Apps Used: Dynamic Light, Modern Grunge, Shockmypic, Superimpose, Laminar.

Backstory: I try to use apps in a subtle way in my Landscape work. I always start with Dynamic Light in every Landscape edit. Its brilliant for balancing lighting and bring out the detail in skies and clouds. I make filtered copies of the image in Modern Grunge and Shockmypic and if I used them on their own they would be too much so I sandwich them all together in Superimpose so I get subtler effects. This takes practice but you soon develop an eye for getting it right. I use Laminar to tweak colours and curves.





Title: Clearing

Artist: Shel Serkin

Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic




Title: Waiting

Artist: Photo  Graphic

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4 – edited with Photoshop Touch on an iPad


The Beauty of Tragedy. Typewriter remix


Title: The Beauty of Tragedy. Typewriter remix

Artist: Benamon Tame

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed




Title: Everything is Song. Everything is Silence

Artist: David Ingraham

Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Tadaa, Picfx



la macchina grande mistero


Title: la macchina grande mistero

Artist: michael m. white

Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 4 photo illustration
Juxtaposer, TouchRetouch, KingCamera, ScratchCam, iris photosuite, snapseed, spaceffect.

I assembled this image from bits and pieces of various captures. Also, I thank my colleague, Yvon for being such an enthusiastic model



beyond the plateau of thoughts


Title: beyond the plateau of thoughts

Artist: jun yamaguchi

Backstory/Apps Used: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+photoforge 2+scratchcam fx


Greed & Envy


Title: Greed & Envy

Artist: Ginger Lucero

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed




Title: Untitled

Artist:Malcome Brumet

Backstory/Apps Used: procamera, noir, picfx, blurfx



in the dream


Title: in the dream 
“Memories and thoughts age, just as people do. But certain thoughts can never age, and certain memories can never fade.” 

― Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Artist: VeronicainMo

Backstory/Apps Used: Blender + BlurFX + Photo fx ultra + Snapseed + SlowShutter

My texture of sky is my own photo, birds are lostandtaken.com, feather is my own photo. Any more questions please mail me.



la vie etrange


Title: la vie etrange

Artist: Cedric Blanchon

Backstory/Apps Used: I shoot with my iphone4s and Camera+, and after that I use Blender, Simply b&w, Snapseed, Filterstorm,and Pixlr-o-matic!



Apps Uncovered Fri 7 December 2012

This week’s gallery has been selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald


Persephone before her abduction

Title: Persephone before her abduction
Artist: Elodie Hunting
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone + Pixlromatic
Cool Britannia VI
Title: Cool Britannia VI
Artist: Sarah Jarrett
Backstory/Apps Used: Superimpose and Artrage were used to make the image.
Title: Tetsubin
Artist: Photo Graphic
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4 with Hipstamatic 250
Title: Untitled
Artist: Ade Santora
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited on iphone 3gs,
cam apps with Hipstamatic and ProCamera, apps editing: Photo Power, Superimpose, Snapseed, Alien Skyfirmed
Daily Walk
Title: Daily Walk
Artist: Dave Weekes
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 5. Apps: blender, brushes, ScratchCam, proHDR, Lomora2.
Autumn fog
Title: Autumn fog
Artist: Gene Trent
Backstory/Apps Used: This image was produced fairly simply. It was taken on the iPhone 4S and the only apps used were Squara to take the image using the Polga filter and Snapseed for the post processing. 
Title: unrememberance
Artist: Amy (McGrath) Hughes
Backstory/Apps Used: Camera+ (Faded filter) 
Touch-Retouch (for removing some extra trees)
Adobe Photoshop Express (for flipping the image).
This is an abandoned farmhouse next to a municipal airport near my home. I was struck by it’s location (a restricted area behind fencing) amidst an industrial-warehouse area. Definitely a time long gone by. 
Day 320 — #366project — falling slowly
Title: Day 320 — #366project — falling slowly
Artist: Kimberly Post Rowe
Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed
city girl
Title: city girl – She always wanted to see the city
Artist: Janine Graf
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone4S + 6×6 + Juxtaposer + Artrage + BigPhoto
Avoided Objects
Title: Avoided objects
Artist: Carlein van der Beek
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone + SlowShuttercam + Superimpose + PhotoToaster + Flowpaper + PhotoFX
The Country Of Ghosts Series
Title: The Country Of Ghosts Series
Artist: Millo Salgado
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 4S + SlowShutter + Superretro + Snapseed
Title: Guidance
Artist: Mel Harrison
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone + TinyPlanet + Glaze + Juxtaposer + Percolator + PaintFX + Pixlr Express + PhotoCopier