Apps Uncovered Aug 3 2012

Apps Uncovered Friday August 3 
chosen by Bob Weil
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Main Street
Title: Main Street
Artist: Greg Schmigel
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic – Jane Lens + Ina’s 1982 Film, No Flash
Edited with Snapseed
Mr. Taggart and his spotless mind
Title: Mr. Taggart and his spotless mind
Artist: kateye0808
Apps Used/Backstory: I have been sitting in a local cafe having my usual Latte when I spotted that man, reading newspaper and drinking a glass of milk. I had seen him several times in the town before and I always wanted to take a photo of him because he is such a character to me. 
I took about 5 photos with the Hipstamatic app and then blended 2 images using the Blender app.
Moira vs. Siri
Title: Moira vs. Siri
Artist: Shel Serkin
Apps Used/Backstory: Instagram
A Day at the Zoo
Title: A Day at the Zoo
Artist: Tracy J Thomas
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot with iPhone 4. Apps used: clear cam, camera+, juxtaposer, iris, image blender, scratchcam
The power of silence
Title: The power of silence
Artist: maansee
Apps Used/Backstory: instagram
the wither within
Title: the wither within
Artist: _giorgopoliti_
Apps Used/Backstory: iphone 4 process = Hipstamatic + ProCamera + Superimpose + Iris
Title: pandora
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: photo power, superimpose, vsco cam, snapseed
Alice in Wonderland
Title: Alice in Wonderland
Artist: Andrea Koerner
Apps Used/Backstory: This photo was taken and edited while on vacation in Maine. It was taken with 645pro and then cropped with camera+. Then i used Jazz to adjust the color details and took that image and ran it thru ShockMyPic. Then i blended the jazz version with the shockmypic version in Blender on the normal setting. Then i put the image thru the Vintage app to adjust the mood more and voila a finished picture. I’m actually surprised i can remember this much of how i edited it since i work in a very intuitive freeflowing manner and tend to not really note which apps i’ve used. 
fall out
Title: fall out
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: native cam, noir photo, super impose, photo power and snapseed.
human city
Title: human city
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: native cam, super impose, noir photo, photo power and snapseed.
human nature
Title: human nature
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: i used apps: native cam for taking two different pictures, then create black and white with noir photo, and then blending two images with super impose, finalize tone with photo power, picture show and snapseed.
Jack & Lewis, Weymouth beach
Title: Jack & Lewis, Weymouth beach
Artist: Nicki Fitz-Gerald
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot with ProCamera and cropped and filter added in Camera+
Weymouth, UK.
Title: Untitled
Artist:Paolo Ricciotti
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + Filterstorm + Snapseed + KingCamera + Superimpose + Hipstamatic
Ernest's Sea
Title: Ernest’s Sea 
Artist: Jaime Ferreyros
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Tlltshift, Camera+, PhotoFX and Cameramatic.
Dream Big
Title: Dream Big
Artist: Dirk Dallas
Apps Used/Backstory: ArtStudio and Snapseed
209/365 Funny
Title: 209/365 Funny
Artist: carterse
Apps Used/Backstory: You can’t make this stuff up (or stage it.) At the Greater Oklahoma Hunter Jumper show in Oklahoma City, OK in July, Tatabra Oprah begs for salad from her owner Emily Carter.
Apps used in processing: Photo Toaster and Snapseed; uploaded with FlickitPro.
Suburban Toxic | Portrait of the Breathing Man #iphoneography #iph100
Title: Suburban Toxic | Portrait of the Breathing Man 
Artist: Benamon Tame
Apps Used/Backstory: To be confirmed
Golden Brown
Title: Golden Brown
Artist: Sean Hayes
Apps Used/Backstory: Challenge to self: how many photo apps could I use to create an interesting image without it looking like I used apps? Two shots taken with 645 PRO. Used Autostitch to create panorama. Added Clarity in Camera+. Opened image in Photofx (Colour -Grad Tobacco, Ambient Light 2, Enhancing). Cinemafx (Egyptian Gold) and then tilt-shift in Snapseed.
Disorded Identity
Title: Disorded Identity
Artist: Nico Brons
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone3gs + FilterStorm + DynamicLight + Photocopier + MokuHD
An empty bench for you and me..... #martinstapleton #iphone4 #beach #blackandwhite #streetphography
Title: An empty bench for you and me…..
Artist: Martin Stapleton
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot in Pro Camera and edited in Snapseed. 
Baby snail
Title: Baby snail
Artist: MahoganyTurtle
Apps Used/Backstory: The snail was captured in 6×6 using an olloclip macro lens. There was no post editing.
Shoes Shop
Title: Shoes Shop
Artist: Photo/Graphic
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic
Man on Bus
Title: Man on Bus
Artist: Tal Shafik
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + ProCamera + Snapseed

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