Apps Uncovered Aug 2013

Apps Uncovered Friday 23 August 2013

Selected by Bob Weil

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered – the weekly feature where iPC selects just 12 of the many hundreds of images submitted to the iPC Flickr group. With steadily increasing membership, and more and more images raising the creative bar, it continues to be a challenge selecting just 12 images. This week’s crop has a number of “regulars”, but also some new contributors, including aka t55, Joel Levin, Veronica Hassell and Mike Bowers.

Congratulations, all!


The stagehands

The stagehands by Bongwaterjoe

Apps used: VSCOcam and others (TBD)


Untitled by Alexey Ovsyannikov

Apps used: VSCOcam and others (TBD)

Head in the clouds

Head in the clouds by Cedric Blanchon

Apps used: TBD

Book Cafe on a Sunday Afternoon

Book Cafe on a Sunday Afternoon by Elise Arod

Apps used: TBD

Bayeux Cathedral

Bayeux Cathedral by Mike Bowers (Trilikemike)

Apps used: Blender, Snapseed, iColorama, Repix, Glaze, ShockMyPic

a space between between words and thoughts

a space between words and thoughts by Veronica Hassell
I used camera timer app to shoot the photo. VSCO and Mextures apps and I’ve been creating some of my own textures with the Hipstamatic app. This particular photo has a texture overlay that I created by shooting a solid surface with the Tinto lens and the D-Type film, then using the retrolux option in Snapspeed. When I blended this with my photo it gave me the dreamy feel to the shot I was wanting.

Apps used: VSCO, Mextures, Hipstamatic and Snapsee.

Cape May

Cape May by Cecily Mariesce Caceu

“Well did you know there is an app out there to find abandoned places…! I don’t have it though….. I just have my eyes peeled while driving… not always the safest way to drive…. This house is in such a beautiful town — would love to know the history of it!”

Apps used: TBD

Three Generations

Three Generations by Joel Levin

Apps used: Photoshop Express

in the middle of her sentence

in the middle of her sentence by Susan Tuttle

Apps used: Camera+, MonoVu, VintageFX

Watch and be watched

Watch and be watched by aka t55

Apps used: iPhoto (conversion to b&w)


Waterlands by Sarah Jarrett

Apps used: TBD

Going Home
Going Home by M_Zephyr

Apps used: TBD


Apps Uncovered Fri 16 August 2013

Selected by Bob Weil

This was a really tough week to choose the most compelling 12 submissions to our Flickr Group (iPhoneographyCentral) to include on Apps Uncovered.  I had at least 24 eye-catching pieces, and was forced to go with my instinct – as the contemplative last month of summer has me thinking of idyllic surroundings, landscapes and still lives seem to predominate (with submissions from newcomer joecubed, rock star Cindy Patrick, Lochthyme, Wayne Greer, Stephanie Roberts and new arrival Franz Burger). No selection week would be complete without some very solid entries in the street photography category  – here provided by Mark T. Simmons (always a challenge to choose among several weekly submissions) and Mr_Zephyr (adding an already mature new voice in the category). And what selection from me could not have at least a few surreal and abstract pieces – this week, offered by Maarten Oortwijn, Clint Cline, Jennifer Bracewell and Guy Reynolds.


Hands x 6

Hands x 6 by Guy Reynolds
Far to near of an audio-video installation by Bruce Nauman at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Apps used: iPhone Hipstamatic John (S film and Loftus lens). No post processing editing except to put the six frames into one.


End Of Season Sale


End of Season Sale by Mark T. Simmons
(Part of the Shoreditch series – click through the image above to Mark’s photostream and explore this fascinating set of images, or click here to view.)
This image is reworked from a version that I was always very proud of but just could not get right in colour. I feel the conversion to black and white has helped to bring out the detail of everything in the frame; from the street art in the background to the crash helmet the stall holder was wearing and it has quickly become one of my favourite images. I wanted to get this image right as for me it captures a part of Shoreditch that I hope will never change. However, with the influx of tourist numbers visiting the area and the push for markets in London to become places to buy from boutique shops rather than stalls, the days of this trader and many others who deal in bulk purchases of Pepsi Max, mustard, opened tins of paint and black and white televisions from the 70’s will probably end.
The old beauty of London markets lay in the fact they were unique and of their area. Now all markets in London look the same. Although on first glance it appears quite humorous, there is a lot of sadness captured in this shot, as we are losing these types of markets all over London now


Apps used: Shot with Camera+ and processed in Snapseed.


Stormy Weather


Stormy Weather by Wayne Greer
Apps used: Snapseed, Laminar Pro, Mextures, and Distressed FX




Landscape by Maarten Oortwijn


The deeper thoughts behind the image: it’s hard to say in words :), somehow some kind of mood/atmosphere gradually evolved.
Technically: it all started with a simple drawing in Paper53 of an orange sky and some clouds (I used it in several other images, shows the original sky and clouds). Then I added the soil like structure and mountains, created with Diptic, Percolator and Snapseed, using Image Blender. The derwish like figures were created putting a picture of a statue through Tiny Planet. The 12 sign, bicycle parts and statue in front came from several Histamatic pictures. The finishing touch was the monochrome effect using the coloring option of Photoshop Express.
Apps used: Paper53, Tiny Planet, Hipstamatic, Diptic, Percolator, Snapseed, Image Blender and Photoshop Express


Tachbrook Street, London


Tachbrook Street, London by Mr_Zephyr
I was drawn to the man who was smoking as the wind was blowing his hair. There was also an opportunity to get down to his level as the area itself is some kind of parking/loading area, so it meant that I could sit down as he was sitting (and others) without attracting attention. The woman seated behind him was a Big Issue seller on a break, so I knew that I could perhaps get a shot with them with people walking past. I saw the lady approaching from the left and I knew exactly the photo I wanted and had time to compose (which is rare!) The lady stopped to talk to the Big Issue seller in the doorway as she walked past which shows she has a kind heart. The pigeon, as always, was a bonus!! I’m very fond of pigeons. They are the constant watchers/photographers of the streets (but without cameras or opposable thumbs!)
Apps used: I only used the Snapseed app to process the image. (Although ‘only’ seems like a gross insult as I am indebted to it!) I am addicted to film photography generally, so that is the ‘look’ (more ‘feel’!) that I go for when processing my iPhone images. I try to keep it subtle, but I also process with reference to the mood of the overall image and in relation the subject of the image – usually, my photographs are candid street portraits. I am not afraid to venture into the painterly effects (without straying into the painting effects!!) if I think such treatment/processing is justified.


Deep breaths


Deep Breaths by Stephanie Roberts
Apps used: Hipstamatic (Roboto Glitter Lens, C-type Plate), Filterstorm, Snapsse and PhotoToaster


Yes, she was late, but the chicken was safe...


Yes, she was late, but the chicken was safe… by Clint Cline (Clix2020)

I could get all serious and try to suggest there is some deep and profound subtext to this image. After all, my recent “Identity” exhibit for TIiG which uses the same thumbprint to speak to the uniqueness given us by our Creator evoked a lot of favorable attention. But this isn’t that kind of illustration. This is a what-you-do-when-you-don’t-know-what-to-do piece. Seriously, I was creatively dry for several weeks while traveling on business. When I finally found myself alone in a hotel with my iPhone, several hundred parts and pieces of old images in a folder, and a burning desire for fried chicken, I began building this piece. It is, variously, a picture of the shutters in my parent’s guest bedroom, a thumbprint, two anonymous silhouettes from a detective novel, five wood stumps, and of course…a chicken. And that’s when the story got weird.
Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed, Mextures and Superimpose




Fading by joecubed
35/365 – I’m terrible when it comes to plant names. What are these things?
Apps used: Snapseed, Laminar, Glaze, Superimpose and PhotoToaster.



Twirl by Jennifer Bracewell (jenbeez)
Apps used: Slow Shutter, Oggl, Mextures, Filterstorm and Lens Light

a href=”” title=”“‎Meditate. Live purely. Quiet the mind. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.” -Gautama Buddha by cpatrickphoto, on Flickr”>“‎Meditate. Live purely. Quiet the mind. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.” -Gautama Buddha


“‎Meditate. Live purely. Quiet the mind. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.” -Gautama Buddha by Cindy Patrick
Apps used: Instagram

Silent Morning

Silent Morning by Andrea Koerner (Lochthyme)
Apps used: PhotoNova2, Snapseed, Blender and XnViewFX

Happy Summer Day


Happy Summer Day by Franz Burger
Apps used: Camera+ and Snapseed


Apps Uncovered Fri 9 August

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald





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211/365 by 1idée
Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed




“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson by Cindy Patrick
Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, BlurFX, Iris Photo Suite


At the gallery 2


At the gallery 2 by Veevs3
Backstory/Apps Used: SlowShutter Cam, Snapseed, Mextures, AltPhoto and DistressedFX



Power to the skies #2


Power to the skies #2 by Ale Di Gangi

The app used for this photo is Oggl (as listed in the image tags); the combo used here is Wonder film + Sussex film. This shot is part of an ongoing series that I am doing, based a strong fascination electricity for pylons and electric lines –





Live-Love-Dream-Inspire by just dragonfly
Backstory/Apps Used: IPhone 3GS, Snapseed.




Joseph by Paula Gardner

Backstory/Apps Used: It was the hottest day of the year so far when I shot this. Jojo had just gone outside on his bike and literally a minute later came back indoors collapsing on the floor. Obviously way too hot for bike riding, however to my advantage he was also too hot to stop me from snapping his pic! I initially captured the image using Hipstamatic Doris lens and Sussex film. I then opened the image in Snapseed where I cropped the borders. While changing the tone to black and white, I also enhanced the contrast to exaggerate the lighting.





Untitled by  David Bithell
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone5 + Hipstamatic Oggl


At the Coffee Shop


At the Coffee Shop by Ferguscat1

Backstory/Apps Used: For someone who doesn’t drink coffee at all, I seem to end up in coffee shops quite a bit. My husband loves coffee, Noah loves a Baby Cino (frothy milk) but I just love a good old fashioned English Breakfast tea. I took this photo using Hipstamatic when we were all having our usuals last Saturday. I really liked the colours and the writing on the wall behind the other coffee shop goers.



Euston Road


Euston Road by Mark Walton1

Backstory/Apps Used: This was taken with 6×6 for iPhone, no post processing. It’s a scruffy letterbox with a palimpsest of various half pulled off stickers overlaid with the thick black lines, which were what caught my eye.



Fun in the sun


Fun in the sun by John Mallon Iphoneography

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed



That misty light


That misty light by Stephanie Roberts

Backstory/Apps Used: To be confirmed





Watching by joecubed

Backstory/Apps Used: 30/365 – Saw this bird sitting in the tree, this is a crop from a much larger shot. The branch and bird were edited in Tangledfx to simplify their shape. The image then went through Snapseed and Mextures for some added textures. Added the other birds in superimpose from a saved mask made from Distressedfx.





Apps Uncovered Friday 2 August

by Bob Weil


Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered – This week’s selection (by Bob Weil) features a bit of the old reliable and a generous helping of the new. Newcomers Pu the Owl, D.A.N.E.T. MINIMAL UNREAL DREAM and 1idée posted some dazzling and compelling work – and Lucy dream! leads off our set this week. Also present and accounted for are regulars like Roger Guetta and Dirk Dallas, who can be counted on to post fine work each week – as well as returnees Mark T. Simmons and Scott Woodward, who consistently post thought-provoking images.


But perhaps most interestingly and coincidentally, we’ve had a really strong showing this week by contributors to our book, The Art of iPhoneography, (due to ship in the next few weeks).  Five of our 45 contributing artists (Johnny Eckó, jq gaines, Marie Matthews, Ade Santora and Shel Serkin) delivered brilliant work this week to round out our selection. Take a look and we think you’ll agree!

Lucy dream!

Lucy dream!
Back story: In my dream called Lucy are colors, shapes and wishes to continue, no matter the storm, no matter happiness, I will walk by your side always.
Taken and edited with Iphone 4, apps used: Native Iphone cam, Sketchbook mobile, Snapseed, Superimpose & Decim8

Papliones alas V2

Papliones alas V2
by Johnny Eckó
Apps used: Pending


by 1idée
Apps used: Snapseed and lomob

Sic Semper

Sic Semper
by Pu the Owl
Back story: Images included were shot over a long period of time on iPhone 4S with either Camera+ or Kitcam. A few details, like the shadows, were painted as separate blank layers in Sketch Club. Assembling and processing was done in Juxtaposer, Laminar, Glaze, Film Lab, Mextures and Infinicam. Barely visible text on the floor by Phonto and Genius Scan. Since this is pretty much a self-referential image, there are three distinct self-portraits in it (two of them are actually separate iPhone works).

Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams
by Dirk Dallas
Apps used: Instragram


by Ade Santora
Apps used: Photo taken and edited with iPhone 3gs + ProCamera, Afterlight, Superimpose, Photo Power, Snapseed, VSCOcam, Mextures

12.35 AM

12.35 AM “Lisa Marie”
by Shel Serkin
Apps used: Hipstamatic


by Marie Matthews
Back story: Created with ProCreate with some minor cropping and brightness adjustments in Snapseed. The original iPhone photograph had horrible color, and so I converted it black and white. I put the small b&w reference thumbnail in a separate layer at the top left of the screen and then painted the main image in the center of the screen. A few things I have learned … Figure work in ProCreate seems to work best when I treat the painting more like pastel, building up semi-opaque layers, than like wet media. The smudge tools tend to give an artificial, airbrushed look, and it is better to stick mostly with brushes and erasers. Also, a preset palette – 3 shadow colors and 4 light/halftone colors — for the flesh tones makes the process easier to control.

Pink Obsssed

Pink Obsessed
by DraMan / Roger Guetta
Apps used: BlurFX, Blender, PicGrunger, Snapseed, RePix

I've Got Your Back.

I’ve got your back.
by Scott A. Woodward
Back story: This is a portrait of my mother and my wife on our final day together in Canada last week end. My mother was recently re-diagnosed with breast cancer and is about to undergo major surgery and treatments. We cannot be there to support her through this, so this photograph and this title is very meaningful to me

Man (18)

Man (18)
by jq gaines
Apps used: Hipstamatic and Snapseed

Tuned To A Dead Channel

Tuned to a Dead Channel
by Mark T Simmons
Back story: This is the first image from a new series based on the East London area of Shoreditch. It was shot with ProCamera and processed using a combination of Snapseed and VSCOCam.

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