Apps Uncovered Aug 17 2012

Apps Uncovered Friday August 17 
chosen by Bob Weil
Title: London-Baghdad 
Artist: Fabrizio Stivanello
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + For this photo I used the app snapseed for processing and pictureshow for resizing and watermark.
I have other apps but these are fast and easy to use and give good results.
Foreign Affair
Title: Foreign Affair
Artist: Carlein van der Beek
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + cppro + Superimpose + FilterStorm + Pixlromatic
Title: ***
Artist: Ade Santora
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + native cam, superimpose, photopower, pictureshow, snapseed, vscocam
Title: ? (Shop front in Kinsale Cork)
Artist: Brendan (Insta Me)
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + to be confirmed
The Messenger
Title: The Messenger
Artist: Ginger Lucero
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Hipstamatic + Snapseed 
Title: Untitled
Artist: David Ingraham
Apps Used/Backstory: Not much to this one. It was taken Downtown Johannesburg and shot with Hipstamatic ( Lucifer Lens, Rock BW-11 film ) and a little added Scratchcam. That’s all!
Joy of slippers - Fleur de lis
Title: Joy of slippers
Artist: Nicki FitzGerald
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Iris Photo Suite + Photocopier
Title: Freedom
Artist: Lola Mitchell
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + The apps used are camera+, superimpose and Vintage scene.
Used a white page to start. I separated his body from his shadow a bit more so it looked like he was jumping higher. By just pasting first his body and then his shadow. Put it through Vintage Scene.
Movements In The Deep   -7
Title: Movements In The Deep
Artist: Olive Charlene
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + Taken and edited on iPhone 4 Apps Used: Camera+, PS Express, Artista Haiku, Blender, Decim8, Pixlromatic, ScratchCam
Skin No. 24
Title: Skin No. 24
Artist: Petyr Campos
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Photostudio + Photoforge2 + FXstudio 
Here’s the steps I use to create these types of images.

Step 1. Import the image into PhotoStudio and paint just the face with the leather canvas filter. Adjust the shade to your liking and save the image.

Step 2. Import the original image again into PhotoStudio and paint just the face with the Linocut 1 filter. This is the filter that creates the patterns on the face (specifically the white sections)

Step 3. Import the leather canvas image into Photoforge2 and then import the Lincout 1 image laying it on top of the leather canvas image.

Step 4. Set the blend mode to "overlay" and adjust the opacity of the Linocut image unit it blends nicely/naturally with the leather canvas image and merge the layers

Step 5. Increase brightness and contrast as needed

Step 6. Import image into Photo fx and select the Special FX/B/W Looks/Brownie filter

Step 7. Save and DONE.

Title: Untitled
Artist: Alexey Ovsyannikov
Apps Used/Backstory: DSLR+iphone4+ipad2: Jazz + PhotoCopier + FilterStorm + Superimpose + Snapseed + Lenslight + Textify.it
Goodnight, Diane.
Title: Goodnight, Diane.
Artist: Greg Schmigel
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + Snapseed + CrossProcess + CameraSharp
Title: Untitled
Artist: Jorge Bañales
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + ProCamera + Snapseed
Holiday at the Beach
Title: Holiday at the Beach 
Artist: Susan Blase
Apps Used/Backstory: Taken on iPhone and processed with Phototoaster & Pixlromatic
Girls' Day Out
Title: Girls’ Day Out
Artist: jq gaines
Apps Used/Backstory: Photographed with an iPhone 4s.
Processed with the following apps: Camera! Awesome, ArtistsTouch, Sketchbook and PhotoCopier
Costume shop
Title: Costume shop
Artist: ReyGuy
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Hipstamatic; John S Lens + Ina’s 1969 Film
Memories can't wait
Title: Memories can’t wait
Artist: Lu Guada
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + To be confirmed
Portrait with videoclop.
Title: Portrait with videoclop.
Artist: fernandoprats
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + Booster! + Squaready
Ветренная / windy..
Title: Ветренная / windy..
Artist: alekseykyznetsov
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + ProCamera and edited with Snapseed
blackandwhite in Arco
Title: blackandwhite in Arco
Artist: Gusbano
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + to be confirmed

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