Apps Uncovered Aug 10 2012

Apps Uncovered Friday August 10 
chosen by Nicki FitzGerald
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A Day To Remember
Title: A Day To Remember
Artist: Mutablend
Apps Used/Backstory: This shot was taken with iphone4, and processed it with using Filterstorm, Superimpose, Snapseed, Big Lens.
Image pic #64
Title: image pic #64
Artist: Souichi Furusho
Apps Used/Backstory: All iPhone 4S 
Shot:4Scamera, Apps:Iris Photo Suite, Photo FX, PhotoClip
distant tree
Title: distant tree
Artist: Jan Gelinder
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4 + Photoforge + PhotoFx + ScratchCam + Millcolour
Title: blackandwhite
Artist: Gusbano
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic
Islamo ada Motel
Title: Islamo ada Motel
Artist: keylargo_diver
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic 256, John S Lens, Black Keys SuperGrain Film with a slight contast adjustment in Lightroom.
My space
Title: Shoes Shop
Artist: Photo/Graphic
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic
radiator - wall - window sill - blind
Title: radiator – wall – window sill – blind
Artist: Insta Me (Brendan)
Apps Used/Backstory: I took the shot on the iPhone using instagram and the Amaro filter.
Title: IMG_8367
Artist: Clay Butch Benskin
Apps Used/Backstory: Shot in ProCamera and edited with Snapseed
Title: Untitled
Artist: Jorge Banales
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + ProCamera + PictureShow + PS Express + Blender
Title: Untitled
Artist: Clay Butch Benskin
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + ProCamera and edited with Snapseed
tourist at airport
Title: tourist at airport
Artist: Jun Yamaguchi
Apps Used/Backstory: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+photoforge 2+scratchcam fx+pixlromatic
night sea
Title: night sea
Artist: Jun Yamaguchi
Apps Used/Backstory: iPod touch’s camera / brushes+photoforge 2+scratchcam fx+dxp
Day 195 — #366project — conversation
Title: Day 195 — #366project — conversation
Artist: Kimberly Post Rowe
Apps Used/Backstory: This processing was really simple. I shot the fern "fiddleheads" with the native camera, then transferred it to my iPad, where I worked it in Laminar. A little bit of sharpening, a little polarizing, then I added a few layers of watercolor soaked textured papers. That is all!
Father And I Series
Title: Father And I Series
Artist: Emigdio Salgado
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic + Snapseed + Instagram
Title: Silence
Artist: Sxethang
Apps Used/Backstory: Photogene2 + CameraAwesome + Hipstamatic + ScratchCam
woman in blue
Title: woman in blue
Artist: @elvinfish
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone4S + Snapseed > VSCO Cam > Big Lens for the Defocusing
Artist: Donna French
Apps Used/Backstory: Photofx and Iris Photo Suite
Pool Poetics Number Two
Title: Pool Poetics Number Two
Artist: Cindy Patrick
Apps Used/Backstory: Apps used: SlowShutter, ShockMyPic, Iris Photo Suite
pig on mattress
Title: pig on mattress
Artist: Guy Reynolds
Apps Used/Backstory: Hipstamatic; John S BlacKeys SuperGrain + 500 x 500
Title: Untitled
Artist: Allison Pistohl
Apps Used/Backstory: Taken and edited on iPhone 4 
Apps Used: OlloClip, SlowShutter, BlurFX, PS Express, Artista Haiku, Decim8, FlowPaper, ScratchCam
Title: Untitled
Artist: Brandon Smith
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + I used Hipstamatic (Foxy Lens & BlacKeys SuperGrain Film) to shoot the photo. I then brought the photo into Cameramatic and added the B&W High Contrast Filter and Hassy 01 Frame. The dusty effect at the top is just part of the backdrop that I used.
Title: videoface
Artist: Susan Bein
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + apps: Hipstamatic, Loftus Lens, Pistil Film. Edited with Iris Photo Suite. 
Fly away home
Title: Fly away home
Artist: Jennifer Bracewell
Apps Used/Backstory: Taken and edited with iPhone 4S. Apps used: squaready, iris photosuite, lo-mob
Title: Distant
Artist: Paula Gardener
Apps Used/Backstory: iPhone + SlowShutter + Snapseed + Camera Awesome + ScratchCam