Apps Uncovered Apr 2013

Apps Uncovered Friday 26 April
This week’s gallery selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald
 The Blue Pill
The Blue Pill by Mark T Simmons
Backstory/Apps Used: Every time a friend of mine is shown an image of a businessman having a panic attack or looking stressed he says the following line:
"They took the blue pill".This image is for him.
This is the start of a new set of work just shot pretty raw on the street in London.
Edited with Apps Hipstamatic and Snapseed
The Wait
The Wait by Mark T Simmons
Backstory/Apps Used: London Lives Series. Again, this is taken from a new series of street images I am putting together about London using Hipstamatic. I am very proud of this image as sometimes you just see a moment where everything lines up perfectly and if you are quick enough you can capture it. 

This was shot on an iPhone 5 with the Hipstamatic combination of BlacKeys SuperGrain film and Jane lens. Snapseed was used to lighten the image slightly but apart from that it’s pretty much unedited.
Pieces by Lee Thatcher
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot with native camera, edited with Snapseed, Infinicam and added border with Pixlromatic.
My own
My own by Paula Gardener
My thoughts never sleep.
Instead they dwell on the past, wondering what if.
My thoughts are explosive.
They scream at the present, demanding an immediate reaction.
My thoughts cannot find peace.
Racing ahead of time, seeking the answers to questions only time can answer.
My thoughts……….are not my own.
Backstory/Apps Used:  This self portrait is a reflection of my never ending thoughts. I wanted to capture an image that will evoke the viewer to imagine my persona, my state of mind. I chose to photograph myself near a natural light source, using my blinds to create a soft lighting effect. I used the iPhone 5 native camera to shoot the portrait. I then opened the image in Snapseed. First I cropped the image, then tweaked the tones while enhancing them slightly within the Drama menu. Finally I used Snapseed’s newest menu Retrolux, to desaturate the colour and create a feel of mystery with the filters. 
shapeshift (just like you)
shapeshift (just like you) by Joel Adam
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and edited with iPhone 4
Dark city
Dark city by Cedric Blanchon
Backstory/Apps Used: TBC
Stonebow by Mark Walton
Backstory/Apps Used: shot with Jag.gr 6×6 for iPhone
Bridlington by Mark Walton
Backstory/Apps Used: It was taken on an IPhone 5 using the 6×6 app from Jag.gr, which I am using quite a lot at the moment because I like the square format and the clear results it produces. The image was on the side of a skip; I don’t know whether it was a happy accident or an attempt by someone unknown to create an art work. It caught my eye anyway. I might have used Photoshop Express, also on the iPhone, to turn up the contrast a little. Otherwise it’s as seen.
Fall by Lola Mitchell
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone5 and iPad with apps: Image Blender, Facetune, Glaze, Hipstamatic, Luminance, Procreate, Rainydaze and Superimpose.
Pale Moon
Pale Moon by Sarah Jarrett
Backstory/Apps Used: TBC
Path To Fun
Path To Fun by Susan Blase
Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, PhotoToaster and Vintique on Iphone for "P is for Path" theme at www.meandyou52.com
Memories by Christian Becerra
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 4S +  TBC

Apps Uncovered Friday 19 April
This week’s gallery selected by Bob Weil
Between the shadow and the soul
Between the shadow and the soul by Jennifer Bracewell
Backstory/Apps Used: Taken and edited with an iPhone 5. The image is taken with hipstamatic double exposure. I had my son model for me. I processed the image in Snapseed, tweaking the contrast and adding a slight tilt shift and a retro filter. I then added the shapes with DecoSketch.      
Life after art
Life after art by Bongwaterjoe
Backstory/Apps Used:
130318_M12 iPhone4s+SnapSeed+Juxtaposer+ImageBlender+Phonto+Mextures
130318_M12 by Lynette Jackson
Backstory/Apps Used:
An eye on the ocean.
An eye on the ocean. by Andy Royston
Backstory/Apps Used: I’ve been shooting low-angle sweeps using the iPhone’s native camera in Panorama mode. I like to keep really low angles on my ocean shots, so tend to shoot holding the iPhone upside down and sweeping right to left. I’m very often kneeling in the surf at the time!
I use an iPhone5 in an iContact case. Gone are the days where I shoot bareback…
I like to follow in the waves which creates a great sweep, getting closer as the camera moves. I also deliberately curve the sweep to bend the horizon. I opt for panorama a lot of late, even for normal POVs as it tends to add scale and drama to the scene.
I did lots of re-mixes of ‘Eye on the Ocean’ including this, one of my very last Iris Photo Suite pieces. (I’ve finally upgraded to Laminar and kissed a fond fairwell to my beloved Dyna Range filter). 
If I remember I used the ColorSplash tool to do the selective color and used a second (vintage) to dampen down the gold.
Untitled by Bronwyn
Backstory/Apps Used: TBC
Spirit of a geisha 3
Spirit of a geisha 3 by Lola Mitchell
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 5 + iPad using apps ArtRage, Hipstamatic and ProCreate
Aged Tulip (2)
Aged Tulip (2) by jq gaines
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 4S + ProCreate, KitCam and lo-mob.
The Assassin
The Assassin by Ade Santora
Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken and edited with iphone3gs, apps: Hipstamatic, Afterlight, Picfx, Superimpose, Photo Power.
The Great Escape by D. Ingraham
Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic and Snapseed
Contacting the inner planes
Contacting the inner planes by Elodie Hunting
Backstory/Apps Used: Pixlr-o-matic, Snapseed….
Central Park
Central Park by Jeanette Serrat
Backstory/Apps Used:
The Blackbird's Song
The Blackbird’s Song by Sarah Jarrett,
Backstory/Apps Used: Apps used: Superimpose, Procreate, Distressed FX, Miracam

My pictures are gradually moving more and more towards digital illustration, they are made up of collage and painting on top of one of my photographic images. I’m very preoccupied with images that tell stories.

I completely rebuilt and constructed the face using Superimpose to change the eyes and make the mouth very small. I wanted to create an illustrative image with a mournful feel. I built the hat out of lots of different feathers and then moved the image to Procreate. The whole image was painted over and lots of details added. I wanted to keep the tones of the girls hat and clothing to blacks and browns so it would contrast with the blue background. I usually paint in a very detailed way to start with and then smear and splash paint to add texture.

I used Distressed FX to get the texture in the background. I’m a huge fan of this app.


Apps Uncovered Friday 12 April
selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald
India by Chris Opel
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot with Hipstamatic, edited in Snapseed.
“Beauty is a fragile gift.” – Ovid by David Ingraham
Backstory/Apps Used: Hipstamatic, John S. Lens/Blackeys film.
Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station by Frederique Bellec
Backstory/Apps Used: Processed with sapseed and Modern Grunge.
This image is one my favourites, for its subject and its feel. The Battersea power station is a fascinating building and even more so intriguing because it is more or less out of bounds for the general public. But you can peek in through various gaps in the fence and discover an imposing building sitting in a middle of an urban and chaotic construction site. This building is being redeveloped and will become flats and retail and lose its haunting and fascinating pull.
New Hope Train Yard (1)
New Hope Train Yard (1) by jq gaines
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone 4S + KitCam + Snapseed + Photocopier + Photo Handy
The Look
The Look by Robin Pope
Backstory/Apps Used: ProCamera + Snapseed
Spring by Catherine Restivo
Backstory/Apps Used: Taken on an iPhone 4 and edited on an iPad using the following apps; Repix, ProCreate, Snapseed, Hipstamatic, Filterstorm and iColorama
Sakura by umezy12
Backstory/Apps Used: DynamicLight, Camera+, and Snapseed.
Big Neon Glitter
Big Neon Glitter by BLACK EYED SUZY
Backstory/Apps Used: Blux Camera, Swirly, Vintique, SpacePaint and Pixlromatic on iPhone/iPad
Numbered by Sarah Jarrett
Backstory/Apps used: Superimpose, Procreate, Distressed FX, Laminar

I wanted to construct a delicate self portrait. I had already used this figure in ‘Plastic Fantastic’ where I portrayed myself in huge mickey mouse ears. I painted in the teacup, the red trilby and made the dress red in Procreate. I experimented with putting the image through some of the textures in Distressed FX. I’m really loving this app at the moment. I then moved the image to Superimpose and added all the type and numbers and luggage label. I wanted to create a contrast between the strong red and the delicate soft text. Type is endlessly fascinating to me. Somebody asked me if the numbers are significant but no they are just random. They are old numbers from front doors.




The Stratosphere ☁ #latergramsfordays
The Stratosphere by Dirk Dallas
Backstory/Apps Used: I used Snapseed, PhotoFX and Instagram’s Rise filter on this.
New York, New York
New York, New York by son3nne
Backstory/Apps Used: I used the 6×6 app and the Gotham filter in EyeEm to process this image. 
I shot this on a recent trip to NYC. We were having pizza in Little Italy and this couple came in and sat down next to us. I was just fascinated by her pink hair and general coolness…
Side effects may vary
Side effects may vary by Bogwaterjoe
Backstory/Apps Used: Filterstorm, Photowizard, ScratchCam FX, Snapseed, Type Drawing, Decosketch, L aminar, and Pic fx.

Apps Uncovered Friday 12 April
selected by Bob Weil
Portrait ∆
Portrait ∆ by DraMan/ Roger Guetta
Bob Weil comments:  Roger is amazingly prolific across a broad range of styles, and in this engaging image, he makes great use of Exclusion as a blend mode to draw the focus to the steely blue eye of the model and to the bright plumes of feathers in her hair. Splitting the human face in unexpected ways adds considerable drama to a piece, and the downplaying of the mouth and nose lend an edginess to this portrait.
Backstory/Apps Used: TBC
Flora 3.25.13
Flora 3.25.13 by Poetic Medium
Bob Weil comments: I just love the burst of color in this abstract. It has just enough of a painterly touch to it, and nothing about it goes overboard or feels forced. For me, it’s a pictorial representation of unalloyed joie du vivre, unpretentious and happy.
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot and processed on iPod using apps Glaze, Tangled and Pixlr-o-matic
Spring by Sarah Jarrett 
Bob Weil comments: Has that Sarah Jarrett wing of a major museum opened yet? The ornate floral figurations and the lovely pastel tones of this portrait draw you in and make you want to keep looking. This beautiful profile of a woman with this impossible flower garden in her hair is just one of many captivating images Sarah posted this week – be sure to find them all. I think one of the commentators expressed the viewer’s loss for words best – "Sigh."
Backstory/Apps Used: Superimpose, Procreate, Distressed FX and Laminar


I’m designing a new range of cards at the moment and ‘Spring’ is the start of the range. I wanted the image to have a really vintage feel but with a contemporary twist. I wanted the pose to be really striking and strong and it was really a case of mainly working to and fro between Superimpose and Procreate to build the picture. I used one of the textures in Distressed FX to enhance the colour and give the cracked paint feel. Laminar was used to give final tweaks.

Untitled by 10_ya 
Bob Weil comments: We’re just past the one year anniversary of 10_ya’s gallery on Flickr, and a wonderful gallery of quiet and intimate moments it is. Nearly all are presented in subdued colors or black and white, and many draw your heart into the scene by capturing a feeling we’ve all experienced. This is one of them. Shot from the angle of the discarded shoes, we smile at the momentary abandon of the girl as her feet touch the wet sand.
Backstory/Apps Used: iPhone5 Camera+ + Snapseed
Untitled by louisefryer
Bob Weil comments: Louise Fryer’s gallery is also great at capturing small moments, and is replete with street photos, portraits and urban landscapes in muted tones. This particular (self?) portrait, rendered with a daguerreotype-style frame, suggests melancholy or thoughtfulness. The viewer moves outward from the eye, to the lips and line of the jaw, and then to the subtle and unexpected brush strokes of the hair and shoulders. 
Backstory/Apps Used: Although primarily into street photography I love to experiment with self expression. This image was taken with the native iPhone 5 camera in water. The eyes were lightened in Photogene, filter Daguerreotype applied in Alt Photo. Finally the hatching was done in Repix.
What Dreams May Come
What Dreams May Come by Lochthyme
Bob Weil comments: "What Dreams May Come" is one of those images that make you smile – a girl holds an oversized flower, a bit like an umbrella against the elements. Because you don’t see the face, you easily place yourself there, in a simpler time when it was easy to believe that things of beauty, and our ability to appreciate them, redeemed the world. The storybook pastels of the background and the de-emphasized details of the figure all conspire to evoke a magical feel of wonder.
Backstory/Apps Used: The apps i used for my image What Dreams May Come were superimpose, colorstrokes, distressedfx, scratchcam, procreate, effexy. Started with the image of the road thru the trees and i knew i wanted to create a fantasy styled image. Then i captured the picture of the woman in line at Dunkin Donuts and the image took off from there.
Heading into the Surf
Heading into the Surf by petyrc
Bob Weil comments: The power and confidence of the surfer’s stride as he makes his way to the water are wonderfully captured in this low angle shot. The choice to render the background in pastel paint daubs feels apt, and the wide, empty vista suggest the solitary dedication of the hard-core surfer. A great photograph, reduced to the least number of elements necessary and well cropped to convey the scene. 
Backstory/Apps Used: I saw the surf waking down the sand dunes from a distant and just ran to a spot on the shore were I knew he would pass me by at close range. You only have a few seconds at most to get the right shot. I was lucky with this one.
Apps used:
Shot pic with 645 Pro 6×17 format
Started with Laminar filter "Texture/Splatter" at 25%
Then took it into Photocopier filter Gauguin (two Tahitian women).Pulled the textures, grain and detail match setting a bit.
Then took it into Distressed Fx and used the Broken filter at about 10%
Took it this finished image and and the original into superimpose and with the app image on top and remove the apped surfer and board so the clean original surfer and board appears.
Finally took the image into Filterstorm to bring down the contrast of the sunset so it didn’t appear so hot.
Celebrated completion of image with a night on the town. Hurray!
Hello April
Hello April by VeronicainMo(By The Twilight)
Bob Weil comments: Thisbeautiful diptych has such an Easter morning innocence for me – the lilies in hand, the waiting for adults to get things moving, the frilly dress when out visiting. None of this may really be part of the "story" here – but that’s the wonderful thing about good photographs. They infer a story that the viewer can take part in and make their own.
Backstory/Apps Used: Shot in the hipstamatic app using the Tinto 1884 lens and the c-type colorized film. I’m using Dale Grahn app these days for subtle, even toning and exposure for my shots. That’s pretty much it!
Lady Leaf
Lady Leaf by Ade Santora
Ade often works with a single model (his lovely wife), and I do hope she loves plants as much as he does. He often uses trees, roots, branches and (now) leaves to augment the human face and form, always to great effect. These subjects, and the unique muted tone he achieves with his palette, instantly identify his work. Ade is another artist who could have a room in a museum dedicated just to this single category of his work.
Backstory/Apps Used: Photo taken and edited with iphone3gs, apps: Hueless cam, Afterglow, Superimpose, Deco Sketch, Photo Power.
Resting place
Resting place by broo_am
Bob Weil comments: Newcomer broo_am has created a lovely series with a bird profile and cherry blossums, of which this is my favorite. Is it a painting or a photograph or a bit of both? I’m fine not knowing how this bit of iPhone magic was created – the colors, shapes and framing perfectly evoke the feel of a woodblock print.
Backstory/Apps Used: The apps used goes as follows – watercolour effect app, layers pro to create petals. Used some textures from phototoaster for background, and edited one of my original photos from earlier on in the year using snapseed. 
Happiness is all yours. Just find it ..
Happiness is all yours. Just find it… by Hassan Kiyany
Bob Weil comments:  I love titles for photographs, and especially ironic ones. The subject of this photograph looks anything but pleased, and the title seems to almost admonish her to go out and find happiness. The stark contrast and black and white palette suggest isolation and weariness with life. What thoughts are going through her head as she has her photo taken? She seems dressed for some sort of occasion, but isn’t in the moment – she’s lost in contemplation. Nicely framed and exposed.
Backstory/Apps Used: I took the shot with Procamera then edited it with Woodcamera adding the last touch with Afterlight
Windswept by jenbeez
Bob Weil comments: This seems to be a week of portraits, and this one also evokes the advent of Spring. The air still seems chilly, but the sun warms this girl as she plays outside. This portrait captures her in a quiet moment, her face limned in light and shadow to suggest how she might look years later as a young woman – serious and contemplative. Wonderful coloration to the image, with the face in shadow and framed by the bright background.
Backstory/Apps Used: Taken with Hipstamatic using an iPhone 5