Apps Uncovered – 9 Aug 2020

Wow! It’s hot in the iPC studio office today and when it’s hot I work sloooow so my apologies for the late delivery of Apps Uncovered this week, however, I hope you find the wait worthwhile; we have a really nice mix of artistic photographs and art this week…

Thanks to Kristie Michele Art for her cool self-portrait featured below. Read in her description (below the photo) how she creates these wonderful images and what apps she employs to execute her skilful editing. Thanks Kirstie for another striking portrait.

But I hope you notice The way I lose my focus in your eyes Boy, I hope you notice The darkness when I'm gone—it won't subside

But I hope you notice The way I lose my focus in your eyes Boy, I hope you notice The darkness when I’m gone—it won’t subside by Kristie Michele Art.
Apps used & backstory: For this shot, I wanted to utilize the corner space in bedroom, with all the shelving and the natural light that infiltrates in the mornings. I propped my iPhone up against a box, at the end of my bed until I got the angle I was going for. I used the 10 second timer, got into the position I wanted and waited until the countdown. Once the shutter clicks, I flip my hair and hope for the best! It’s a crapshoot every time I do these type of shots. Some days are fantastic (such as this) and some days are not. There are A LOT of those. Practice helps!
I imported the image to my Lightroom mobile and applied my custom preset, cropped and straightened it. I finished it off in Mextures App with a little grit and grain.

Also rounding out the Apps Uncovered group this week are images from the following top iPhoneography talent:

William Leslie, Mr Blur, lila_lile, cindybuske, Sulivan_Hub, Susan Blase, Rita Colantonio, Nigel Reader, Ale Di Gangi and catcad.

Thank you for sharing your images with us at iPhoneography Central.

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still-life 'plastic'

still-life ‘plastic’ by lila_lile
Apps used & Backstory: Procreate, Moldiv; Glaze and Shift

A throw away object is an attractive material, perfect findings to use for still-life collages. Unfortunately microplastics are everywhere around us, even in the food chain. At the end [I, am] myself trying to buy less one-way package products. Easier said than done.

Adelaide by cindybuske
Apps used & Backstory: This image was created using the Hipstamatic app; C-Ty[e Plate Film & G2 Lens. It was shot in Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham WA. Adelaide is who the tombstone belongs to and the ghostly visitor is my daughter, Anja. We love creating images together in various settings, and often visit old cemeteries. We felt her soft green Victorian-style dress would be perfect for this location.

Schloß Neuschwanstein

Schloß Neuschwanstein by Sulivan_Hub
Apps used & Backstory: This shot was made at a unforgettable spot at Schwangau, not far from Füssen, Germany, after a short crossing of a panoramic bridge – Marienbrücke – and then climbing a steep hill, up to reach a beautiful plateau with a view. I decided to leave some branches of the surrounding trees, for the sake of composition.
This was in September 2016, during a road trip along the Romantischestraße, from Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber to Munich.
Once again, I used nothing more than the native photo editing system of an old IPhone 6, that I had by then. I did emphasize the saturation a bit, and gained some more Autumn flavor warming up the picture. There was a slight tilt in the horizon that was also corrected with the IPhone editing system.

Kehlsteinhaus main access

Kehlsteinhaus main acess by Sulivan_Hub
Apps used: The only App I used to improve my work was the native iPhone editing system. There I’ve simply reduced the color to a monochromatic setting and tried to underexpose the scene for a more dramatic result.
Backstory: The shot was made during a regular touristic visitation at the former Hitler’s Eagles Nest, at Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany. The main difficulty I had was to wait for the crowds of tourists to leave the tunnel, so I could have a short gap of time to center the subject, the focus and the photometry were set on the floor, at a short distance. Then the lights, the emptiness, and the heavy historic atmosphere naturally showed up in the picture.

Up And Away

Up and Away by Nigel Reader
Apps used & Backstory: This was an interesting little corner of an ornamental garden I was visiting. It was the combination of the shape and texture of the steps set against the shape and texture of the foliage that I thought gave interest. I knew when I took the original colour picture, using the native iPhone camera, that I would want to convert it to black and white. For this I chose my favourite Snapseed and I used a saved preset that I had previously constructed. This takes in about eight separate adjustments including some tuning with curves, a little HDR and a gentle vignette – as well of course as black and white. The result is I hope to add some air of mystery to the image leaving some room for the viewer’s imagination.

Tentativo di selfie allo specchio dopo le rituali abluzioni del sabato mattina.

Tentativo di selfie allo specchio dopo le rituali abluzioni del sabato mattina by Ale Di Gangi.
Translation “Attempt to take a selfie in the mirror after the ritual ablutions on Saturday morning.”

Apps used & Backstory: First of all, the title is a tribute to the late Italian film director Lina Wertmüller, who played with some of her most famous and successful comedy titles in similar manners.I almost deleted this shot as soon as I realised this was not at all what I wanted it to be… but something in the back of my mind alerted me that there could be something to it that needed to be revealed and explained.
I shot and edited the image with the iPhone stock camera; then I went to Snapseed for the added contrast and tweaks it needed.
And that was that. Successfully botched!

Like A Story Of Love

Like A Story Of Love by William Leslie
Apps used & Backstory: For this particular shot I used an app called RNI Films. My usual go to preset within the app is usually Agfacolor. I love the muted slightly desaturated quality they lend my shots.
The shot itself was taken at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield (UK). I’m a nurse by profession and I just happened to pass this window as I moved between areas. It’s part of an old Victorian corridor. As I passed some opaque windows I noticed this foliage. It looked otherworldly. The outside trying to get in. I simply thought it was a beautiful image. Very evocative. A little eerie even. I nearly walked by when I remembered that I had my iPhone on me. I doubled back and took this shot.
The only other bit of editing I did was a little bit of straightening in order to keep the lines parallel.


Resistiré by Mister Blur

Apps used: For my iPhoneography, I almost use only Snapseed. I found it very versatile and simple to use. It use the tools: Crop, Image perfection, Details, Curves, and Retro Illumination, to give this appearance.
Backstory: The model is my wife. She is a doctor and we were at the consultation offices in the Hospital. There was a nice backlight, so I asked her to walk away, and I put my phone with the camera near the ground, to catch this nice low perspective and fix the focus. this also overexposed the background and got a nice composition.
The title comes from the Spanish song “Resistiré” or “I will resist”, that has being chosen as an anthem during this COVID-19 pandemic in Spain, and it is played in many cities and neighborhoods of the country every day at 8 pm along with the applause that Spanish citizens dedicate every day to their health services.

Walking in sunshine in Barcelona.

Walking in Sunshine in Barcelona by Rita Colantonio

Apps used: Procreate,Touch/Retouch, FotoDa
Backstory: his image was inspired by an iphone6s photo of a woman walking on a street in Barcelona. I was struck by her isolation surrounded by these ancient buildings and the bright contrast of the shadows cast by the buildings and her lone figure. This image was about the bright sunlight and cool shadows. I decided to abstract the shadow shapes rather than focus on the textures of the buildings. I noticed that the shades of gray and the contrasting yellow building on the left created a soothing color palette. At the same time I thought the image needed some subtle background texture, supplied by a very low opacity FotoDa abstract. I also added some procreate brushes for further texture which brought out the warm hues of the yellow building to the left.


Disharmony by catcad

Apps used: Procreate and iColorama
Backstory: This piece arose out of a desire to play with collage, which has always been a part of my photo process from the time I picked up a camera and walked into a darkroom. Working in Procreate is natural to this workflow so I spend a lot of time in this app. The last addition was the musical element, which I have layered in to other work (a common enough theme) It was in response to a call for art with a musical theme, though thought this piece lended itself to that.

Elements of this piece came from previous work, that was repurposed, that is where IColorama came in. (The fish collage, I did a couple of years ago in IColorama.) I select portions of other work and drop it in on a new layer. Often if something doesn’t get resolved I save it in my camera roll on my ipad, and put it to use later, that is what I did here.

What kind of bird are you?

What kind of bird are you? by Susan Blase.

Apps used: AlienSky, Mextures and Afterlight
Backstory: This was a very quick shot of a swallow taking a rest one day on a wire. Was a very plain daytime photo so one day I was bored and decided to do something fun in AlienSky app making it a night shot. The moon of course was totally added and I also color corrected the background to mimic nighttime. The other two apps simply added some textures and I struggled a bit getting the right tone of the sky. I titled it as such to pay tribute to one of my favorite Wes Anderson movies “Moonrise Kingdom”. The film and both this shot now hold a place close to my heart.




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