Apps Uncovered 8 July 2018 – Not so black and White.

Selected by Stef Le Pape

This week I had intended to highlight work in black and white.  I find a sense of stability when approaching less visual information.  There’s something definitive in the absence of color.

Such a statement shouldn’t make sense…life does not come at us in anything other then a full spectrum of color and all its associated nuances.

This week did not avail itself towards my intentions. If there is anything sure in life, things don’t always turn out the way we’d hope or imagine.
( Wouldn’t you agree that in itself is quite a black and white statement.)
Perhaps that is not always a bad thing.  Sometimes, the outcome of the unexpected, gifts us more then our expectations.
Sometimes… going with the flow…letting go of control…we find our selves, filled fuller.

I’d like to thank  Tomaso Belloni, Kathy Clay, Jane Shultz,
David Ingraham, Armineh Hovansian, Chad Rankin, Kim Martino- Diaz,
jun yamaguchi
for contributing to IPC photo pool.
This weeks belated post invites us to travel from a place of wonder, ease and natural beauty as we find ourselves carrying the weight of awareness, with the aim of being solidified, come what may.
Along the way we find no absence of thought nor primary colors as we listen to the story of others, their emotional landscapes and chase daylight while the moon rises. ( echoing some of the Titles from included work)

Update: “We’re all in this together, alone.” –Lily Tomlin (Seems I got me some Black and white art to include after all! My bad! I neglected to read descriptions of some I’d selected for feature. I’ve opted to include as it feels fitting to highlight the unpredictable nature of what life throws at ya. Sometimes…we find ourselves having to adapt. It might not be via the direct path we aimed for but sometimes if we look outside our insides, we see/find more. So while this was going to be an article featuring work in black and white it became much more.)

If you would like to add your story to Iphoneography, please submit to the Flickr group and provide access to source code for embedding your work. We love hearing the backstories. So along with apps used, please include yours.( If your work is selected please be sure to note selector so they can check description area. If you were overlooked and have included your information, please don’t hesitate to let us know.)

For now…

We being with the precious hands of a child by Tomaso Belloni.


What, has this thing appear’d again to-night?

Tomaso Belloni * What, has this thing appear’d again to-night?

I was walking through the center of Locarno, Switzerland when I saw these large flowers painted on a shop window. I wanted to go for a reflection, when my son stepped in. I asked him to raise his hands and this is what came out. The shadows on the hands match those on the painted leaves, with an unreal outcome.

I shot with the standard camera app on an iPhone 7+ and edited first in Snapseed then in Hipstmatic (Rudolph Lens and Love 81 Film)


Peering over the Dock

Kathy Clay… Peering over the Dock


Apps used: IColorama, Snapseed
One of my favorite places to go with my little grandson is Miramar Lake close to where we live in San Diego. I took this image while he was on the boat dock watching the ducks below.


Ask why your heart can not stop caring

Jane Shultz… Ask why your heart can not stop caring


“Ask why your heart can not stop caring” Shot with Vivid HDR, this image was created using collage techniques and overlays giving it a vintage feel. Apps include iColorama, Juxtaposer, LoMob, and Instagram


Emotional Landscape 1

Jane Shultz…Emotional Landscape 1


Apps: Shot with an iPhone using Monovu App
Backstory: I shot “Emotional Landscape 1” while away on a long family weekend. This pond drew me in with its moody feel, which I wanted to reflect in my image. Light, shadows, and texture played a big roles for me in creating the feel. It is also part of a number of newer works for me using pins and other objects as part of my work. The pins add to the moodiness otherwise in the image, creating what is to me (in the words of Björk), an emotional landscape.


On the Inside

David Ingraham… on the inside


Shot with an iPhone 6s, using the Blackie app.

I was traveling in a van across Denmark, heading to a gig with my band. This is Sean, one of our two crew guys. I noticed him staring out the window and liked the light and shapes of the scene. I ended up placing part of my soon-to-be-lunch on the table to complete the otherwise-incomplete composition.


"We're all in this together, alone." --Lily Tomlin

David Ingraham…”We’re all in this together, alone.” –Lily Tomlin


Shot with Hipstamatic, processed using Snapseed and Taddaa.

Shot Downtown LA. I liked the light so I just waited for people to step into the right place at the right time. The one thing I really miss about shooting with a traditional camera is the shallow DOF field and bokeh that you can get with a fast 1.4 prime lens, so I frequently try and recreate that look in post processing which is what I was attempting here.


This is my story!

Armineh Hovanesian …This is my story!


apps used: iphone native camera, snapseed, hipstamatic and WordFoto.
Backstory:I saw a post on Facebook with the title we belong to the human race and decided to take part with my story


Wasteland of Primary Colors

Chad Rankin…Wasteland of Primary Colors


Apps Used – Juxtaposer, Reflex App, Mextures. My images are created solely on an iPod Touch with images captured with the same mobile device. By taking separate moments of reality I create Surreal landscapes to illustrate thoughts about the world around us

Absence of Thought

Chad Rankin…Absence of Thought


Apps Used- Juxtaposer, Reflex App, Mextures.
My images are created solely on an iPod Touch with images captured with the same mobile device. By taking separate moments of reality I create Surreal landscapes to illustrate thoughts about the world around us


Chasing daylight. #Hipstafiend #slowshutter #mainecoon #painterly #sunset #Neweramuseum #TheAppWhisperer #mobiography

Kim Martino- Diaz …Chasing daylight


I was playing around with the Slow Shutter app for the streaks of the color in the sunset. I did the same taking a pic of my cat, James Brown (separately). In the Juxtapose app, I made a stamp of him and positioned him on the grass. For a more cohesive effect, I took this composite through the painterly app, WaterLili.


the moon in daytime

jun yamaguchi,,, The moon in daytime


iPod touch’s camera / brushes+photoshop touch+decim8+dxp+pixlromatic+



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