Apps Uncovered 6 Sep 2020

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Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered!

Thanks to Lydia Cassatt for our wonderfully surreal and dreamy feature image this week “The empty house.” You can read about how Lynda created this image below.

The empty house
The empty house by Lydia Cassatt

Apps: I took this photo with my iPhone 11Pro Max and edited it with the Hipstamatic App. I used the combo of Jane (Lens), Etosha 1907 (film) and Cadet Blue Gel (flash).
Backstory: This photo came about after a friend asked me to check out a house for sale. After I photographed the exterior, I wanted to get some interior photos but I couldn’t get inside. I put my camera flat against the window and took some shots. What came out was a complete surprise. I loved that I could see the inside and the sky and clouds seemed to be floating in the room.

Also rounding out the talent this week are the following creative iPhone image makers:

Mr Blur, iPhoneArtGirl (Meri Walker), Catcad (Catherine Caddigan), Salwa Afef, Tomaso Belloni and star_z (Star Greathouse). 

Thank you for sharing your images with us at iPhoneography Central.

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Change by Mister Blur
Apps used: I use Snapseed only: I found it very versatile for work in black and white. I think it provides great contrast without “burning” the image and it also enhances the image with the “Details” “Tonal contrast” and “Vintage” tools.
Backstory: and if possible, also provide a bit of the backstory on how you happened to find / compose the scene: I was waiting in a hospital hall when I saw this guy standing against this handrail and this large window, that gave this great backlight and was the unique source of light in the room. I made some shots in that moment, and thought that it would made a great monochrome scene. The James song Born of Frustration came to my mind and give me a great soundtrack and title to the scene of his turbulent times in the World.

Sometimes All We Have is Perseverance.

Embed code for “Sometimes All We Have is Perseverence”

Sometimes All We Have is Perseverence by iPhoneArtGirl

Apps used & Backstory: The week before my recent revision surgery on my hip, my social media feeds were full of the suffering of friends in the fires in California and elsewhere with all kinds of health challenges and those scrambling to care for their children’s education in the time of Covid. My prayer list is full… Is that true? Maybe I should say it’s long…

For the weeks before I made this image on August 22, I’d spent very little time on social media as I was wrapped up in my own everyday challenges trying to manage my broken arm and keep my hip from displacing a fourth time in five months.

The morning of the 22nd, though, I had enough clarity of mind early in the morning to see the beauty of the morning glories right outside my kitchen window, so I stepped outside to make a photo. While I was outside, one of my neighbors walked by, asking me if I was “healing up from the last emergency.” I told him that since I’d seen him last, I had had a third displacement and emergency transport to the hospital to get my hip reseated without surgery. He winced … and then told me his best childhood friend had had 4 hip displacements before he had the kind of surgery I was on my way to have the next day. He said his friend never had another problem after that revision surgery.

I decided to take the appearance of my neighbor – and his words – as a sign of encouragement from the Creator. So, I went inside to edit one of the images I’d made. I couldn’t just leave the capture as a happy colorful image, though. This shot was made with Blackie (which I often use to give me both a bnw and a color version of a capture) and after making some basic adjustments in iColoramaS, I edited the bnw version with Hipstamatic and Retrocam to lay in sepia tones and selective focus that helped represent my internal struggle not to give up on my health.

Odd, I know, to edit a morning glory shot this way, but my experience over the last five months has been odd (and painful) to the max. The title is just what I was feeling as well. It’s also meant to share my encouragement with viewers.

Sometimes times are really hard. And then they pass.

Pages from a life

Pages from a life by catcad (Catherine Caddigan)
Apps Used: Procreate
Backstory: In Procreate I layer and paint, draw and erase and I even artificially tore an old photo. The textures I lay in different locations in the stacking order. This started out as a different collage, the layers of that one still remain to be resolved. I used all original images, some from my camera roll and from collection of artifacts, all personally related to me. Many of these elements I have used before. This has the feel of a “falling apart scrap book” to me. I’m not sure it speaks to my state of mind. The image is meant to convey a feeling rather than historical fact.

If I Can Touch
If I Can Touch by Salwa Afef

Apps used: Camera+2 +LightBrush+ PS Express +iWatermark.
Backstory: I took this photo at the beginning of the Corona pandemic here in the Netherlands, empty streets, empty playgrounds, weird feeling, and creepy time!
I was practicing a new experience while my daily walking outside: keeping distance and not touching anything ….etc, usually I like to touch my subject if I can reach it!

It was a sunny day, and I was thinking of the shadows, planning to cross the railway but before that, I saw the red bricks, so I turned left towards the wall. When I reached there I saw the shadow and that figure of a small body like a child trying to reach the shadow or the basketball hoop, it was a voice singing” “ If I Can Touch “.
I took the photo with camera+2, enhanced and darkened the figure in LightBrush app, post-processed it with PS Express.

Sound and fury
Sound and fury by Tomaso Belloni

Apps: Walking in the historical center of Ventimiglia the opportunities for a photo literally jump on you from all directions. The top of a gate that was extending close to the wall can become a series of spears, the last one with a broken tip. An poorly equipped army preparing to defend the city?
I shot with the default camera app on an iPhone11pro max and edited in Spapseed and Hipstamatic (Jane Lens, Bream Film, and a tad of Cadet Blue Gel Flash).?

Down the Hall
Down the Hallby star_z (Star Greathouse)

Apps used & Backstory: This image started in the dentist’s office. They were running late, so while waiting I entertained myself by taking photos with my iPhone. This is a shot directly down the hall from where I was sitting. The image of the woman I added later, was a FotoDa mashup made into a silhouette in iColorama using Threshold, to use as a mask.

The quick description of my process is: I brought the image into iColorama and applied various filters and added in the woman at the end. But, I still had this image in iColorama so I tried to retrace my steps. Here is the step by step. (I’m pretty sure)

  1. I loaded the original image into iColorama, went to Style>edges and saved the image using the first preset. I did not apply it.
  2. Style>Coherence>2nd preset, reduced opacity
  3. Style>Tensor>3rd preset, reduced the opacity
  4. Effects>Blend, to blend the edges image back in>Preset Exclusion
  5. Form>Sort, reduced the opacity, a lot
  6. Effects>Blend, the original image back in>Preset Difference, reduced opacity
  7. Form>Deforms>Preset 14, tweaked the zoom and x center. I like the way this preset adds leading lines. It seem to work best with hallways and streets.
  8. Style>Flat>Preset 3, opacity way down
  9. Effect>Blend in edges image again and lower opacity
  10. Effect>Blend the image of the woman, reduce opacity.
Fears & hopes
Fears & hopes by Salwa Afef

“Hope” is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all “
-Emily Dickinson

Apps used: Slow shutter cam + iColorama +Superimpose+iWatermark.
Backstory: This piece is based on a self-portrait blended with another photo of antique wear, I took it in a museum!
Did some figure distortion, many paints, and brushes in the iColorama app!
That was working with a mixed feeling of hopes and fears until I was kind of satisfied with the result, finished with adding some texts but I kept doubting about this photo for months, love the distorted figure but what about the whole composition?!
Until one day I felt okay let it go out of my head and uploaded this piece to my gallery!